Rock Candy & Frokes

 Big Rock Candy Mountain, that is.
Have you ever been to Big Rock Candy Mountain?
Remember the song 'Big Rock Candy Mountain', by Harry McClintock?
His idea of a Hobo's dream life.
 ~ Big Rock Candy Mountain, is a short drive from where we live. The drive up the canyon is beautiful, and there is a beautiful river walkway/ bike path. 
On our drives, we often pick up a 'Froke'.... or a frozen coke to sip on.
One of our favorite summer time treats!

 How darling is this potting shed ~ or garden shed ~or she shed? 
This gal has decorated her shed is such a cute fashion, and it  makes one happy to see all of her cute collections.
 This is the kitchen table 'before', and below is a picture of the kitchen table 'after'. 
We gave our youngest son our very large kitchen table when we were packing and moving, thinking that we were going to St. George. 
We had a small drop leaf table to use in the interim, and planned on replacing our main dining room table with something permanent, once we were moved in and settled.
 We had kept the chairs from our original set because we really liked the style and quality, but the table was far too large for us. 
One day, while we were visiting friends, I mentioned how much I liked their single pedestal table and they told me that I could have it. 
I didn't feel right about taking it for free, so I made a trade with them. 
I had an old extra trunk ~ the wooden kind, and traded that old trunk for the table. 
Of course I painted the entire set a cottage white, and I love love the finished project. There is an extra leaf for the table so that we can quite comfortably seat 6~8, when it's more than just the two of us for meals.
 We managed to save three red twig dogwoods and transplanted them.
I spray painted all of my metal love hearts and placed them near the dogwoods.

 I'm loving the hutch in the entryway, where I can enjoy it every day.
 It's also great for extra storage!

 Kitchen hutch is right where we like it, and love that the bee ware dishes are so handy for dinner time.

 Lastly.. I've been styling the tops of the cupboards in the kitchen. 
Above the pantry, I have a 'Bakery' sign, and little mason jar lights that are on a convenient light switch.

My sweet husband is counting down...just about 7 months more, then he will retire.
He has put in more than 30 years in law enforcement, and he always tells me that he wants at least 30 years of retirement life in kind :)
My sweet husband is fourth generation LEO, and our boys are 5th generation LEO (law enforcement officers).

 We've been practicing for retirement...going to the lakes and ponds fishing, working in the yard and garden, taking trips, going for rides, etc..

I told him "we are going to be the best retirees ever!" 
We always have a blast together!

~This week:
  *Finishing the last bit of painting in my sweet husbands office, and getting it decorated and pictures and awards etc. hung up;one of his favorite pics of the unit he was over in the police academy.
*Planting the 'new to me' pussy willow tree.
*Working on the spot where the garden shed will go.
* Planting in our veggie garden.


~ All around the Cottage ~

 All around the cottage, I'm accomplishing a great deal. 
Since we moved here 10 months ago, to the date, I had this old cabinet in a rather large closet. 
It stored craft items, candles, etc.
Whilst it was wonderful for storage,in the closet, I missed having it where I could see it and enjoy it each day.
Therefore, I moved it into our entry way.
I have styled it this week, and I'll show pictures of that next time.

 We've had some phenomenal cloud formations. How lovely it is to sit on the front porch and enjoy the clouds moving across the mountains. 
Though, because of the winds and storms, sadly the viewing of the 'jumpers' is non~ existent at the present time.
{They'll be back soon, I'm sure.}

