~ Country Style Weekend ~

How we do weekends in the country :
We go to the drive~in movie.
The Basin drive~in theater has a new movie showing, about every weekend.
This past Saturday, we saw ' The Zookeeper's Wife'.
We had a mini convoy to the theater, including our son and his fiance, and some dear friends of ours.
The theater is also famous for their 'Basin Burgers' , and we had a delicious burger for dinner.

My sweet hubby and I took a ride in the early evening on Sunday.
We drove by the 'Old Pea Factory' in Manti, and there were a couple of rock chucks hanging out on the old dock.
Can you see that critter on the dock in the below picture?
 It rained off and on all weekend.
Gray clouds and rain throughout the valleys.
 All those clouds sure made for some gorgeous sunsets.
This is the sunset that greeted us on Friday night, as we left the temple.
On Saturday, our youngest son, and his fiance worked on his yard.
He recently had a new water main installed.
The old pipes had corroded and his water pressure was low and weak.
Once the new water line was installed,  now he has great water pressure!
The operator covered the line up, of course, but now Spencer needs to rake and replant lawn, and remove the rocks from the yard, etc.
I finished giving the kitchen a fresh, new look.
I painted the kitchen and decorated the kitchen.
Below is a little glimpse of the new wall color and a bit of decor.
I love thrifting!
 Yard sales, and thrift stores yield some of the greatest finds.
The above shelf, two of the plates, the small vintage rooster salt shaker, the sign, and the wreath are all thrifted finds.
I did a makeover on the shelf, of course, but the design of the shelf was just perfect for my "Cottage ~ Farmhouse" style. It cost a mere three dollars.
This past Friday, we also went to look at this old house.
The county records show this house being built sometime between 1885 and 1900, though there is not a specific date registered.
The house was for sale and some dear friends wanted to look at it, to buy it.
They wanted our opinion, as we have renovated old homes for over 25 years
There is work to still be done here, but all the hard and 'not fun' work has been done here. The updated electrical, insulation, HVAC, etc.
 A view of the kitchen.
The floors have all been redone with wood look tile, which is very easy to maintain, scrub and family friendly.
 The mudroom has built~ins and the washer and dryer and lots and lots of storage. There is plenty of room to have a pantry in part of the mudroom, as well. The lower boxes in the built in are on rails, which make sliding them in and out a breeze.
 A glimpse of the the living room and the front door, that the current homeowner made.
They took out the transom window, and made a door with four panes in the top, but the door is super tall and makes up the space of the transom.
 The kitchen. Floor to ceiling cupboard, and enough counter space to prep a meal, and work on.
*All pictures of the house were taken from the listing.
Dining area.
  The house is adorable, and all the hard work is done, though there may be color changes and decorative changes that our friends want to make.
They put an offer on the house,and it was accepted! Sans any hiccups, they will be the new owners of this darling old cottage!
They hope to close by the end of next month.
We are very happy for them, and excited for them to have an old house.

~Attitude of gratitude :
* So grateful for good health. My back gave me a few twitches and twangs this past weekend, and while it slowed me down, just a bit, it didn't take me out. I am so grateful that we enjoy good health.
*Thankful for the rain that we received.
*Feeling thankful that I found a darling skirt and top for the wedding. I looked at lots of dresses, and skirts, and finally found just the right style for me, and the right color for the wedding. Our future daughter in  law has chosen to have mauve, and blush for her colors. Mauve colored clothing, and accessories aren't as easy to find these days, as it was in the 1980's!

~On the list :
*Paint the hallway, and get started on the livingroom
*Scrub and re~stain the fence rails and finials.
*Plant seeds... sunflower, zinnia, morning glories, Italian flat leaf parsley.
* Plant tomato plants and basil and peppers


  1. What a wonderful blog today. I love all of the great pictures. Cool house too.

  2. Hi Kerin,The home is cute as can be and congrats to your friends! Glad you found your wedding attire. I enjoyed all your photos and your kitchen vignette is so sweet.

