Carmel-by-the-sea, Monterey, St. George

 It's been a busy few weeks.
We took a trip to see our one, and only Grand, and his parents too, of course...*smile*.
     Our eldest son and his family live in Monterey California.
We took a couple weeks vacation and drove out to see their family and spend Thanksgiving with them.
 We went to Carmel-by-the-sea.
It's a charming and beautiful city. 
White sandy beaches, charming architecture, winding roads, and beautiful sunsets. 
 Our son is attending the Presidio in Monterey, learning his fifth language: Mandarin. 
He took us on a tour of the Presidio. Pretty impressive.
 Three sections of the Berlin Wall are displayed. A historical reminder of hope.
Big Sur Coast.
Amazing beaches, rock formation, sand, and awesome surf.
 Point Sur Lightstation.
 Fort Ord Dunes State Park
One of the prettiest places to watch the sunsets. 
(My sweet family enjoying the last of the daylight, and watching the sunset.) 

 Our eldest son, and our Grand. 
  Our Grand is such a beach baby. He is just 16 months old and most of his life has been living where he can enjoy the sand and surf and beaches.  He spent 5 months enjoying the beaches in Brazil.
Lucky boy!
 We feel so thankful that we were able to spend time with our sweet family and enjoy beautiful weather. 
We soaked up the sun, knowing that soon enough we would be returning to Utah, and snowy mountains.
On our way back home, we stayed in St. George for a few days. 
We are preparing for retirement and doing some preliminary home searching. 
Yes. We want to move to St. George when we retire.
A beautiful sunrise greeted us as we began our time in St. George.

Home again, home again, jiggity~ jig.
Now the Christmas tree is up. Lights in the windows, simmering potpourri and candles make our home smell amazing. 
The snowblower has been working overtime, as we've had snowstorm after snowstorm.
The fire crackles away, and I'm playing Christmas music forcing myself to get into the spirit of Christmas. 
This year has sped by so quickly, and we have been so busy, that it isn't feeling as though it's time for Christmas, so I'm immersing myself in all things convince myself that it is indeed December and time to celebrate the holidays.
~Dinner tonight will be crockpot broccoli~cheese soup, with rosemary~garlic focaccia.
~I'll work on decluttering some more. I've been working on decluttering for weeks now and taking things to the D.I.
~I'll clean and polish the wood floor in the kitchen today.
~Routine cleaning, and puttering around the house.

~Attitude of Gratitude:
~So thankful for safe travels. For time to 'mug' on our Grand.
For conversations and making warm memories with our son and his family.
~Grateful for our Saviors birth.
~Thankful for opportunities to serve.


I love it!

 I love it!
Crisp cool mornings.
Mountain views.
 Going on long walks with my sweet husband, all around our little hamlet.
 Past the old dairy...
 " Good Morning, cows"!
"Cold morning, isn't it"?
 Down the lane.
 Admiring this woodshed, and all the cut and split wood, ready for cold snowy days.
I love it!
I love this 'fall' season of my life! 
Each and every day is filled with blessings!

The final count of this year's trick or treaters: 255
They love the full-size candy bars. It's so fun to see how happy the kids are to get a big candy bar. It's once a year. 
I have recently heard of entire neighborhoods that really get into the spirit of the day and have booths set up for chili, nachos, apple cider and donuts, hot dogs, etc.. 
Is this a new thing?  

I love it!

~Attitude of Gratitude :
Thankful for my 'muk~luk' neck warmer. Goodness, gracious, it keeps the cold wind off my neck and keeps me cozy warm during our walks. I had no idea that it would work so effectively! 
~Grateful to be a grandma! We waited 6 looong years to become grandparents. I love 'talking' on the phone to our one Grandbaby.
 He just blabbers on, and nothing he says makes sense (he's just one) but oh, how it fills my heart.
 It is the highlight of our day getting to 'talk' to our Grand! 
I totally get why grandparents just beam when they talk about their Grands!!
~Thankful for my sweet husband and the way that he indulges my 'wish list'. We are compiling our wish list for retirement, and he smiles and agrees with my plans, even if some of them are extravagant..*smile*.

Scary~~not scary???

 When you were a kid, was there a house in your neighborhood that was old, and a bit scary looking? 
We had one in our neighborhood, and we never, ever went to that house to trick or treat!
 Looking back now, I imagine that some of those old scary houses were houses that these days I most decidedly would not think were scary. 
Rather, great old houses that needed fixing up!
 On my walk yesterday morning, I noticed several 'scary' looking houses that need some love, and some other houses that once may have been 'scary'  looking, but are getting some much-needed attention and renovation.

 Scary house? Or not a scary house?
Not scary, in my book.
 Not scary...
 Old, old wire fence...not scary.
Weeds... a bit scary.

 Lastly, this house...admittedly, a bit scary.
Nope... I wouldn't trick or treat at this house!

Although, the renovator and old house lover in me can see a ton of potential in this old house. 
Hopefully, someday there will be a person that loves this old house and takes it from scary to not scary.

                             Wishing you all a not scary Halloween!