 Previously, we had a 2~car garage. Now we have a 4~car garage.
A double garage door, and a single on the front of the house, and a single on the side of the house.
To make things look nice, we opted for 3 planters, instead of 2 along the front.
 One placed at each end of the garages, and one placed in the middle.
 Our local Home Depot only had one planter that we loved, so we compromised and bought three planters that were all the same, and then I painted them a solid matte black.
 I've now planted up all the planters. I don't know about where you all are, but around here, annuals have been a bit hard to come by; at least a large variety of plants.
 We have transplanted three red twig dogwood shrubs to the east side of our yard. Previously the dogwoods were in a shady spot and up against a fence.
I do hope that they come out of their transplant shock and thrive in their new spot.
Red twig dogwoods need sun and they need to be able to stretch and grow. 
 Mother's day was wonderful, and I feel so completely loved and blessed!
Our kids made it so special for me and my husband pampered me thoroughly.
He did all the chef and top bottle washer duties and took me for a lovely ride around our country~side. 
Look at that amazing silo! I've never seen a silo that shape before!
 This cute silo has been transformed into a nice picnic, and sitting area. 
We'll have to be certain to go back by, and see the progress. 
So cute!
The above picture is an inspiration picture that I found on Pinterest. 
My sweet husband bought me a garden shed for Mother's day.
It is being custom built and hopefully delivered in within the next six weeks.
I am so thrilled!! 
It will be all white, with a white roof, and then once it is delivered and set up, my sweet husband will build a pergola on one side for me. 
He also bought me a small greenhouse {weeks ago} and that greenhouse will be set up near my new garden shed.

~This week:
> Planting, planting and more planting is going on.
Annuals and perennials both. I have tried to get my hands on some old favorite perennials but am finding that the selections in our area are pretty picked over and slim.
 Once the greenhouse is up, I shall start my own seeds and grow my own annuals and perennials.

> Painting. I've been painting the last two kitchen chairs. Of course with each day being full on windy, the chairs are sitting on the patio with a primer coat on waiting for the final coat of paint.
I painted our kitchen table and chairs and will show the before and afters soon.

> Pulling weeds and digging grass out of our borders. I do enjoy working in the yard, so much, but have learned a lesson this week... I must wear shoes. I literally have sun burned bottoms of my feet! 
Live and learn.


- Buds-

 Spring is such a magical season.
Heart smiles when one looks and sees the gardens coming to life, and plants beginning to bud out.
  Nearly all our of plants this spring are new.
 We moved into this home late last summer, and planted as many things as we could.
 We made new borders etc.
The above picture is of a weeping crab-apple. White blossoms, though they really are more of a pale, pale pink. 
  The lilac (3) bushes were so over grown with weeds, we didn't even know they were here for the first few weeks.

 Teeny tiny buds on the bleeding hearts.
We have two planted, but so far only one has teeny flower buds on it.

 A few alliums beginning to blossom.

One of the biggest surprises to me, are the various conifers that we planted. 
 Before living here, I had never, ever planted any type of conifer before. 
 Seems like these days, I can't get enough of conifers. 
Go figure.
The 'wonky' pine (I always refer to non typically shaped pines, as wonky) has the most interesting rosy pink buds...I'm guessing that the buds will develop into pine cones?
 Above: The first wisteria we've ever planted, coming to life and leaves beginning to bud out.
We will build a nice trellis for the wisteria.
 Butterfly bushes are showing signs of spring~life.
 Oh! I do hope that this picture is able to show the two~tone coloring to this pine trees needles! 
They are green and aqua! So incredibly beautiful and interesting.
 Seems that we have both been fretting over this pine tree in particular, as we had never seen a pine tree like it. 
Until that is, we bought it and planted it. 
New buds are a most welcome sight!

Another 'wonky' pine, and YIPEE, there is new growth on this tree as well.

I found a organic fertilizer especially for pines and I'm not certain if that was what helped the pines take off all of sudden, or is it the warming temperatures?

This past weekend, we transplanted a mulberry tree from a friends yard to our back yard. It really is more of a twig right now, but we have high hopes for it to produce volumes of delicious mulberries. 
The mulberry tree is a first for us, as well, and the one thing we are looking forward to making is mulberry syrup.
 I wonder...can mulberries be dried with any success??

My list:
 ~Transplanting 3 dogwoods.
~Removing more 'landscape' gravel and making room for a wildflower border.
~Work on getting my sweet husbands office painted, and decorated.
~ Bake bread this week...probably make my old standby recipe, or perhaps no~knead bread.
~ Menu plan..including a picnic dinner or Hobo dinner for Friday's fishing trip.