~ Sweet Summer things ~

 Hello friends.
This has been a sweet summer!
In the meadow, the elk are grazing.
Look at those huge antlers on them this year!
Just a few days ago, I could hear a few of the elk bugling.  It is amazing to hear them bugle !
In a few weeks, the rut will begin, and then we will hear plenty more elk bugles.
 Our youngest son, Spencer, bought a small lathe {second hand}.
He's always loved working with his hands, and he wants to make pens, birdhouses, boxes, and bowls etc..
{He got that from my dad! My dad used to turn the most beautiful projects on his lathes.}
So Spencer turned on the lathe and grabbed a piece of left~ over fence post and turned a rustic candle holder.  It was difficult wood to work with. It was a piece of pressure treated and stained pine. Not the best wood for turning.
 Still, I LOVE the finished project!
I think this little rustic candle holder is the sweetest thing.
Spencer was going to throw it away!  He really didn't like the way that it turned out.
I on the other hand, think it's wonderful, and I am happy to have it!
 All the sweet sunflowers.
They are growing madly, and happily blossoming.
Out of the 10 varieties that we planted, about 7 different varieties have blossomed so far.
That's pretty good!

 Isn't it sweet when sunflowers just begin to open?!
The petals unfurl one at a time.
 The red variety is stunning!
I hope that they keep on blossoming, so I can have a big ole vase full of them.
 This one is a 'new to us' variety.
It was supposed to be purple.
It kind~of is, I suppose.
Although, it really is more of a burgundy color.
In the entire seed packet that was planted, only about 3 seeds germinated.  So, we'll save some seeds this year to plant next spring, but I think we need to plan on a low germination rate for this variety.
 I even love the sunflowers after the petals have withered, and all that is left is the seed head.
They are still beautiful to me.
I found this picture on Pinterest.
Such a cute way to display those sunflower seed heads, and very Fall~ish too.

Wishing you a sweet summer week.

~ Attitude of gratitude
~ Feeling grateful for the box of hot chocolate mix stuck in the back of the pantry.
It was down right nippy this morning! Just 51 degrees. We slept with the windows open, and I woke up chilled. That cup of hot cocoa really hit the spot.
~ Feeling so grateful that our daughter got a promotion with her company.
~ Feeling grateful for projects, and lists of projects. I look forward to each new morning and being able to work on something creative, or doing a bit of canning, etc..
   What a blessing life is!!


  1. Hi Kerin, Your view is stunning. I love love love the red sunflowers. Do you know the name of the variety. I'd love to buy some seed and plant some in front of our granary next spring. Have you ever put the seed in the the fall? I'm wondering whether that would work or if they would mold? I agree with you on the candlestick. Boy, what will Spencer turn out when he gets "good"?

  2. Kerin, tell Spencer that he is an artist. What a great piece for his first try. It is beautiful and so are all your sunflowers. Such a beautiful and interesting flower. There are so many parts to them. Lucky you to see the elk and hear them and you can have that dried arrangement too after yours dry. How beautiful and a beautiful fall welcome..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  3. Well, I'm glad that the candle holder didn't go in the trash,
    I think it looks great!
    Your sunflowers are so pretty, especially the red one!

    Have a great evening.

    M : )

  4. I love that candle holder! That is incredible, I wouldn't have every guessed it came from a fence post. Isn't it nice that you have such talented children.
    Your sunflowers are just lovely. I love sunflowers and I love that red one.
    The elk are really cool. It is so nice you live there and can see all of that.
    Lovely post.

  5. I too like the rustic candle holder and wouldn't think of throwing it away. : )
    Lots of pretty sunflowers but my favorite are still the regular yellow ones.

  6. Cool picture of the elk.
    I love the candle holder. My husband has a lathe and I know using wood like that would be difficult.
    I love sunflowers!

  7. Hello - thanks for this positive and upbeat post! Yes, life is a blessing. I love the candle holder your son made for you. Your cool "nippy" weather sounds just lovely. Enjoy what's left of your week and your summer!

  8. I'm really missing my sunflowers this year in the garden. We had such a wet spring that they didn't get planted. So I'm loving seeing your pretty photos!
    Enjoy these remaining days of summer!

  9. Oh, it's been nippy here too. I am still wearing my wool socks and a sweater and it's almost noon :) It says it's finally 62 degrees outside.

    My, what beautiful elk! My son loved seeing the photo and I will have to show my husband. We have not seen many elk here in the mountains lately. We have been spotting more and more moose though.

    Your flowers are absolutely delightful, my friend. Enjoy your day. Hugs!

  10. Hi Kerin~

    A woman after my own heart - I love the elk! It is amazing to hear them bugle, although, during hunting season, you never know if it's really an elk . . . or a hunter! Great picture!

    The wooden candle holder is gorgeous, and like all moms, you just love it even more if it's made by your son . . . so beautiful.

    I can' believe those sunflowers thrived! The rust colored one has got to be my favorite, it's so pretty!

    Hot chocolate is on our morning menu too, it's almost Autumn... :0)


  11. Your son sounds like an industrious delight . . . Good for him . . . AND YOU!
    I wouldn't have thrown that candle holder way either!
    Love the sunflowers . . . really like that red one!
    How about some gratitude for you . . . for teaching me sunflowers aren't always yellow!

  12. Kerin, I can't even imagine living where you can see elk grazing! Wow!
    I think the wood project was wonderful... well done!


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