~A new view ~

 Things are looking a little different here at Mill Hill Meadow.
I have a stash of old windows in the garden shed, and now that the weather is cold and blustery, and it's too cold to work outside, I've been working inside.
 I've been bringing in my old windows, one at a time, and cleaning and sealing them, and most importantly ... decorating with them.
 Many of them are really in bad condition, and very old.
We bought most of them at one yard sale this past summer. We were told that they were out of an old city building in a near~by town.
Some of them look to be from the 1930~40's, but a few of them look to be even older.
Wavy glass and all.
The above window has 9 panes. As I was cleaning it, 2 of the panes just dropped out. So, each and every pane had to be caulked in with clear caulk and stabilized. As you can see, almost no paint remained on frame.
I painted the frame a soft sage green color with chalk paint and sealed it with varnish.
 Here you can see the finished old window frame, hanging in the living room.
I love it!! And, our family loves it. My sweet husband loves it, and he loves the character and the history of the window too.
He even loves that I didn't try to replace the two cracked window panes, and instead I just stabilized the panes and left them cracked.
Oh, and that 'new' green~gold chair? It's a find too! We bought two matching chairs second hand from an estate sale. The upholstery is in new condition, and the chairs are very well built, and very comfortable.
Perhaps we will have them re~upholstered..... perhaps not.
 Another old window. This one hangs in the laundry room, and is the same window that shows the close up in the very first picture on this post. This window was scrubbed and then sealed with varnish. I like the old paint, and the old patina on this window.
 A little glimpse at the t.v stand.
I painted it a beautiful yellow color. Goes so well with our 'new' chairs and 'new' windows.
 These doors at Gardner Village were the inspiration for the color I wanted on the t.v. stand, and on the blanket chest. The blanket chest that used to be painted white {4th picture in post} is now the same yellow as the t.v. stand.
That yellow reminds me of marigolds in the summer. Loving it!!
 The early morning view from our motel room in St. George.
Brooke and I went to "Time Out for Women" in St. George at the first of the month.
It was a wonderful event, and a super fun weekend! We enjoyed the presenters, then we shopped, and went out to eat, etc..
So fun to get away to a warmer city, and have a girls weekend!
 Speaking of 'girls weekend', last weekend we had Girls Craft Weekend.
It is something that a few friends and I have begun to do every other month.
We get together, and all of us bring a craft or two plus the supplies to do the craft, and we all spend the day crafting together. One of my crafts that I shared was wood blocks painted with snowflakes on them.
I found the craft on Pinterest.
All together, we each did eight crafts, and we had a lovely lunch, and lovely gift bags provided by two of our friends.
Our next Girls Craft Day will be in January.  I'm really looking forward to it!
 A new view : Snow.
It's official.. winter has come to our area. It has snowed several times, and the temperatures have fallen.
The picture above shows the last snow storm that we had. Huge, fluffy flakes of snow fell, and covered everything in a blanket of white.
 Oh, and one day, as I let Rowdy out to go potty, I looked across the meadow and noticed that someone is building a big new home.
I just noticed it, although clearly they've been building it for some time!

 And, look who stopped by for lunch!
The view outside our windows always includes the mountains and the meadows, and once in a while the deer.
Now that there is snow on the ground, we see a great deal more of the deer.
They found the left over pumpkins from Halloween, and have been munching away.
There are still quite a few pumpkin and squash left, so I imagine that this will be my view for a few more weeks.

What ever your view is, or whom ever you share your view with, here's wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and a week filled with blessings and goodness.

~Attitude of gratitude :
* Feeling grateful that the phone call that came just after 5:00 am this morning was a phone call that wasn't from any of our kids. You know when the phone rings at that time of morning, your heart turns a bit cold... as it is usually bad news.
Thankfully, it was a co~worker of my husbands that had broke down in town and needed a ride to work. OK. That is do~able.
*Feeling so grateful that our son and his wife will be able to spend Christmas day with us! Previously, he had to work on Christmas, and wouldn't be able to come until the day after. He switched schedules, and now they will be here on Christmas... yahoo!!
* Grateful that most of our family will be here for Thanksgiving. We are a small group, but we always have such fun together, and make warm and happy memories.
*Thankful for our beautiful home. It sure makes me happy 'fluffing' our nest, especially when it's too cold to be outside. This is the time of year when I do my painting, cleaning, organizing, crafting, sewing, baking, cooking, etc.....


