* A Daisy kind of day *

One of the fun things about being in a new home aside from new spaces to decorate, of course, are some really pretty perennials growing in the berm and the borders.
Adorable petite daisies.  Anyone know the name of these?
 I placed a few stems of the petite daisies in a hob nail vase, and added a few Shasta daisies.
There are clumps of daisies planted every where.  In the borders, and in the berms.... daisies.
Another nice find, is the wooden basket.  
I found it in a box of stuff that I was organizing and putting away.
Like Christmas in July!! Even though we've had it for a few years, it's been packed away. 
Nice to have it out, and be able to use it again.
Geraniums are flourishing in the old wheelbarrow.
We bought this old wheelbarrow a few summers ago at a yard sale.  I've never regretted it!
I still love that old wheelbarrow, and I've placed it on a landing
 by the front porch steps.
Perfect colors for summer, and July.
On the front porch glider, new pillows.
As I was looking through my fabric stash for fabric to sew curtains for our youngest son's office and kitchen, I found these fabrics.
No wonder I bought them. They are so darling, and I still love these colors and patterns!
A bit of time at the sewing machine, and I had 3 new 20'x 20' pillows for the front porch.

This weekend:
~ I hope to take inventory of my canning supplies, and get my canning jars all washed and ready to fill.
~I want to finish the second guest bath paint job.  Just need to add trim, and paint a little bit more.
~Put a couple of batches of turkey jerky in the food dehydrator.

*** Edited to add.... so far, the deer spray IS WORKING... Yay!!

Attitude of gratitude:
~I'm grateful for morning walks : time to ponder, and prepare myself for the day.
~I'm grateful that I have learned a few skills in my days that can be a blessing to my family.
 Sewing curtains for Spencer, cooking meals, and baking, canning and putting food up.
 I truly enjoy making a comfortable and welcoming home for my family. A place of respite from the world and a place to feel peace, and feel of our Heavenly Fathers spirit. It's important to me, and I'm grateful that I have the desire to be a girl that loves her home and wants to make it the best place in the world for her family to be.


.. Daily Life..

 The clouds gathered over the mountains, and the meadows last night.
The winds picked up.
It started raining, and the rain continued for about 20 minutes.

Our temperatures dropped, and everything cooled off nicely.
We also lost power.
It's not un-common for us to lose power if the winds blow hard.
It was off for just a few hours, and it was in the evening.
We spent the time playing  UNO, and laughing.

Today, I'm getting things done around the house.
 I'm also going to start making some curtains for Spencer's house.
 He finished his office, it just needs some simple curtains now.

I relish days like today.......
When I can just putter-butt around my home, and be a homemaker !!

Attitude of gratitude:
~ Of course, I'm so grateful for the rain, and the cooler night temperatures.
~I'm grateful for a bunch of ripe bananas.  I'll mix up a batch of banana bread, and have a nice treat waiting for them, when they get home.
~I'm grateful for being able to find the good in each day . It's easy to find the negative and the sad.... there is so much of it. However, we must try to find the good. Find the blessings, and be a blessing to those around us by serving.



 Little red poppy.
Such a wonderful, surprise.
{ We brought a red poppy from the old homestead
 Grown by seed, and planted next to the barn.
 It never blossomed last year.
So far, it seems to be growing nicely here at the new house... but still no blossoms. }
One morning, much to my delight and surprise, there it was.... this one little red poppy.
Planted  by the previous owner.
 Such a little thing, but it makes me so happy.
I have great hopes that my transplanted poppy will continue to grow, and perhaps even bloom before the end of the summer. 
Should the transplanted poppy plant not make it, I feel quite happy that the little red poppy plant that was already here, will continue to grow and bloom.  
A token of welcome, this little red poppy.
 The moon was quite beautiful the night of the "Super Moon".
 It rose above the mountain, shining down on the meadow and neighboring farm.
Something so grand can make one feel small, and little. 
What a wonderful, beautiful world we live in!!
 Little booklet.
Does any one remember correspondence courses???
I found a little Poultry Farming Correspondence course booklet.
Just 10 little cents at a yard sale.  Copyrighted 1925. 
Just a little of my weekend here at the new house.
By the way, we are working on a name for our new house.
Homes should be named.
People name their children, pets, cars, etc.. etc...
Isn't fitting that our homes have names, since that is were we spend so much time. 
Making memories, keeping traditions old and new.
Feeding our families, and our spirits.
Yes, it's a little thing to name a house, but it's an important thing, I feel.

