~ Things that make me smile ~

 The meadow is greening up.
The trees are beginning to leaf out and the last of the snow across the mountain tops is melting.
Spring is here! 
Warmer temperatures are here to stay for a few months and that makes me smile.
 Deer grazing on the foothills...
 and the elk are grazing in the pastures.
 The birds make me smile.
They have quite a routine down.
They hop onto the edge of the bird~feeder, knock the seed on the ground, then all their friends swoop onto the ground and feast on the fallen seed.
 Rogue rooster. Pheasant rooster out touring the neighborhood. 
Seemingly dancing through the green grass. 
Makes me smile!
 Pigweed makes me smile { the purple stuff is what I call pigweed. 
Purple weeds = Pigweed, and Yellow weeds = Spurge weed. 

It matters little if I have correctly identified the weeds, the fact that the weeds are growing is enough to make me smile. 
The color is beautiful in the meadow and I'm smiling to know that the growing season is here once again.
 The flower beds and borders are alive with color.
The skies are alive with color as well.

All is well. 
Spring has returned.
Flower are blooming, trees are leafing out, and the grass is growing. 
It makes me happy and makes me smile.

*Update on the house sale"
All is well on that front too.  So far everything is falling into place. 
We have begun to pack and sort the last of the items that need to be sorted through. 
My goodness, gracious, but we have accumulated a lot in 32 yrs.!!
Downsizing is a challenge, but the reward I think will be worth the efforts.

~Attitude of Gratitude:
 I have so many things to be grateful for...
Feeling grateful that our daughter~in~love and Grand are safe after a fender bender this last weekend. 
~Thankful for a husband that is my rock! 
Whenever I feel overwhelmed and unsure about my abilities to do things that are challenging, he reminds me of my strength and he gives me encouragement. He prays for me, and I am grateful for that.

~This breaks all previous records! ~


The sign was up and within 2 hours, we 'sold' our house?!
Saturday, we put signs up and then ran a few errands, we bought a few groceries, then it was back home again to do weekend projects.
My sweet husband had the garage door open and was doing some garage stuff, and a car pulled in front and the prospective buyer asked about our house. 
After showing the prospective buyer around, they put an offer on our house! 

The title company has the earnest money check already and the contracts are all signed.

We feel gobsmacked!
Previously, we have sold other homes in what we thought was lightning fast ~ ~ 3 days. 
However, this sale blew that old record out of the water.

As everyone knows that has sold a property, or house, etc. it isn't final until it's final, so we are taking this in stride, and praying that everything works out and we close as planned. 
 If there is a glitch, we feel confident that we have two or more possible backup offers.

Whatever happens, it will be the Lord's will. 
We never have been the type that pounds a square peg into a round hole, and we aren't going to start that kind of nonsense now.
Praying continually that our Heavenly Father guides our decisions and blesses us with the power of discernment to know what is right for us.

Once again, I want to thank everyone for their encouragement and positivity! 
Y'all are the best!!!


~ Old and New ~

 It's hard to believe that this picture is about five years old. I took this picture of our front porch the first spring that we moved here to Mill Hill Meadow.
 The picture of the kitchen is new. I took this picture of the kitchen just the other day for our house listing pictures.
We have just listed our home for sale. 
 Our dream is to sell this house and buy a new house in St. George for when we retire.
 It was so much fun and so satisfying to add decor and personal touches to this home. 
I will miss the galvanized wainscot that we put in the laundry room. 
Every time I pass by this space, it puts a smile in my heart and on my lips.
That tin was OLD tin that we recycled from our youngest son's garage roof.
We used some old wood from an old bedstead and made a new wainscot wall in the laundry room.
 Before we listed our house for sale, we took a trip to California to see our eldest son, his wife and our Grand. 
We had such a wonderful time. 
Our sweet little Grand is our heartbeat! All of you grandparents know exactly how that works :)
 Golden Gate Bridge.
It was our first time to visit San Fransisco, the Golden Gate Bridge...
 Ghirardelli Square, and San Carlos.

The city of San Fransisco has some absolutely crazy steep and winding roads. We even did the 'tourist thing' and drove down Lombard street.
 It wasn't our first time visiting Carmel~by~the~sea but was the first time that I had seen this gorgeous floral shop.
 We had lunch in Carmel~by~the~sea at a darling bakery and did a lot of window shopping. 
We even found a yard sale! Of course, it wasn't in a 'yard', but rather up two flights of stairs to a loft. 
I bought a Moda Fat Quarter set called Simplicity by 3 Sisters.
Absolutely darling fabric and patterns! I paid just fifteen dollars for it, and on Amazon, that same set of Moda fabric was around $120.00! 
Ha~ha.. they don't call me "Bargain Kerin" for nothin'!!
 So, here's to goodbye to the old house {hopefully} and hello to a new house.
We are not using a realtor this go round. We have certainly given our share of money to realtors throughout all the times we have bought and sold homes, and this time since it's the last go-round for us, we would like to save that money.

Thanks to everyone that has been so thoughtful and kind and encouraging!
Change is never easy for me. I'm working on being a patient person and turning my concern into a virtue of faith in our Heavenly Father and His timing.
I really desire to lean into my faith and lean on my Savior.
There are so many things that we cannot control.
Embracing the old adage: If you're going to pray, don't worry, and if you're going to worry, don't pray!" 

One more thing... I want to thank Kim of  My Field Of Dreams
for all the sweet hospitality that she and her husband have showered upon my husband and me. 
We've stopped by their house on our trips to see our kids and each time Kim and Ron have shown us such kindness. Thanks for the amazing citrus and for the delicious lunch! You are both truly kind people and we feel blessed to consider you our friends!
For everyone in Blogland...Kim is just as sweet and smart in person as she is on her blog! Stop by her blog and say 'hi'.