~ Savory & Sweet ~

This week has been a week of getting things done around the cottage. 
Cleaning, and organizing, and preparing for colder days.
In Utah, when Autumn arrives, it arrives with a snap! 
One day it will be hot, Capri wearing weather, and the next day it will be so cold you click on the furnace!
We've been working on getting the yard ready for winter
I've also been working on stocking up the freezer for winter.
 After our weekend trip to the farm stand and stocking up on produce, we had a great selection of vegetables, and it made perfect sense to make a big batch of savory, vegetable beef soup.
Fresh corn, fresh green beans, tomatoes, squash, etc...
  The sweet plum jam that was made earlier in the week, poured into these containers and ready for the freezer.

We are empty nesters~
Sometimes we make a meal that is large enough to eat a portion and freeze a portion for another day.
I bought these 'Deli Containers' from Amazon. 
These containers are freezer safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe (top shelf), reusable and PBA free. These containers hold 16 oz. and have proven to be such a handy thing to have on hand.
I mix
 up my own seasoning mixes and rub mixes for smoking meat, etc..
Oh, that I had thought to buy containers like this years ago!

~ Attitude of Gratitude:
~ Last night, we made it up to the lake to fish. The wind has been blowing like crazy here, making a fishing trip impossible. Just as my husband finished fishing, and the sun was setting, the wind kicked back up. I am so thankful that we had a calm, beautiful night to enjoy the lake. 
~Grateful that we were able to water our lawns. We are on water restrictions, and we are only able to water 2 x a week. I am so grateful that we still have two days a week in which to water, as some of the small towns nearby have been restricted to one day of watering, and worse yet, other small towns are not allowed to water, at all!


  1. Hi Kerin. Your welcome letters look so welcoming!! Would you mind sharing your veg soup recipe. Love soup when the weather cools down. I'm off to order those containers..xxoJudy

  2. Kerin, thanks for letting us know about those little containers! Freezing meal size portions makes so much sense. Do you find that when you freeze soups with vegetables that the vegetables get a little mushy? Mine seem to.

  3. I like to make more food than the two of us eat and freeze the rest. It is great for those days when I don't feel like cooking.

  4. Hi Kerin~

    Boy, do I understand about the weather! I had my heat on earlier this week, and the air today! We have been busy with canning and freezing as well. Corn and green beans one day, chili sauce the next. I would love to make a big batch of soup and put it in the freezer. And I love the idea of individual little containers, so convenient.

    These gorgeous, cool nights won't last long will they?! I'm already feeling sad about the nights getting shorter. So glad you got to spend time fishing and enjoying nature, sounds like perfection to me!

    We haven't had any regulations with water, just fire restrictions. But, I think that we should all be careful with water...such a precious commodity.

    This my favorite time of year, trying to enjoy it before it's too cold!!

    Hugs and Love,

    1. Hi Barb. This is my favorite time of year as well.
      We most likely have similar weather :)
      We haven't had water restrictions until this year, and I really wonder if it's due to the fact that the main water line into the storage tanks broke and thousands of gallons were lost, before the city realized it. Oh.. and that not only happened once, but twice!!
      Trying not to point the finger, but in this case, it's a little hard not to ~LOL!

  5. You are so smart to make soup with fresh veggies! I love the containers too!

  6. Here at the altitude where we live we must have things in order as well for the changing of the seasons. Our Indian Summers can be quite beautiful but also deceiving in that, for a time it is nice and warm and the all of a sudden we are into winter wear.
    For me, I like to have our two nicely organized and well used sheds ready for the winter weather because its easy to NOT put things in their proper place on a cold day and just set things anywhere trying to rush back into the warm house.
    With my knee recovery I have not been able to get to them, but hope to soon enough.

    Your plum jam sounds delicious!

    Have a beautiful weekend ~

  7. You are getting ready for winter. Those are pretty handy containers. I would love to buy some to put things in the freezer.
    Every thing is always lovely at your house. Have a lovely weekend.

  8. I like your WELCOME . . .
    I wish you were filling our freezer . . .
    Vegetable Soup sounds delightful . . .
    I have a recipe . . .
    Great Idea!


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