~ In the nick of time ...

 Welcome to November!
A new month, and the month of Thanks Giving.
We live in a high mountain valley, and we get snow every winter.
Trying to beat the snow, I had lots of "to~do" things on my list.
Winterizing things... organizing things...... etc..
Just a few things that I finished up this last weekend ~~~ just in the nick of time:
 ~* Hang new curtains and install new curtain rods in the living room
~* Move stained glass stars from transom window, to windows flanking fireplace.
Southern exposure windows.
Now the sun sparkles and shines through the stained glass stars.
~*Take down all the Halloween décor, and store.
~* Put out all of the Thanksgiving décor, and fluff up the house for Thanksgiving.
 Outside, the clouds gathered, and it began to rain.
While inside, we were busy bees.
 Working to get things organized.
 The deer grazing in the meadow.
Temperatures falling.
 The mountain tops covered in clouds.
I was pretty sure that it was snowing on the mountain tops, but with the cloud cover, I couldn't see the mountain tops.
 My sweet husband took down the hanging ferns and brought them in the house for me.
I went out to the garage and brought in my great~great Grandpa's chair.
 He built it and covered the straw seat with a piece of leather.
 The chair it far too fragile to use as a chair, but it makes a charming stand for one of our giant ferns.
This is the first winter I have ever tried to save ferns.

 I would LOVE any hints or tips you all might have for overwintering ferns!
 I took a little time out from cleaning and organizing, to do a little bit of journaling.
Our son, Spencer, made this absolutely gorgeous pen for me!
I am grinning from ear to ear.. I love it so much!
I have been a journaler for years and years, and this pen makes every page I write, just that much more special to me.
 Organizing the storage room, before the major holidays, was high on my 'to~do' list.
Thanks to my amazing and sweet husband, we got the storage room completely cleaned and organized.
    {I'm adding this little 'before' picture above. It just shows a bit of the room in disarray. I didn't want to look at it, let alone think anyone else would want to look at it, so this is just a glimpse.. but you get the gist.}
 After: Love the shelving, and all the totes are labeled and stacked nicely.
What I love most about this storage room, is that I can "shop" our storage room, and decorate our entire home. I can change out vignettes, decorate for seasons, or holidays etc.
I really love this room!
 {p.s.  on the wall, you might notice an old fashioned style fireman's hat. That hat belonged to my dad. He was a 'fireman' on an old steam powered locomotive.  He tended the coal hopper and shoveled coal into the fire! I am so glad that I have that hat!  He was a fireman when he was very young, and years before I was born. Really is a special treasure to me}
 ~ One of my most favorite features that we added to the storage room : Long curtain rod to hang all of my baskets, and buckets, and containers on. When ever I need one, I can simple chose the one I want and take it off the hook.
 Sure enough.
While we cleaned and organized, it was snowing on the tops of the mountains.

Looking over the meadow and the mountains through the windows above the sink, I feel like we accomplished so much.
We are organized and everything is clean and ready for the holidays.
Just in the nick of time.

~ Attitude of gratitude
~ I'm so grateful for a hard working and loving husband. He is my very best friend, and if something is important to me, then it's important to him. He came up with the best ideas to get our storage room organized. He also helped me completely rearrange the guest room, and hung up an extremely heavy and ornate gold framed mirror in the guest room. Of course, he did mention that the mirror is so heavy, that if it falls off the wall, it will bring the entire wall with it... *giggle**.
~Thankful for 'Stevens' hot chocolate mix. Nothing warms me like a cup of hot chocolate on a cold and blustery day. Loving the flavors this year : Mexican Hot Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Truffle, Pumpkin Spice, Chocolate Raspberry, White Chocolate, No Sugar Added Milk Chocolate.. etc..
It's a swell time for a mug of hot cocoa, and snuggling up with a great book!
    ~ I think I might hear the faint sounds of jingle bells.....


~ Halloween... Salt Lake City style ~

                                 Some folks just go all out for the holidays, don't they ?? !!!
I made this picture just as large as I could, so that you can see the many details that went into this Halloween display in Salt Lake City.
Notice the sails on the windows, the chain above the entry, and the ships lanterns.

