~ Country Roads ~

Another Country Roads drive....

 Vultures sunning themselves in the morning sun.

My favorite country road drives through one of the canyons.

In the same canyon above...a sweet wildflower grows out of a crack in the rock cliff.
Mule deer 

Natural cave
Dozens of pelicans.
Lastly, a morning sky along our country roads walk.



Tomato, Sugar, and more...

Summer has officially kicked off at our home.
Like so many other folks, Mother's day is flower day around here. Everyone in our family knows that I love to get my summer flower containers planted up for Mother's day, and everyone pitches in to get all of the containers filled with flowers.
In my mind's eye, I had a picture of soft pinks and yellows, and whites for the containers this year, but all of those ideas got thrown out when I saw the amazingly dark and beautiful color of these marigolds.
Above are the flower choices for our containers this year. Bold colors.

Pink canning jars. 
Once a friend told me about the pink canning jars, and I ordered them right away. 
They took nearly a month to be delivered but were seriously worth the wait. I love them!

Last Fall, our local hardware store started selling electrical spool rounds. We bought a bunch, and made giant pumpkins with a few of them and placed them in our borders...very Gardner Village- like. 
We reserved one of the rounds for a table in our living room.  Sanded, stained, and sealed I attached hairpin-style legs to it, and ta~da~ a perfect table! 
I'm quite pleased with the results.

My sweet husband built and installed a railing for our front porch.
It is a nice safety feature for our small Grandchildren, and it looks so nice!
There is also a handrail that he built and installed on our back steps. It will make it nice for everyone to have something to hold on to when they are using the steps.

 In thifting adventures... I found a 'Granny' chair. I have long loved these old upholstered rocking chairs, and they are harder and harder to come by. 
The last one that I found was years ago, and I gifted it to one of our daughter-in-loves to use as a nursing chair.
This one will get a good vacuum, and shampoo, but is in nice condition and will be a great addition to our library.

More thrifted finds.... padded dining chairs.
Our dining room table and chairs are so pretty, but the chairs are not padded, and I have found as I get older, sitting on those hard chairs is quite uncomfortable. 
I was on the search for two padded dining chairs and found these two at the St. George D.I.
They are already getting a makeover with paint, and gorgeous cottage-style fabric. I'll update you with a picture once they are finished.

I found this sweet table cloth at the thrift store. I spied it and saw that it had embroidered work on it, and without really taking a good look at it, I bought it.
Once I got it home, I took a good look at it. I love the tomato-colored flowers on it, and low and behold, it is an old sugar sack!

I also snagged this darling red geranium print with the tomato-colored frame.
A closer look at the sugar sack logo.. U & I sugar. 
As far as I can tell, the sack is from the 1950s.
I was raised to live a provident lifestyle. To not waste and to make the best of the things that Father in Heaven blesses us with.
I have great respect for other people that live providently as well, and it made my heart happy to see this sweet table cloth that was re~purposed out of an old sugar sack.

Lovingly embroidered to enhance the beauty of such a utilitarian item.
I know that the person that made this, and I could have been great friends :)


~ All around the cottage ~

What a week... full of busy and good things, but jam-packed with many things.
We helped our daughter move. She is relocating from Salt Lake valley to Wyoming. She is fortunate enough to be able to telecommute, so she can work anywhere. 
In the meantime, before her new apartment in Wyoming will ready, she is staying with us and working.
It has given us an opportunity to spend time together and we've been enjoying her company.
On Sat. before Easter, we went for a drive up one of the canyons here and showed her this Pioneer era cabin. 
Everyone agreed that the cabin is located in a beautiful area, and the pioneers were men and women of courage and fortitude. 
I don't think I would have made it with a bunch of kids living in a teeny tiny cabin!
Springtime is bringing out the best in our chickens.
We are getting more eggs each day, and one day, we were surprised that we got 6 eggs from our 6 hens. Well, at least they were all trying to lay an egg a day....*smile*.
That is the tiniest egg I have ever seen in my life!

Chives are growing like crazy now, and so I whipped up some chive butter and froze for later use, as well as making some chive sea salt seasoning.
I also made some oven-roasted maple~cinnamon almonds, and some Smokehouse seasoned almonds.
We also made two batches of beef jerky.... one batch was old-fashioned and one batch was orange~teryaki.
It's nice when we are busy to be able to grab a homemade snack to take on the road with us.

Two years ago, we planted around a thousand springtime bulbs...daffodils, crocus, and tulips. They are beginning to blossom and flourish and as they have split, we are enjoying a plethora of spring blossoms.
Another ride and we had to slow down for this turkey on the road. 
I think it is a Royal Palm turkey and about 2 out of 3 times, he will be on the road at this location. 

Like many of you, we have had wild weather this spring. 
Winds have been especially fierce, and in the storm a few days ago the accompanying winds snapped this pioneer- 
era pine tree right off. This is one of two old pines that were snapped off. 
The trees line two streets that are close to our subdivision, but not in our subdivision. The broken tree in the picture above narrowly missed a house.

This week, our pressurized irrigation will be turned on. 
In our subdivision, we are on farm shares of water, and not on city irrigation shares. 
The man that used to own this land, and farm it, retained the water shares and we pay the farm company for our water shares. 
We are not under any restrictions and should have plenty of water for this summer,
 unless things change.

We are getting our garden in shape for spring planting, my husband made a new run for the hens, and yesterday a neighbor was kind enough to bring their skid-steer over and load our trough planters for us, so that my husband didn't have to shovel dirt into them. 
Sure saved his back!

I'm dehydrating apples this weekend and working in my flower beds and borders and we are supposed to get a nice soaking rain this Friday. 

Spring is in full swing!