~ a few of my favorite finds ~

 Hello there, friends.
Is it just me, or has this entire summer, and even year, just flown by?
Fall is my most favorite season of all. Perhaps, that is due to the fact that my birthday is in the Fall... although it is still a little ways off.
I have heard that you love the season in which you were born, but I don't know if that's true or not.
For me it is !
I'll bet you've all been super busy.
I've been busy too.. you know, it is canning season, and yard sales are starting to wrap up for the season.
Wish I lived in a year round yard sale kind of climate....**smile**.
I've found some great things this summer at yard sales, and I've also found a few smart tips to help me out with canning.
So, lets get on with this post, shall we?
  ~ The above galvanized pumpkin is a new favorite find.   Found at a near~by gift shop.  It wasn't in~expensive, however, it will last for years and years and years, and it is quite pretty, and makes my heart smile .
 ~ See that 8 gallon pickle crock sitting under the console table? It was a yard sale find, from a few weeks ago. I hesitate to tell you what I paid for it... honestly, it was a steal. My sweet husband and I went to a yard sale of an older couple that had left the state, and a friend of theirs was selling the stuff for them that they no longer wanted.  Between my husbands finds, and mine, we made a package deal with them, and I would say that I paid a dollar {whoo Hoo} or less for that gorgeous crock!
 ~ A lot of candles found at a consignment store in St. George in the Spring.
I loved the sizes of the candles, not necessarily the scents or the colors.
So, I gave them all a make~over {ya'll know how I love to make~over stuff !} with extra wax, cinnamon, pumpkin spice and nutmeg.
I call them 'Cake Candles' , although that may not be the official term.
Love them now~ and they smell nummy too!
 ~ Another favorite find... sweet watercolors.
Just 25 cents a piece.
They are quite large, and older.
The top one, of the red mill, I framed for the dining area. I adore that sweet red mill and waterfall.
 ~They are all signed by Katie M Kinney... near as I can tell, and the date on each of them is 1952.
Perhaps they aren't great works of art, but I certainly love and appreciate each one of them, and I am happy to add them to our home.
 ~So, of course it's canning season.
Happily one of my favorite finds, has been fresh tomatoes on our little plants.
We planted just a handful of tomato plants this past spring, and did our best to keep the deer out of them.  Still, I just didn't quite have enough tomatoes to make salsa.
So, I stopped by a cute little farm stand in a near by town, and low and behold, fresh tomatoes!
I love that little farm stand in the Fall... for they have the best pumpkins, but I had no idea that they would have fresh tomatoes. Nice surprise!
 ~ Well, I just whipped up a batch of salsa pronto.
Much to my dismay, our pepper plant just couldn't produce enough peppers, and our local grocery store wanted a small fortune for just one pepper.
So, off to the dollar store I went, where I bought 7 one pound bags of all natural fajita mix... peppers and onions.
And, all the prep work was done! No tears from chopping onions, and no time consuming prep work for chopping and de~seeding peppers. Nope.
Just tossed a cup at a time of the fajita mix into the food processor, and presto.. chopped onions and peppers.
I feel like a genius! For just a dollar, all my peppers and onions for salsa!
 ~ A cute find... inspiration to make this sweet little hanger, via Pinterest.
There are such cute idea on Pinterest for Fall!!
I made  this cute little candy corn hanger in no time at all.  Just waiting for October to decorate with it.
 ~ Favorite find... polka dotted napkins on clearance at one of my favorite little boutique stores.
Just a dollar a package, for either the large polka dot napkins, or the small polka dot napkins.
So, I bought both.
Snagged a few recycled jelly jars out of my stash, a brush on of DIY modge podge, and a few other small embellishments, and VOILA... sweet little Halloween votive.
Gosh, I love 'em.
 ~ Favorite find, and favorite Fall activity..... "Swiss Days'' in Midway.
Love, love going to Swiss Days.
Lots of cute booths and cute ideas. Really helps me get in the creative mood.
Snapped a picture of this sweet sign.  {Sorry to the lady in the sandals and jean.. the booth was too crowded and I had to snap a picture as fast as I could }
What a darling up~cycled window frame.  Barn wood takes the place of the glass, and a sweet saying painted on the wood.
I just happen to have an old window frame laying around here... someplace....
 ~Another booth with cute accent pieces.
~Although, this had to have been one of the cutest things in this booth.
Simply, cute.
A round chalkboard, and a sweet saying.
Going to have to make me one of these!

~ Attitude of gratitude
~ Feeling thankful for sweet friends, craft days, and for all things Fall
~Grateful for my sweet husband, and wonderful kiddo's.  We all got together over the Labor Day weekend and had dinner. Thankful for those that had a ways to travel to be here, and I'm thankful that they made the effort.
~Thankful for a dehydrator full of pears, bottles of homemade salsa, bottles of homemade jam and a pantry filled with quick mixes. I am feeling more and more ready for falling snow days, each and every day, and grateful for a heart that feels that it is important to prepare and be a good steward over all that we have been blessed with.


