~ New~ Harvest Homestead ~

  'New' to me, but certainly not 'new' beans.
These are Fremont Beans.
These are heirloom beans that date back to the Fremont people.
They are a 'new to me' bean that is from a local 'new to me' company:
Near our new town, there is a great farm that grows wonderful beans, and produce, and herbs, etc. 
They are sold at a farmers market, which is where I bought the beans in bulk.
I made 'refried' beans with these beans and made them in the Instant Pot.
I added onion, garlic, chili powder, cumin, and a little cilantro. Once they were cooked tender, I blended them with the stick blender and seasoned them to taste with sea salt and pepper.
We had company for dinner Sat. and we served these beans along with chicken street tacos and they were a huge hit!

I'm so happy to have found this great farm and have linked the website above.

New views.
The picture below is overlooking our new backyard.
We are on just over a half an acre. 
About half of the backyard is grass (newly hydro~seeded)
and the other half of the backyard will be a potager style garden. 
My sweet husband has the tiller out and is working the soil.
Our house is located in a newer subdivision that was built on an old farm.
In fact, the folks that owned the farm live just a hop and skip away, and they are very happy and proud to have developed this subdivision.
 One of my favorite things about our new house is the nightly sunset shows. 
Every night, we have the most spectacular sunsets.
 We placed our wood swing on the patio, and it has become our new nightly routine to swing and watch the sunset.

New name for our home: Harvest Homestead

 ~We've planted 6 new trees. 
~My sweet husband has continued to place the privacy slats into the fence.
~ We have a 'new' clothesline. A friend was moving and offered to let us have their clothesline. It's now installed and I just need to give it a new coat of paint and new line, then it will be perfect.
~New this week: I pulled my car into the garage... hee hee.. finally after weeks of putting things away and emptying boxes out of the garage, I was able to make room for my car... Yay!

Wishing you all a happy week. 
I hope you are all enjoying the last weeks of summer.


~ One Day at a Time ~

 Hello, sweet friends.
I think it's time for an update.
The past weeks have been a whirlwind, as I'm sure you can imagine.
Each day, and several times a day, I tell myself, 'One day at a time', 'You're never too old', and ' It's never too late'.
 These are the phrases, mantra's if you will, that have helped move me forward. 
We've been so incredibly blessed!

We had about 2 weeks after we closed on our old house before we could move into our new house. 
We were able to reserve 3 nights at a state park, and felt so thankful for that, even though we were pretty worried about where we were going to stay the rest of the time.
When we got to the state park, we asked the camp host if by any chance they had a cancellation, would they please let us know so that we could stay longer.

The camp host told us that in fact, they had space for us!
And the spot was available for exactly the remaining amount of days that we needed!

 I was so relieved and we felt so blessed! Here it was, the weekend leading up to the 4th of July, with most every camp spot already reserved, and yet they miraculously had one full hook up site left. 
With the incredible heat, having our dog Rowdy with us, and being pretty tired from moving, you can imagine what a blessing it was to us to have a place that we could stay and relax and catch our breath.

Another blessing...we were able to move into our new home a day earlier than what we had planned. 

So, of course, we have boxes stacked everywhere, and we need to figure out where everything goes now. 
It's always that way after a move because no two houses are exact..*smile**.

We are NOT in St. George either. 
I know. 
That has been the plan for over 2 years.
But, Heavenly Father has different plans for us.
We moved to a smaller town... under 3000 residents. 
We were going to downsize. 
We ended up buying a bigger house, and more property as well.

I will tell you that every single turn, and every door, and every path led us to this place, and this house. 
No doubt about it.

This move has been all-around a blessing.
Not that it has been easy.
We have had incredible support and help and we could not have accomplished this move without the help of our children and sweet friends. 

From the storage units, we caravaned to the new house... One giant Uhaul, one pickup truck and trailer packed to the brim, our Yukon packed to the brim, and additionally 4 more vehicles packed to the brim.

We have been 'home' now for one week. 
It feels more and more like home with each passing day.
As I get things put together, I will share pictures. 

Wishing you all a wonderful new week.

~ Things that make me smile ~

 The meadow is greening up.
The trees are beginning to leaf out and the last of the snow across the mountain tops is melting.
Spring is here! 
Warmer temperatures are here to stay for a few months and that makes me smile.
 Deer grazing on the foothills...
 and the elk are grazing in the pastures.
 The birds make me smile.
They have quite a routine down.
They hop onto the edge of the bird~feeder, knock the seed on the ground, then all their friends swoop onto the ground and feast on the fallen seed.
 Rogue rooster. Pheasant rooster out touring the neighborhood. 
Seemingly dancing through the green grass. 
Makes me smile!
 Pigweed makes me smile { the purple stuff is what I call pigweed. 
Purple weeds = Pigweed, and Yellow weeds = Spurge weed. 

It matters little if I have correctly identified the weeds, the fact that the weeds are growing is enough to make me smile. 
The color is beautiful in the meadow and I'm smiling to know that the growing season is here once again.
 The flower beds and borders are alive with color.
The skies are alive with color as well.

All is well. 
Spring has returned.
Flower are blooming, trees are leafing out, and the grass is growing. 
It makes me happy and makes me smile.

*Update on the house sale"
All is well on that front too.  So far everything is falling into place. 
We have begun to pack and sort the last of the items that need to be sorted through. 
My goodness, gracious, but we have accumulated a lot in 32 yrs.!!
Downsizing is a challenge, but the reward I think will be worth the efforts.

~Attitude of Gratitude:
 I have so many things to be grateful for...
Feeling grateful that our daughter~in~love and Grand are safe after a fender bender this last weekend. 
~Thankful for a husband that is my rock! 
Whenever I feel overwhelmed and unsure about my abilities to do things that are challenging, he reminds me of my strength and he gives me encouragement. He prays for me, and I am grateful for that.