Attitude of gratitude :
~ I'm grateful we saw a little duck in the creek.  On our morning walk, we were rewarded with a 'quack-quack', 'quack-quack', and the beating of wings as the duck flew off the creek and into the sky.
~I'm grateful for a fun afternoon of playing 'Yatzee' with my family.  I love board games, and we laughed a lot.
~I'm grateful for rich, chocolaty cake on a Sunday evening. Perfect finish for a happy weekend.


~ Brand New Day ~

 Early morning.
What is that saying? "Red sky at night, sailors delight, red sky in morning, sailors take warning"?
The forecast is for monsoonal rain later today, or tomorrow.
Praying we get the rain.  It has been so dry, and so hot.  Rain would be most welcome.
The morning sky was simply beautiful.
 As you can see, the sun rays are beaming over the mountains and reflecting off the clouds.
 Soft pink-gold clouds across the meadow.
You can just make out the back of a near-by dairy farm.
Early mornings, the cows start mooing.  And, mooing. And mooing.
It's a good thing I don't mind it, and I'm not trying to sleep in.
 A stand of dead trees just a little bit to the west of the last picture.
I actually like the way they look. 
 We've had deer problems.
In all the country homes we've owned, we've managed to keep the deer out of the gardens.
Not so , with this house.
One night, I watered the tomatoes and flowers on the back patio.  Thinking how delicious those tomatoes would be in a week or so, once they ripened
Next morning, my sweet husband called to me in the house. 
He let me know that the deer had eaten every single one of my tomatoes, and munched down all my geraniums!!! Stinkers!!!
The deer didn't touch my poppies.  Suppose they dislike the fuzzy pods.
I mixed up some deer deterrent spray. A recipe I found on You-tube, and is supposed to be the spray that is used in the Kew Gardens in England.
Today is the second day since I sprayed the deer deterrent on my plants, and so far, so good.
I still have a few geraniums left, and one little teeny-tiny tomato.
The recipe for the spray is :  One egg yolk
                                              1 Tbsp. baking POWDER {not baking soda}
                                              4 Cups of water.
        Whisk together and spray plants to deter deer. Re-apply every 2 weeks.
I'll keep you all posted on how well this works.
Sweet little brick cottage, all decked out in flowers for summer.
We took a little road trip during my husbands little vacation from work.
We drove up to Midway, and Heber City. 
We went to Granny's drive-in and had the most delicious malt. If anyone from Utah has been to Granny's, you know what I'm talking about.  Delicious!
Also, in Midway we went to the Heber Valley cheese co.  We bought cheese with vanilla bean in, and cheese with rosemary and orange zest in.  Unique, and quite tasty combinations.
This little cottage is in Midway, and looked so sweet, I just had to add the picture to this post.
Love the fence, entry posts, and flowers. 

Attitude of gratitude:
~I'm grateful for summer time. Even when it's blazing hot, it still beats winter!!
~I'm grateful for such a wonderful, kind, giving husband. He's the best!!  He took me on a date to the drive-in movie, and bought me a pretty tasty hot dog.  Perfect date!!!


In the good ol' summer time......

 Summer 2014 is a underway. 
Fun things to see and do, and memories to be made.
We went to a balloon fest.
Adorable frog balloon.  

I would have the hardest time choosing a hot air balloon, it I were to purchase one.  So many choices!

