~Reasons to Smile ~

This is a lovely time of year.
With flowers beginning to bloom, leaves opening on the trees, and sunshiny days.
In the old wheelbarrow, the pansies are beginning to bloom.
The grass is greening up and I'm thinking that this week, we may have to turn on our sprinkler system.
 Spring storms.
Over the weekend, we had a doozy of a spring storm. Crazy winds and intense cloud formations.
We actually have had a few tornadoes in Utah and a pretty serious one in our area, back in 2002, so we watched the clouds with trepidation. Thankfully, the winds didn't do too much damage, and we did get some rain from the storm.
 We transplanted a few clumps of German chamomile into some pots, and they are taking off, and quite happy in their new home.
I have more clumps of chamomile that I can transplant around our borders; makes a nice ground cover.
 Do you remember last summer, when we dug up heritage rhubarb from one of our previous old house gardens? The current owner doesn't like rhubarb, or peonies, & dug up all the rhubarb and peonies, We were lucky enough to save some of that old rhubarb, and we were able to save some of the old peonies, as well.
I should have included a picture of the peonies, because they are all coming up! It appears that they all survived being mowed over, dug up, transplanted, and our fierce winter.
Sure puts a smile on my face!!
Another reason to smile... the sunflowers have reseeded themselves and are naturalizing in the meadow. Just as we hoped they would.
Once they get a bit taller, I'll thin them out, and then plant new seeds every couple of weeks, so that we will have sunflowers growing all summer and well into fall.
The hummingbirds are back.
It kind of surprised me.
As I was sitting on the porch Friday evening, a hummingbird zipped by, looking for the feeder.
I jumped up, went in the house and made a batch of hummingbird food.
 My sweet husband got the hummingbird feeders out of the cupboard, took the lanterns off of the shepherds hook, and then put up the hummingbird feeders.
Right away, the hummingbirds started coming to feed.
So far, we can see three different birds, but last year, we had dozens, so we are hopeful that once they know that the food is available, that they will all be back.

~ I finished painting the kitchen island... again. I changed my mind {as I often do} and painted the kitchen island white. I had previously painted it an herbal green color.
~ I hung up some darling valances in the kitchen windows... red and white checked, with a lace underlay.
~Went to see the new 'Guardians of the Galaxy' on Sat. night.
I am NOT a fan of Sci~Fi, so it was not a movie that I wanted to see, however, I went with my sweet husband, and our youngest son and his fiance, and some family friends.
  I didn't see the first movie in the series, so I can compare the two, but I didn't enjoy the movie at all.
~Went to some yard sales this past Sat. morning. We got an amazing wrought iron umbrella base, and a post hole pounder, and I bought a few books for .25 cents each.

~ Attitude of gratitude.
Feeling happy and grateful that we are well into spring now, and hopefully over hard freezing weather.
~Feeling thankful for quiet Sundays.
~Feeling thankful for opportunities to serve.


  1. So happy many of your transplants are coming up! This is a beautiful time of year. How fun to watch the hummingbirds. Sounds like you got great deals at the yard sale. Hope you have an enjoyable week.

  2. I like seeing your garden and how nice its growing. I am glad your week is going to be warmer. Interesting about the movie. I am glad you had a nice time with your family and friends. Nice post.

  3. Kerin,
    So nice to hear from you. Yes this is a wonderful time of year. Everything is sooooo green and the bare look is gone. I'm about ready to go buy some hanging plants and plant up a bunch of pots. We did plant 10 new hostas, and all the deck furniture is out. etc. Sounds like you have been really busy. Would like to see a picture of the kitchen island that you painted.
    Happy Spring.
    Nancy Jo

  4. Yes, this is such a beautiful time of the year with all the newness unfolding.
    We too are beginning to get our humming birds and I love listening to them. We've had over 30 hummers here, quite a busy place and it keeps me on my toes filling all 6 feeders.
    Enjoy your day~~

  5. Hi Kerin. Wow, that sunflower field will be a show stopper this summer. When are we going to see pics of the kitchen pretties? I've been down with my back this past week and am now just getting back to things. Ha, ha, no pun intended!.Have a great week, my friend..xxoJudy

  6. Hi Kerin!

    How fun to read your post, it's been a long time! Loved seeing all the beautiful flowers in your yard, and that little hummingbird was so cute! Spring has definitely sprung!!


  7. Hi Kerin :)

    I'm glad your hummingbirds are back. I'm glad the peonies came back too. I wasn't lucky enough to save the ones the person took out that bought one of my houses years ago. How can someone not like them?! Craziness.

    I don't like that Guardian series either ;)


  8. I love Spring and seeing the flowers and birds. We just discovered that a little wren built a nest in a decorative birdhouse we have. So fun!
    Your peonies must be hardy. Ours haven't handled the transplanting well.

  9. Sounds like things are moving and growing in
    your neck of the woods.
    Love your little friends. We don't have many hummingbirds around here.

    Can you show us your island and valance, please.

    M : )

  10. Spring has arrived it sounds like.
    I am amazed at all of your hummingbirds.
    I wonder what brings them in in such numbers and varieties . . .
    We have them here but more like one or two, now and then.
    Happy Mother's Day Kerin . . .

  11. Good Morning,Kerin

    Thank you for dropping by my post,Kerin. Like you, I love peonies and am happy to see the shoots springing up again this year. Yours are certainly hardy to have endured their move. The sunflower meadow will certainly be a beautiful site!

    Enjoy the rest of your week.


  12. How could anyone not love peonies and rhubarb? SO glad you were able to save some!! Wishing you a wonderful week, Kerin! blessings ~ tanna
    ps not much on sci-fi either. LOL!

  13. So nice to read about your spring.
    That puts a smile on my face. : )

  14. What a lovely, gratitude filled post! I can't imagine not loving peonies! They are my favorite!

  15. i adore you tribute to nature and your love for spring.
    spring are soul refreshing so wishing you a happy one my friend!!!
    how strange that you got storms even in spring .we have breezy hot spring here in Asia .
    glad that tornado went out without causing any damage .

    i too like green color in my kitchen .
    and i am also not fond of science fiction but accompanying our loved ones is pleasure that we don't miss the chance ever

  16. Such beautiful images of spring, my friend. I am looking forward to planting some sweet flowers, but will have to wait until June when I know it won't freeze in the mornings :)

    Happy weekend to you, sweet friend. Hugs!

  17. Who does not like peonies or rhubarb? So glad you were able to grab some for your new place. I can't grow it down here but I did get 2 blooms on my peony per bush! LOL! Not very good growing conditions here. Look at your hummers! I stopped feeding mine because in the heat here it is really hard to keep it from spoiling and there was news that many hummers were getting sick and dying from spoiled food in feeders. I was good about it but I still didn't want to take the chance so I just planted more red flowers! LOL! Did you drill holes in your wheelbarrow? I had one that was rotting away and I had to put screening on the bottom so the dirt wouldn't fall out but it finally bit the dust. Nothing I try works down here....and with the leaky porch roof going on year #2 I'm beginning to think there's a hex on this house or God doesn't want me to move. Take care and enjoy your Spring!


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