  1. Wow!! I love seeing all of the pictures. I feel like I want to go out and start making things for fall right away. I just love that sign with You are my sunshine on it. What a neat idea. Everything is so pretty. I am always so glad when you update.

  2. Wow! I have to catch my breath from all your goings on! Amazing decorations and ideas. I love the watercolors and your crock and salsa and little and big candles. You're so talented! I love Fall but I love January birth month. I was born during a terrible snow storm so maybe that's why I love snow so much?!?! LOL! But I love's hot temps I don't care for. I'll go out at below zero weather but not when it's in the 90's! Ha! Ha! Enjoy!

  3. Hi Kerin!

    You have been one busy chickidee!! I love all of your fun finds - especially the crock, oh my goodness!! I really want to know how to make the candles - they are so cute, and I could smell them through the computer screen . . . ;0)

    I have tomatoes coming out my ears! I will be making more chili sauce tomorrow, and maybe some juice - love tomatoes!!

    I have a friend who wouldn't miss, Swiss Days for anything, she loves it! It looks like lots of fun!

    Of course, your Attitude of Gratitude hits home with me . . .

    Gentle Autumn hugs,

  4. Fun, fun stuff!
    Love the crock, and the paintings.
    Not too many sales around here right now.

    M : )

  5. Hi Kerin, wow just love all the cool finds. I went to Swiss Days at Midway about14 years ago. It was so fun. I got some great stuff there.
    And had dinner too. Yummy.

    I need to find my things from there. Hopefully by Christmas. My sis in law brought a very expensive quilt there.
    Oh dear....I am missing Utah and the winter so bad. I love winter the most. My birthday is in March so in the Spring time. If the winter snow and all is gone. :)

    Take care, have a great week.
    Janet W

  6. Wow - what great finds! I love the fresh salsa too! My mouth is watering! Have a great week.

  7. Fall looks like it has reached your "heart and home!"
    Great idea for the salsa . . .
    A perfect price for the crock . . .
    Redo on the candles is amazing . . .
    Galvanized pumpkin . . . stole me away . . . I must have one . . .
    On a search I will go . . .

  8. You got some great finds there. Wow those crocks are usually pretty expensive especially with the blue on it. I have a 10 gallon one that was my gramma's.
    My birthday is in May. I don't have a favorite season though.

  9. Yes summer flew away! I do love Fall and it's busyness. I love seeing those jars sitting on the shelf. My favorite thing to can is soups, nothing better than being able to have a yummy dinner in minutes.

    Yes. That crock has made me envious. Beautiful.

    Enjoy your days.

  10. I love all your darling finds! You have such a good eye and display things so beautifully in your home. Thanks for sharing, your blog and your friendship makes my heart happy!
    P.s. YAY for carefree Autumn craft days!

  11. Wow, Kerin, you are on a roll! What a bunch of wonderful finds. I bet you made those candles smell pretty and the new pumpkin and crock are gorgeous. Long lasting good feelings happen with those kinds of treasures..Happy Day..Judy

  12. I would say, you got that crock for a steal! Good for you! :) I have a couple of old ones from my parents and my brother in law gave me one from his parents in Germany. (I'm especially partial to old things with stories!) I'm sure you're having fun decorating for fall!

  13. Great finds, Kerin! I'm jealous of the crock...what a deal!! I saw several when I went flea marketing the other day and the cheapest I saw about that size was 35 dollars. My daughter is trying to collect a few, so I was pricing them for her. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  14. Good afternoon, my friend! What lovely and charming finds! The candles are very unique and the crock...I love it!

    It's soooo good to pop in and say hi! Wishing you a wonderful upcoming weekend. Hugs!

  15. Kerin!! I'm so glad you commented ! I have missed you too, my friend!! So happy to hear you haven't disappeared like so many others :)

    Your post is full of Autumn goodness. And like you I was born in the Fall, so it's special to me as well.

    Nice to hear from you my friend and I'm adding you to my beloved blog friends list ;)


  16. Thank you for coming over for a visit today. I am amazed at how many of the same people we follow. After reading your post, I just want to get out and find fall stuff to decorate with and drag out what I have. You have really found some amazing stuff....I love those paintings and that crock...well it's beautiful....I hope you have a great weekend....

  17. Popping in from Country Dreaming's blog. Love your your pretty finds. Quite a deal on that crock!

  18. Hi Kerin, It was good to hear from you....forgive me, my postings and visiting blogs have been very limited since Spring....(Just finished up treatment a few weeks ago). It is always FUN to see others GREAT finds at yard sales, fleas, and have done very well! I especially love those watercolors....beautiful!! Your salsa has made my mouth water too.....I too, love the Fall, it's my favorite time of year as well......Your home is beautiful! Blessings~~~Roxie


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