The pirate theme for Halloween, is right on the mark.
I'm sure a lot of thought and a lot of work went into getting
this Halloween display, just right. 
 My sweet husband and I went to Salt Lake City this past weekend.

We wanted to have a little getaway, and enjoy the Fall weather, and just spend time together before the holiday season begins.

We had so much fun together!

We drove around the old neighborhoods and took pictures of great old houses.
The blue house above is just scary looking, but it were renovated, it would be gorgeous.
Looks a bit Halloween~ish now though.......
 One of our views on our drive.
Old houses, old neighborhoods, and old buildings make me smile.
I just love old stuff!!
 Gorgeous mansion.
 Same old mansion; different angle.
 Salt Lake City temple.

 Salt Lake City capitol building.
 Downtown Salt Lake City  ~~ City Creek Center.

We shopped at City Creek Center, and ate lunch at The Cheesecake Factory.
It was our first time eating at The Cheesecake Factory.
      Our daughter had gone to The Cheesecake Factory in Ohio, and she told us that we would love it. We did!
We had their grilled chicken tostada salad, and split a slice of pumpkin cheesecake.
If you've never been to The Cheesecake Factory, be warned... they serve huge portions and one dish easily can be shared!

We also got a jump on our Christmas shopping at City Creek.
It's a nice feeling to have a bit of shopping done already.
 It's turning cold here.
It was just 33 degrees this morning, and that was the thermometer on the porch.
Once you stepped off the porch, it was even colder.
My sweet husband snapped these pictures of the moon last night.
They are not super clear, however, if you look to the right of the moon, you will see what looks like a tornado funnel.
It was just a really neat cloud formation.
 Just a few seconds later... it had disappeared.
So glad that he got the picture of it, when he did.

On the way back home, we stopped by Costco, and stocked up on Halloween candy.
Last year, we had over 150 trick or treaters!! What a surprise that was after only having less than a dozen trick or treaters when we lived at the homestead.
     Last year, our daughter had to make an emergency candy run, because we had more trick or treaters than we had planned on.
   This year, we are ready for them..... I think......

Wishing you all a great rest of your week, and a Happy Halloween.
Just think, in a few days, it'll be November!!!

Attitude of gratitude ~
~ Feeling thankful for these last Fall days.
~Grateful for an amazing husband. I am so blessed to be married to my very best friend! He indulges me, and doesn't mind me asking him to stop the car just so I can snap a picture. What a guy!!!
~Feeling grateful that all the winterizing around here is done. I just have to plant garlic this afternoon, then that will be the last Fall chore on my list. Oh... and straightening the storage room, but that shouldn't take long, or be too bad.


~ October Snapshots ~

 Well my friends, another month is leaning into its final days.
Orange, reds, golds, and rust colors are prevalent.
Mill Hill Meadow is decorated for Fall and Halloween
*Pumpkins and squash nestled in the borders around the house.
*Wild turkeys
* More wild turkeys..
*Front porch Witch parking
*Field and shrubs all aglow in Fall colors.
*Sunflower colored pom~pom wreath { Gift from a friend }
*Witch at Gardner Village
*Canning jams
* Water wheel at Gardner Village.

The air was colder today... warming up to just 52 degrees.
 Soon, we will have a frost.

~As October bids us farewell for another year, and we welcome November, the month of giving thanks, a short list of all that awaits us :

 The annuals will die off, and the perennials will nod their heads and go to sleep for the winter.
Windows will stay closed during the days, and extra blankets will fluff the beds and keep us cozy throughout the nights.

We'll click on lamps earlier in the evening, and warm a cup of cocoa to sip on.
Soup will be the star of weekly menus.
Herbs will grace the kitchen window sill, once more, to brighten winter days.

Books that have been collected throughout summer will be stacked on side tables, just waiting to be read.
Puzzle building, Uno games and Scrabble skills will be sharpened and shovels too.
Snow melt will be placed front and center on the garage shelf.

Cozy blankets and fuzzy warm socks to keep us warm.
Slippers for some....

Candles crackling, and a fire in the fireplace.
Soft snow falling, and that blue light that gathers before a storm.

Winters not so bad.....