  3. I am so far behind in reading blogs! I apologize but Spring is my summer here and very busy! Plus, my leaky roof isn't helping. You get so much done! It seems I just manage to do daily chores and that's a bout it before I'm toast! LOL! That cottage is just what I would love in my hometown when and if I ever get there!
    Lucky people as it is just precious! I want to read that book The Zookeeper's Wife as I read a review and it is a true story, I think. What fun, a drive-in movie theater! Not many of those left! Your shelf and thrifted finds are so cute. Anyone can decorate with money but in my mind true talent lies in making something old beautiful again and you did! So glad you are blogging again as you inspire me!

  4. Used to go to the drive in all the time!! Don't know of any that are left around where I live.

    I really like the house alot. Glad to hear your friends got the house!! : )
    Not sure about those floors though. I'd prefer wide plank boards.

  5. I love your thrift finds! I think things like that just bring a homey, comfortable feel to a home. I love your friends new home too - it is charming!

  6. Love the oldcottage like house.
    Charming. . . . excited for your friends.
    Yay for water pressure even though the yard was torn up.
    Bet it will be put back together in no time
    with pretty green grass sprouting up in glee.
    Really nice post Kerin!

  7. Love. love. love. your thrift finds, Kerin! And, you pulled it all together so beautifully. Of course, my fav is the Love is Spoken Here sign. ;)

    What a fun night! Burgers and a Drive-in movie!

    Your friends are going to love their new/old place. ;) blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  8. Hi Kerin, I love your wall decor in the kitchen! And the new home for your friends is very charming. Congrats to them!

    We had a drive-in years ago and I miss it and would enjoy going now rather than put up with all the noise in the theaters. And heads in the way. lol!

    Have a great day!

  9. Kerin, love your new shelf and that wreath. Is it one that you made? It looks like all dried things. Very pretty. Looks like your friends got a great old house. How nice that the majority of the work is done. I remember going to the drive-in theatre every Thursday night when I was young. My mom would make hamburgers at home and we would have a picnic supper at the show. Thursday nights were $1 for a car to get in. Of course, continued going while dating and when the kids were little, but now I don't think there is a single drive-in left in California. The one we used to go to is now a big flea market every weekend. So sad, as it was a great outing for a family..Happy Wednesday..xxoJudy

  10. Hi Kerin,
    You have been busy. Your Kitchen shelf and the color are really pretty. I agree, thrift stores are great.I think half of my house is thrift store.
    Also like the house you are looking at for your friends. looks like move in condition.
    Nancy Jo

  11. Love, love, love the Drive-in. Such great memories.
    Don't you love it when you find goodies that don't
    cost hardly anything?
    Congratulations to your friends, cute little place!

    M: )

  12. Blush.... reminds me of Steel Magnolias :)

    I'm so jealous that you still have a drive-in! I miss going to them.

    The house is cute and I'm glad they were able to get it.

    Your kitchen looks darling from what I can tell. I hope there are more pictures to come! hint hint ;)


  13. Aww, I love drive ins and wish there was one close. I love the flooring in that house, and your friends are super lucky to get it! Great remodel on the kitchen and am looking forward to more updates. Have a great day!

  14. Hi Kerin!

    I always love visiting your blog, you inspire me! The old cottage is just beautiful! Your friends are very lucky to find a beautiful old home that does not have a ton of work to do on it - I hope they find much happiness there!

    We have two drive-ins in our town, both of them are for sale. Sadly, it is among the other good things in life that are being tossed to the side because of technology. But, they did have great burgers and hot dogs, and I dare say I watched more than my share of movies holding the hand of my sweet husband . . . before and after we were married . . . ;0)


    p.s. Gorgeous sunset!!

  15. I love that old home. So beautiful. Your little vintage update in your kitchen is darling. Looks like some fun ahead in your future getting a new daughter-in-law. Good luck and enjoy the beautiful sunsets!

  16. I LOVE those wood floors. So different and perfect for that house.

    Your garden sounds delightful. I didn't get one in this year.

    Your kitchen is adorable. It just looks so homey and inviting.

  17. What a lovely weekend. I'm in love with the adorable cottage. My building was built in 1911, and though we've done a lot of the "not fun" work, there is always another project. We're about to start the façade work (again) and window repair. I'm thinking of having the kitchen painted -- too tall ceilings for me -- and starting to look at colors.

  18. Just wanted to stop by and let you know Lynne and I were wishing we would hear from you! Hope you are having a wonderful season of love and JOY! blessings and hugs ~ tanna


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