All Around the Cottage

 Brr... we woke up to very Autumn temperatures this morning!
Just 50 degrees as we went for our morning walk, then as the sun came up, it warmed to 52 degrees.
I changed out the writing on the mini chalkboard to reflect the weather changed. Previously, it had "Sunshine" printed on it.
 Sunday, just inside the entrance doors to the church, some kindly soul had left a few boxes of juicy plums and a "Free" sign. 
On the way out of the church, as we left for home,  I bagged up a few plums, and also a few green beans that were offered as well.
My first thought was to dry the plums in the dehydrator, however, the plums were very ripe and clingstone, so I changed my mind and made a batch of plum jam.

 On the island, is the middle section to a thrifted bakers rack that we bought at our favorite thrift store this past weekend.
I am giving the entire rack a makeover, including chalk painting this drawer section. 
 Enjoying cooler mornings, and evenings. 
Peaceful country and meadow views.
 Copper colored sunset skies.
 The meadow is preparing for winters sleep. 
 How many more weeks will the hummingbirds be around? As the mornings become crisp and cool and the nights become longer the hummingbirds are feeding quite heavily. Around 10 hummingbirds feed all day at our two hummingbird feeders. 
Classic movies are a favorite of mine, and I just ordered a few more for our collection. Bell, Book, and Candle with Jimmy Stewart. Some of my favorite Jimmy Stewart movies are: It's a Wonderful Life, Rear Window, & Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation just to name a few. 

All Around the Cottage this week :
~ Continue working on borders and cutting down perennials and pulling out leggy plants.
 ~ Cut and dry chives for winter use.
~Finish library book and return.
~Finish bakers rack
~Sand and paint the little chair
~ Start transitioning seasonal decor to Autumn decor
~Look for and buy two new recliners
~Sew up two toss pillows.
~Stain and seal old wooden ladder

Attitude of Gratitude:
 ~Thankful for my ol' toe healing. I knocked the toenail off when I ran the door over my foot. I learned to get my feet out of the way, but I still prefer to be barefoot, even though wearing shoes would be a much safer way for me to go!
~Feeling grateful for a full pantry and freezers. I feel that we're ready for Autumn and eventually winter.
~Thankful for the nearby Farmers Market. They even had a few pumpkins.. oh happy day!



  1. Kerin, that first little vignette is so pretty. Love that wreath and the little chalk board. (Am going to put that on my list). That photo with the bird on the fence is just gorgeous. What a view you have. We don't get very many hummers in the Secret Garden (maybe it is too secret!) but we do have one little guy that is the "guardian" of the juice and what others that do come around, he won't let them drink. Big fan of all the old Jimmy Stewart movies too. Have fun, xxoJudy

  2. I love the little Fall setting, and I may borrow crisp mornings for my little sign!
    Glad your toe is doing better.
    Jimmy Stewart is always a good thing.

  3. Beautiful sky pictures. I love crisp morning walks. Had one last week and the last two days it's been in the 60's again.
    Jimmy Stewart, I'm a fan too. My dad was his driver for a while when they were in the Army.

  4. Your fall vignette is so pretty! I cannot wait to start decorating. I'm very jealous of your cool mornings. We are currently in the middle of heat wave, 95 degrees here in New York. Unusual for this time of year and dare I say, I can't wait for it to be over.

  5. Oh, how I love visiting you and your blog, my friend. You've shared another delightful post.

    It was 37-degrees here this morning. Brrr...fall is definitely in the air and I'm loving it.

    Hugs to you, dear one!

  6. Kerin, your crisp morning weather sounds wonderful. Here in NC, it is hot again. I know there are 3 weeks or so more of summer but I am in denial! Plum jam sounds delicious and I can hardly wait to see your refinished bakers rack!

  7. My oh my, you have luck with the hummers . . .
    Surprised at your cool weather . . .
    Loved your fall setting, beautiful wreath.
    Hope your toe heals and comfort returns!
    I have looked and looked for the bird on the fence!
    FINALLY . . . I see it. I was looking for a picture on the wall . . .
    I like some of the old movies too . . .
    Happy (non laboring) weekend.

  8. You are a busy woman! I love your humming birds. I could watch them all day.

    Your Fall decor looks lovely.


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