~Attitude of gratitude
~Feeling blessed that my kids totally "get" me.
They know that I am resistant to change. So today, after many, many, many times of telling me about Pandora {the internet music site} our daughter patiently sat down with me, explained it once again, and helped me find beautiful music to enjoy while I putter~butt.  Yay! Loving this stuff!
Better late, than never.
~I am so grateful for safe travels. We have done a lot of traveling up and down the freeway recently.
I never take for granted the safety that our Heavenly Father affords us, and that we always make it home safe and sound.
~Feeling thankful that finally, all the borders are cleaned out, and ready for their long winters sleep.

~ Would you believe me if I told you.....

 That.. Garden Charlie is the official greeter of the season, here at Mill Hill Meadow?!
Well, he is!

We've had Garden Charlie for about seven or eight years now.

In his early life, he watched over our large gardens at Cottage on Main.
    Now, he's pretty much retired, except for during the Fall months.
Cute as ever!
 Garden Charlie got spiffed up a bit this year..... he got a new overalls and a new cozy flannel shirt.
Instead of frightening off the birds, he just grins and enjoys all thing Fall.
 Pumpkins, gourds, and decorations.
 Amazing gourds in beautiful Fall colors grace the dining room table.
A bit of the harvest season on display.
 The living room console table is gussied up for Halloween, as well.
Some of the darling crafts that we made are displayed, and that wonderful large birdhouse is an early birthday present from my husband. We saw it in a new boutique in town, and he knew I loved it and bought it for me.
Even though my birthday isn't until the 15th, he wanted me to have it now and enjoy it.  He's awesome like that!
 A few more crafts from our girls craft day on the entry table.
   ~ and some more crafts....
 ~ and some more.
 I realized that I didn't have a Halloween wreath.
Lots of Fall wreaths, with leaves and berries, etc.. but no Halloween wreath, so I made this one.
Looking at the crow, I think someone bumped him.. he looks like he's ready to fly away, or fall off his nest.
 Just two weekends ago, my sweet husband and I lucked upon an estate sale in a near~by small town.
I couldn't pass these amber goblets up. Not only do I love the color of them, and how well they will work for Fall tablescapes, but I adore the diamond cut design that extends down the stem of the goblets.  The folks had such a cute little requirement for buying something at their estate sale.. the requirement was that you had to consent to take a few cookbooks for free. Their mother had collected cookbooks her entire life, and had a room about 12X10 full of cookbooks!  So, I also got 4 neat old cookbooks in the deal!
 Our 'new' old door. We've been in this home now for just shy of a year and a half. We love our home! However, newer homes aren't built {generally speaking} with screen doors. We really, really wanted a screen door.
We ordered one from Home Depot, and it was quite nice, and a pricey. But, it wouldn't work on our house, because the reveal around the door wasn't deep enough to install a screen door.
So, my sweet husband had a carpenter build us a shallow depth door and then my husband built up the door casing, and now we have an amazingly beautiful hickory and cherry wood screen door, in the old fashioned style.
I'm over the moon!
Hope you all have a " Boo~tiful day , my friends.

~Attitude of gratitude
~ Feeling grateful that our old truck is getting a brake fluid hose replaced. Last thing I want is a fire under the hood.
~Thankful for cinnamon ~ sugar pecans roasting away in the slow cooker. Boy, does our home ever smell delicious, and Fall~ish!
~So grateful for our new range. Our old smooth top range conked out, and my sweet husband bought us a new gas convection range with 5 burners. Boy do I feel spoiled :)
~Feeling thankful that my sweet husband has gotten so much of the winterization done around here.. all the vehicles have had the oil changed in them, the rototiller and lawn mowers will be done this week, and the ATV's. What a nice feeling to know, when the snow falls, we'll be ready!