Watched some of the restoration work that is being done to the tabernacle in Manti.
 Quite the scaffolding set up; four stories of scaffolding. 
When we lived in Manti, we used to attend church in this building.  It's quite a beautiful church house; both inside and out.
 Just for a few minutes, we watched as this workman ground out some of the old mortar.   Such a labor intensive job! 
Puts a smile on my face, whenever there is restoration work going on with an old building.  It's nice to see old buildings saved and maintained.
Did you forget about the sweet potatoes?
Well, some made the move ok, and others did not. 
I let some of the jars go dry, and I forgot to water them.
You can see this one has plenty of slips on it.
We ended up planting the sweet potatoes in a pot on the patio.  Potato and all, and I didn't bother to divide the slips.  The entire potato went in the dirt, and so far they seem to be thriving.
We just might end up with a few sweet potatoes this Fall.
If nothing else, they  look nice and they will fill in the pot quite well.
 We've been going to yard sales, most weekends.
 Some our finds include :
* A large framed print of the basket and berries.
*Cute tin painted in barn red with stars on it.

 * Perfectly patriotic " U.S.A" shelf sitter.
 * Books.
A Gladys Taber book, I actually ordered this book online, as I couldn't find any of Gladys' books in our on-line list at the library. I need to go in and ask if they can get any of her books.
Thanks going out to my blog friends that suggested Gladys Taber books!
 *This sweet children's book.
 *From 1973. 
Sweet inscription from a Pauline, sends wishes that the book will be enjoyed not only by the recipient, but by their Japanese friends as well.  Love that.
 *Hand-sewn "Harvest" pillows.
I'll put them away until Fall.  Couldn't pass them by though... such sweet stitching, and of course the colors are rich and caramel-y.  Fall is my very favorite season anyway.
* A wonderful picnic basket. It's quite large, and I fully intend on packing a few picnics in this basket and enjoying summer picnicking with my sweetheart.
Yes, it's the good ol' summer time.
 Days filled with activities, and making memories.
I have noticed so many more folks out to the yard sales on Saturday mornings.  It seems like more and more people like to go yard sale-ing.
 I wonder if yard sale-ing is just gaining popularity where I live.
I also wonder what other people are looking at to buy at yard sales.
I'm always on the look out for old dishes, old books, old linens.........etc.

Attitude of gratitude:
~I'm grateful that Spencer was with me yesterday when I took Rowdy to get his shots.
On the way home, we saw a 4x4 in the road, and Spencer had me pull over.  He watched for traffic, and then he pulled the board out of the road.  He didn't want anyone to run it over and wreck.
I'm grateful that he is such a thoughtful person!!

June: Of marigolds, tomatoes, and snow!

We don't have a formal garden space this year.
With this being a new house, and not getting moved in until the first part of May, it just isn't going to happen this year.
We did, however plant some pots full of flowers and an old galvanized wash bucket with two tomato plants.
 A few small tomatoes are growing already.  The one above is "Indigo Rose", an heirloom variety.
 The other tomato {above} is another heirloom variety: "Mr. Stripey". 
Wouldn't it be wonderful if both plants thrive, and we are picking juicy tomatoes all summer long?!
I would like to have enough tomatoes to at least have fresh tomatoes bruschetta for the 4th of July.
 We awoke to a dusting of snow on the mountain tops this morning.
It was forecast that higher elevations would be getting snow. It started raining last night, and all of a sudden, the temperatures dropped.
 I figured that we were too far South, and we wouldn't get the colder weather and snow showers that the North part of the state would get.
However, we did get the rains, and  we did get a touch of snow.
Today will be much cooler, with clouds lingering across the mountain tops.
All the rain we received made the meadows and mountains so green.
 Such a beautiful sight.
It's been an amazing weather year.
 My heart goes out to all those that have had weather related tragedies this summer.
My prayers are with them.
June has been a crazy weather month.

Attitude of gratitude:
~I'm grateful that Spencer was able to get the power washer running. It hadn't been used for a couple of years, and he worked on it, figured out what was wrong with it, fixed it for me and then power-washed the entire driveway, patio, sidewalks, gutters, and part of the street.  Everything looks so nice, and it was so thoughtful for him to do that for me.
~I'm grateful for the rain that we've been blessed with. It has been a very hot and dry year so far, and the rains were certainly an answer to many prayers.
~I'm grateful for my amazing family, and all that they do for me each and every day. They are my greatest blessing!