~ Would you believe me if I told you.....

 That.. Garden Charlie is the official greeter of the season, here at Mill Hill Meadow?!
Well, he is!

We've had Garden Charlie for about seven or eight years now.

In his early life, he watched over our large gardens at Cottage on Main.
    Now, he's pretty much retired, except for during the Fall months.
Cute as ever!
 Garden Charlie got spiffed up a bit this year..... he got a new overalls and a new cozy flannel shirt.
Instead of frightening off the birds, he just grins and enjoys all thing Fall.
 Pumpkins, gourds, and decorations.
 Amazing gourds in beautiful Fall colors grace the dining room table.
A bit of the harvest season on display.
 The living room console table is gussied up for Halloween, as well.
Some of the darling crafts that we made are displayed, and that wonderful large birdhouse is an early birthday present from my husband. We saw it in a new boutique in town, and he knew I loved it and bought it for me.
Even though my birthday isn't until the 15th, he wanted me to have it now and enjoy it.  He's awesome like that!
 A few more crafts from our girls craft day on the entry table.
   ~ and some more crafts....
 ~ and some more.
 I realized that I didn't have a Halloween wreath.
Lots of Fall wreaths, with leaves and berries, etc.. but no Halloween wreath, so I made this one.
Looking at the crow, I think someone bumped him.. he looks like he's ready to fly away, or fall off his nest.
 Just two weekends ago, my sweet husband and I lucked upon an estate sale in a near~by small town.
I couldn't pass these amber goblets up. Not only do I love the color of them, and how well they will work for Fall tablescapes, but I adore the diamond cut design that extends down the stem of the goblets.  The folks had such a cute little requirement for buying something at their estate sale.. the requirement was that you had to consent to take a few cookbooks for free. Their mother had collected cookbooks her entire life, and had a room about 12X10 full of cookbooks!  So, I also got 4 neat old cookbooks in the deal!
 Our 'new' old door. We've been in this home now for just shy of a year and a half. We love our home! However, newer homes aren't built {generally speaking} with screen doors. We really, really wanted a screen door.
We ordered one from Home Depot, and it was quite nice, and a pricey. But, it wouldn't work on our house, because the reveal around the door wasn't deep enough to install a screen door.
So, my sweet husband had a carpenter build us a shallow depth door and then my husband built up the door casing, and now we have an amazingly beautiful hickory and cherry wood screen door, in the old fashioned style.
I'm over the moon!
Hope you all have a " Boo~tiful day , my friends.

~Attitude of gratitude
~ Feeling grateful that our old truck is getting a brake fluid hose replaced. Last thing I want is a fire under the hood.
~Thankful for cinnamon ~ sugar pecans roasting away in the slow cooker. Boy, does our home ever smell delicious, and Fall~ish!
~So grateful for our new range. Our old smooth top range conked out, and my sweet husband bought us a new gas convection range with 5 burners. Boy do I feel spoiled :)
~Feeling thankful that my sweet husband has gotten so much of the winterization done around here.. all the vehicles have had the oil changed in them, the rototiller and lawn mowers will be done this week, and the ATV's. What a nice feeling to know, when the snow falls, we'll be ready!


  1. I love the cute fall decor. You have inspired me to put up our scarecrows too. That is about all the fall decorating I do any more. Thanks and have a great day!

  2. It is so nice seeing all the things going on around your house. Your scarecrow is so cute. Everything else looks as nice as can be. Your porch looks wonderful. I always enjoy your posts.

  3. It is looking very festively Fall there!

    Love your screen door too.

    Happy early Birthday!!!

    M : )

  4. Garden Charlie looks real spiffy in his new duds! Your fall decor looks great, Kerin, and I love your new bird house. The amber goblets were a great find and I would have been ecstatic to see that many cookbooks for free. What fun!
    Enjoy your new screen door and your lovely decorated home this fall!

  5. Charlie looks so spiffy. I think I need a flannel shirt to get through the winter this year. Thanks, for the inspiration. Just ordered my first turtleneck of the season and a flannel shirt would be so cozy. Your decorations are fabulous. I got one thing done and that may all I do this year, but I feel festive.

  6. Garden Charlie is a perfectly sweet greeter! He is a cutie!
    Your Fall & Halloween decor sprinkled throughout your home is wonderful. I love the amber goblets from the estate sale & I would have been thrilled to select cookbooks as a requirement to purchasing anything.
    That screen door is beautiful! Oh my goodness, I love it!
    Your birthday is October 15th? Mine too! Happy Birthday to you sweet friend!

  7. Love your Fall and Halloween decorations, I have those gold glasses. I also have pudding "glasses".....wider, shallower but on the same stem. I've had them for so long I can't remember where they came from. It might have been a grocery store promotion back in the day. Mine are at least 40 some years old.....maybe Anchor Hocking? Enjoy the season!

  8. Garden Charlie is just too cute and looks amazing in his new outfit. Your house certainly is decorated for fall and looks so festive. I am with you on the screen door. I grew up with them and I love having three at our mountain house. The one you had made is so much more beautiful than anyone you could have gotten at Home depot....

  9. Hi Kerin!

    I love how your home is all decked out for autumn! Charlie is so adorable, and looks quite regal standing by the porch!

    I love all the crafts! I remember a time when I took many tole painting classes, and we made the most adorable crafty cute things . . . I wonder where they all went?! I'll bet they are being displayed at my daughter's homes . . . just a hunch!

    A few years ago, I looked up and down the valley for a wooden screen door, I remember them so well on all the old houses! I just love yours, what an awesome thing for your sweetheart to make for you!!

    I love your glasses! I have a set of green glasses that are very similar to the gold goblets; they are my favorite and I use them every day. Can I just say that I am a bit jealous that you were able to choose free cook books - what a deal!

    Such a fun post, and of course, was touched by all the wonderful things you are grateful for!


  10. Kerin, Garden Charlie really graces your front garden with the essence of fall! I love all your fall and Halloween touches around your home and I had to get my spy glass out to read the little bat sign, but I knew it was something I would enjoy. Beautiful screen door and bird house. Ain't husbands grand? At least our kinds are..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  11. I love your decorations! Everything is so cute and whimsical. You are a creative lady!

  12. Hi! Visiting you from talented Connie's blog. I love Charlie! I assume you made him a while back. Your fall decorations look so fallish and nice. I gave sine dessert goblets like your amber ones only in green. Did have some goblets. Will have to look downstairs to see if I kept them! Nice post! Nancy

  13. Everything looks so nice at your place! I think Garden Charlie is in the perfect place. You did great at the estate sale!

  14. Garden Charlie looks very happy. : )
    Looks like you are all set for Halloween.
    You have lots a cute decorations.

  15. What a cutie Charlie is. You're home looks so cozy and festive, you've done a great job! I envy you your new stove, I would love to get my smooth top replaced too. I'm not used to electric stoves and want a gas stove so bad but I have to be patient and wait. *whimper* How much snow do you get in your area? I'm still trying to get used to snowfall here in MI but I'm looking forward to it, especially for the holiday :) Have a great weekend!

  16. Love all your cute fall decorations. Especially the scarecrow..he's adorable and I am sure scares absolutely no crows!


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