~ a few of my favorite finds ~

 Hello there, friends.
Is it just me, or has this entire summer, and even year, just flown by?
Fall is my most favorite season of all. Perhaps, that is due to the fact that my birthday is in the Fall... although it is still a little ways off.
I have heard that you love the season in which you were born, but I don't know if that's true or not.
For me it is !
I'll bet you've all been super busy.
I've been busy too.. you know, it is canning season, and yard sales are starting to wrap up for the season.
Wish I lived in a year round yard sale kind of climate....**smile**.
I've found some great things this summer at yard sales, and I've also found a few smart tips to help me out with canning.
So, lets get on with this post, shall we?
  ~ The above galvanized pumpkin is a new favorite find.   Found at a near~by gift shop.  It wasn't in~expensive, however, it will last for years and years and years, and it is quite pretty, and makes my heart smile .
 ~ See that 8 gallon pickle crock sitting under the console table? It was a yard sale find, from a few weeks ago. I hesitate to tell you what I paid for it... honestly, it was a steal. My sweet husband and I went to a yard sale of an older couple that had left the state, and a friend of theirs was selling the stuff for them that they no longer wanted.  Between my husbands finds, and mine, we made a package deal with them, and I would say that I paid a dollar {whoo Hoo} or less for that gorgeous crock!
 ~ A lot of candles found at a consignment store in St. George in the Spring.
I loved the sizes of the candles, not necessarily the scents or the colors.
So, I gave them all a make~over {ya'll know how I love to make~over stuff !} with extra wax, cinnamon, pumpkin spice and nutmeg.
I call them 'Cake Candles' , although that may not be the official term.
Love them now~ and they smell nummy too!
 ~ Another favorite find... sweet watercolors.
Just 25 cents a piece.
They are quite large, and older.
The top one, of the red mill, I framed for the dining area. I adore that sweet red mill and waterfall.
 ~They are all signed by Katie M Kinney... near as I can tell, and the date on each of them is 1952.
Perhaps they aren't great works of art, but I certainly love and appreciate each one of them, and I am happy to add them to our home.
 ~So, of course it's canning season.
Happily one of my favorite finds, has been fresh tomatoes on our little plants.
We planted just a handful of tomato plants this past spring, and did our best to keep the deer out of them.  Still, I just didn't quite have enough tomatoes to make salsa.
So, I stopped by a cute little farm stand in a near by town, and low and behold, fresh tomatoes!
I love that little farm stand in the Fall... for they have the best pumpkins, but I had no idea that they would have fresh tomatoes. Nice surprise!
 ~ Well, I just whipped up a batch of salsa pronto.
Much to my dismay, our pepper plant just couldn't produce enough peppers, and our local grocery store wanted a small fortune for just one pepper.
So, off to the dollar store I went, where I bought 7 one pound bags of all natural fajita mix... peppers and onions.
And, all the prep work was done! No tears from chopping onions, and no time consuming prep work for chopping and de~seeding peppers. Nope.
Just tossed a cup at a time of the fajita mix into the food processor, and presto.. chopped onions and peppers.
I feel like a genius! For just a dollar, all my peppers and onions for salsa!
 ~ A cute find... inspiration to make this sweet little hanger, via Pinterest.
There are such cute idea on Pinterest for Fall!!
I made  this cute little candy corn hanger in no time at all.  Just waiting for October to decorate with it.
 ~ Favorite find... polka dotted napkins on clearance at one of my favorite little boutique stores.
Just a dollar a package, for either the large polka dot napkins, or the small polka dot napkins.
So, I bought both.
Snagged a few recycled jelly jars out of my stash, a brush on of DIY modge podge, and a few other small embellishments, and VOILA... sweet little Halloween votive.
Gosh, I love 'em.
 ~ Favorite find, and favorite Fall activity..... "Swiss Days'' in Midway.
Love, love going to Swiss Days.
Lots of cute booths and cute ideas. Really helps me get in the creative mood.
Snapped a picture of this sweet sign.  {Sorry to the lady in the sandals and jean.. the booth was too crowded and I had to snap a picture as fast as I could }
What a darling up~cycled window frame.  Barn wood takes the place of the glass, and a sweet saying painted on the wood.
I just happen to have an old window frame laying around here... someplace....
 ~Another booth with cute accent pieces.
~Although, this had to have been one of the cutest things in this booth.
Simply, cute.
A round chalkboard, and a sweet saying.
Going to have to make me one of these!

~ Attitude of gratitude
~ Feeling thankful for sweet friends, craft days, and for all things Fall
~Grateful for my sweet husband, and wonderful kiddo's.  We all got together over the Labor Day weekend and had dinner. Thankful for those that had a ways to travel to be here, and I'm thankful that they made the effort.
~Thankful for a dehydrator full of pears, bottles of homemade salsa, bottles of homemade jam and a pantry filled with quick mixes. I am feeling more and more ready for falling snow days, each and every day, and grateful for a heart that feels that it is important to prepare and be a good steward over all that we have been blessed with.