~ Shades of Gold ~

 Sunflowers.. in all their golden beauty.
Earlier in the year, of course, as the frost and fall season have made the sunflowers fade.
 Their cheerful faces ...
 rows and rows.
 Fading sunflower.
Seed heads. Plenty of sunflower seeds for next summer.
 The meadow.
A few weeks ago, as the sunflowers were fading. Golden sunset against the mountains.
 Golden sunrise.
Can you believe how vivid and gold the clouds are?! This picture is 100% real!
As we were driving to Phoenix this last Friday, the skies just lit up in gold colors that were almost unreal. Our daughter and I went to Phoenix to see the Bonnie Raitt concert.
Her gift to me for my birthday, this past Saturday.
We left so early, and it was still dark, but as we were going through the canyon the sunrise and the gold clouds were simply gorgeous!!
 On the road.
Golden Fall foliage through the canyons.
 Back home again.
The meadow is beautiful, with golden grasses, and golden leaves.
A few clouds hang on the mountains and foothills.
We feel so fortunate, and blessed that these are our daily views.
 The sunflower patch today.
Faded to dark amber~gold.
Most of the seeds that were left in the sunflower heads have provided a feast for the birds.
I already cut and dried all the seed heads that I wanted to save, in order to have plenty of seeds for next year.

 The faded sunflowers are still beautiful in their own, golden~amber, Fall~ish way.

Final shade of gold.
We've decided to leave most of the sunflower stalks up during the winter.
It will provide a bit of a windbreak, and place for the birds to rest.
And, I honestly think that they are still beautiful .

~Attitude of gratitude.
~ I'm so grateful for good and true friends.
~Feeling thankful for the simple things in life.
~Grateful for prayer.
~Feeling thankful for pumpkin bread. ... what a delicious seasonal treat. I'm so glad that we have pumpkins!
~Feeling thankful for Fall festivals, pumpkins a~plenty, and scents of cinnamon in the air.
~Grateful for my sweet husband, and that we had a great date night last night and went to see the Odyssey Dance Theaters production of Thriller. I'm grateful that we had the opportunity to do that!


~ A few of my favorite things....October ~

 October is without a doubt, my favorite month of all.
I adore the colors of the changing leaves, the soft light of mornings, and that crisp air.
My sweet husband and I go for a walk everyday together, and these last few days we've walked up on the foothills and around the farms.
 The road to the dairy farm.
Our home is just on the other side of the dairy, and nestled alongside the foothills.
The road leads to the ponds.
 Over the creek we go, and up past some darling old farm houses.
 Old farmhouse made of cut stone.
 Adorable white farmhouse with a vintage wire and wood fence.
 Yellow farmhouse with a picket fence, and black shutters.
 Darling red screen door and welcoming entry posts.
Our home... all decorated for Halloween.
Can you spy our dog Rowdy's basketball? It blends right in with those cheery pumpkins~!
 Near the front door... broom parking for all.
 On the sofa table... a fantastic ceramic pumpkin that we bought in Santa Fe.
 Fence post pumpkins, made from scrap wood last fall, and four little Halloween ceramic 'egg heads' that I painted nearly 22 years ago.

Faux gourds and a white pumpkin, a Halloween hat box, and another little ceramic piece I painted 22 years ago too.

"Spooky" wood letters on the mantle, and a few wood craft pumpkins. The simple "boo" banner that I made last fall.

 These things are just a few of my favorite things this October.

~Attitude of gratitude:
~I'm so grateful for my wonderful family. They are my greatest blessing!
~Feeling thankful for cozy, fuzzy socks.
~Grateful for the time I had Sunday to study my scriptures; renewed my determination to be charitable, and loving, and to seek opportunities of service.
~Grateful for Monday night family dinners, and the opportunity to increase my baking and cooking skills.
~Feeling thankful for our 'new' leaf blower. Wow.. sure makes 'sweeping' the sidewalk, driveway and gutters a snap! Why didn't we buy a leaf blower years ago?? We were in St. George at to go to Tuacahn, and while we were there, we stopped by D.I. and I found a Stihl gas powered lawn blower for just $30.00. Yay!! Love a great buy!!


~ Sunny upcycle ~

The laundry room received a sunny up cycle do~over.

Our youngest son had a bunch of old galvanized roofing, left over from his garage. 
We wanted to use that galvanized tin in the laundry room. 
I had also curbside picked an old headboard a few years ago that was all solid oak.
 I just knew that I could up cycle the wood from that old headboard. 
The before: beige clay colored walls, and not a whole lot of character.
I had hung an old window on the wall, and I loved it, but I wanted the room to have more personality, and be a place that I enjoyed being in, as the laundry room is a room that we all use every day.

After determining that we wanted to add the galvanized tin for wainscot, we secured it to the wall and added a baseboard.

