~ House People ~

 My husband and I have always been 'House People'.
We have renovated over 12 houses, and nearly every one of those houses was an old house. 
 We are still 'house people', therefore we spent a few days going to the St. George Parade of Homes.
We are preparing for our retirement move to that area and wanted to see new homes and builders that we may be interested in.
 Some of the trends in houses that we noted: Walk in double showers, and double shower heads. Also, a return to brass, more notably, antique brass fixtures.
 More of those brass touches. Nearly all the kitchens that we saw were simple white cupboards and the design highlights were displayed in the backsplashes.
 Another double walk-in and double shower head.
 Every home had a fireplace, though not many of the fireplaces were traditional, and most of the fireplaces were these linear styles, with glass,  or rock where traditional faux logs would be.
 Some gorgeous tile was used throughout the homes. I adore these tiles that have an old fashioned feel.
 This was an interesting tile.. tone on tone, but lots of different designs. 
The tile in this laundry room was hands down my favorite tile. I think it's really pretty tile, and I don't think I would ever get tired of it... I've always loved checked patterns.

So... did we find a house?

We found inspiration, neighborhoods, and builders. 

We are currently working on editing our stuff... what we want to keep, what we want to move, etc.
 We have had beadboard and trim for the den stored in the garage, and this week we installed it in the den. Now, we have to paint the den, then we can check off that project.
There is an excitement about moving to into a new house and moving to a new city. 

 On to new adventures!!

Attitude of Gratitude:
Feeling so grateful, once again, for safe travels. We dodged two major snowstorms and visited St. George between those storms. 

Thankful for the talents that our Heavenly Father has blessed me with.


~ Positivity~

 It is another winter day. 
Lots of snow over fell yesterday, around 3 inches, with another 4 inches of snow overnight.
 Stormy and cold. 
Winter is still with us.
It has me concentrating on my goals. 
Goal setting.
Moving forward. 
Staying positive, and choosing to have a happy heart. 
I clearly remember being taught how to make goals.
Setting short term goals and long term goals.
Do people still set 'goals'??

That is my 'word' for this year. 
We are planning on moving... one last time hopefully.  
Staying positive with the changes in our lives. 
Looking on the sunny side of things, when it would be easy to become overwhelmed and easy to think of all the ways in which we could fail.

Wondering if we are too old to take on such big new adventures.

Here's to moving forward.

Spring is just around the bend, sunny days are ahead, and we will be moving FORWARD with a HAPPY HEART.

It will all work out!

Attitude of Gratitude:
~Feeling grateful for having good health.
 Not that I want to shovel snow, but I am so grateful that I have good health and that I am able to shovel snow. 


~ What I'm loving this week....

Beautiful jar of faux lemons on the island, and a vase filled with babies breath.
Ingredients for protein bites: Almond butter, raw honey, organic unsweetened coconut, ground flax, black chia seeds, organic dried cranberries, honey roasted almonds, rolled oatmeal, and mini 'Enjoy Life' brand of mini chocolate chips.
A new apron in a sage and white check.
An enjoyable book series. I've been reading a ton this winter.
A thrifted rocking chair getting a chalk paint makeover.
Our thrifted kitchen table also got a chalk paint makeover. We gifted our rather large kitchen table to our youngest son and his wife. It was a massive table and we simply did not need such a large table anymore. This smaller double drop leaf table we bought at a yard sale a few years ago. It's perfect. I will also be painting the chairs to match the table.

Attitude of gratitude:
Last night, as we were bringing home our new trailer, we got about 40 miles into our 55~60 mile trip home, when we heard a loud 'pop'. 
Fearing something had gone terribly wrong, we pulled over... thankfully there was a spot perfect to pull our Yukon and trailer over and get off the highway. 
The 'dummy' light indicated that our hood was unlatched. Evidently, the hood didn't get shut tight enough,  when the dealership was installing our brake assist, and it was a simple fix to open the hood and slam it shut. 
I feel so grateful that it wasn't anything serious, and that the hood stayed shut and didn't fly open on the highway in a spot where we wouldn't have been able to pull over. 
Prayers are answered!!
We said a prayer before we went to pick up the trailer, and we said a prayer before we left the dealership to travel back home with the trailer. Heavenly Father watches over us and for safe travels I am grateful!!