Then, we added the top section of the old headboard. The headboard wasn't long enough to top off the tin, so we then added a few sections of 1"X 8" pine boards to add length to the headboard section.
Then, we added 1" X 4" pine "battens" . Now the 'seams' of the tin were covered.
Then, I painted all the wood to finish it off. 
I'm still deciding if I want to give the wood a bit more distressing, and add some dark wax to it. 
I put the old window back. Added the old washboards, the Warren Kimball print, the large red metal box filled with greenery.
 The old copper mailbox is for dryer lint.
A cute "Pioneer Woman" tea towel on the dryer with a glass container for detergent.
 An old pine shelf up cycled with barn red paint, and dark wax holds a prim light, old canning jar filled with clothespins, an antique iron and a small faux geranium.
Above the window, a shelf was installed as a cornice, and a cute hand painted sign sits on top.
I sewed a simple curtain with Waverly fabric.

The sunny up cycle and re~do of the laundry room turned out exactly as I hoped it would.
Almost everything we used was up~cycled, or thrifted, with the exception of paint, and fabric and the new rag rug in colors of black and mustard. 
Nothing more satisfying than having a room turn out beautifully and all on a shoestring budget!

~Attitude of gratitude:
~Feeling thankful for cozy evenings in front of the fire. 
~Grateful for all the sweet potatoes I was able to harvest.
~Grateful for a good nights sleep.... especially considering how rare that is for me.
~Feeling thankful for a clean house, and decorated for Fall/Halloween. It feels cheery and festive.. ready for the holidays.


~* Autumn Blessings *~

 There is no other time of the year I love more..... for me, Autumn is the finest season of all.
The crisp morning, and gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, rain storms, and thunder.
A cup of cocoa while sitting next to the fireplace. The smell of woodsmoke in the air, cozy blankets to cuddle under.
Crispy~crunchy leaves to walk through, football games to cheer to, and warm bowls of soup.
The list goes on and on... all things wonderful about autumn.
 Slowly, I've been breaking out the autumn decor.
Little bits here and there, and most can stay out throughout the autumn season.
Gourds, and twinkle lights.
Chalkboard signs......
Faux berries, and candles.
A wee corn husk basket...
 More candles, and a flickering candlestick.
 The picture stays up year round.. a tribute to my favorite season, it depicts a harvest season in a small mountain village... quite like the area that we live in, actually.
Colors of gold, and yellows, and crimsons.
 In the kitchen, a large galvanized tray holds a 'blessings' platter, a small lantern, and a pitcher full of glorious green faux hydrangeas.
 On the range, a new pumpkin.; porcelain covered cast iron pot.
 I've wanted one like this for ever...... one day while perusing Wal Mart, I spied this lovely thing, and promptly bought it.
I think it will stay on the top of the range for many weeks to come. Of course I'll cook in it!
Thinking about chili, chicken and dumplings, cowboy casserole, beef and barley soup....etc..etc.
 A beautiful metal pumpkin sits front and center on the buffet in the dining area of the kitchen.
A small bunch of faux bittersweet tumbles out of a grapevine basket.
 On the windowsill, little acorns...... found on a morning walk recently.
The 'Fresh Eggs' sign is a recent yard sale purchase, and sits next to a brown spatter ware pitcher, also a yard sale find.
 In the living room, on the blanket hutch a small bowl of 'ancient' coins, and two aged brass candlesticks.
The candlesticks and the coins were a recent purchase, found at a thrift store in Santa Fe.
They always will be a warm memory of a great trip with my sweet husband.
While I can't authenticate the age of the coins that I was told are 'ancient', I still love their patina and their shape, and they are certainly a topic of conversation.
 The last of the flowers fill a few vases around the house.
Lovely colors of gold and pinks and salmon.
Little birds flock to the last of the sunflowers and enjoy the last of the warm days.
*my sweet husband took this picture.
 Another picture that my sweetheart took.
What a sweet little bird.
 One more picture that my hubby took.... I do love this one, so much. I love that little bird perched on a dry sunflower. A perfect Autumn photo.
 Deer in the meadow.... grazing.
I love to see the deer, but I am dreading when they move into the yard and start munching on our plants.
The elk, higher in the meadow.
The elk are in the rut now, and bugling can be heard at all times of the day, and sometimes at night.
The elk farmer has already trimmed their antlers so that they don't hurt each other.
 The time to be happy is now.... absolutely!
Autumn is an especially happy time for me.
Hope you are all enjoying this wonderful time of year.
So, have you tried the "Pumpkin Spice" Lindt truffles?
Or the Pumpkin Butter that you can buy at Trader Joes?

~Attitude of gratitude
~Grateful for good health.
~Grateful for a wonderful husband and great kids!
~Feeling thankful that the lawns have dried out from last weeks storms and I can get the mowing done. I have always enjoyed mowing the lawns, and I'm grateful that I have the good health that allows me to do it.