~ October Snapshots ~

 Well my friends, another month is leaning into its final days.
Orange, reds, golds, and rust colors are prevalent.
Mill Hill Meadow is decorated for Fall and Halloween
*Pumpkins and squash nestled in the borders around the house.
*Wild turkeys
* More wild turkeys..
*Front porch Witch parking
*Field and shrubs all aglow in Fall colors.
*Sunflower colored pom~pom wreath { Gift from a friend }
*Witch at Gardner Village
*Canning jams
* Water wheel at Gardner Village.

The air was colder today... warming up to just 52 degrees.
 Soon, we will have a frost.

~As October bids us farewell for another year, and we welcome November, the month of giving thanks, a short list of all that awaits us :

 The annuals will die off, and the perennials will nod their heads and go to sleep for the winter.
Windows will stay closed during the days, and extra blankets will fluff the beds and keep us cozy throughout the nights.

We'll click on lamps earlier in the evening, and warm a cup of cocoa to sip on.
Soup will be the star of weekly menus.
Herbs will grace the kitchen window sill, once more, to brighten winter days.

Books that have been collected throughout summer will be stacked on side tables, just waiting to be read.
Puzzle building, Uno games and Scrabble skills will be sharpened and shovels too.
Snow melt will be placed front and center on the garage shelf.

Cozy blankets and fuzzy warm socks to keep us warm.
Slippers for some....

Candles crackling, and a fire in the fireplace.
Soft snow falling, and that blue light that gathers before a storm.

Winters not so bad.....

~Attitude of gratitude
~Feeling blessed that my kids totally "get" me.
They know that I am resistant to change. So today, after many, many, many times of telling me about Pandora {the internet music site} our daughter patiently sat down with me, explained it once again, and helped me find beautiful music to enjoy while I putter~butt.  Yay! Loving this stuff!
Better late, than never.
~I am so grateful for safe travels. We have done a lot of traveling up and down the freeway recently.
I never take for granted the safety that our Heavenly Father affords us, and that we always make it home safe and sound.
~Feeling thankful that finally, all the borders are cleaned out, and ready for their long winters sleep.


  1. What a beautiful description of the season and the one coming up! It's crazy here because it's 80 and then 50 at night....I do't know how to dress when I get up in the morning! LOL!
    Glad you enjoy all aspects of this time of year. I know I do too!

  2. Aaah - this post made me feel peaceful and cozy. You've even made winter sound appealing!

  3. Aaah - this post made me feel peaceful and cozy. You've even made winter sound appealing!

  4. I like your turkey visitors . . ,
    And your Gratitude Ending always makes me " take toll" on my own gratitude. One is somewhat like one of yours . . . with some difference . . . .
    Three borders left for cleaning, for this I am grateful . . .

  5. It sounds just wonderful! I think that is why I am looking forward to winter. Except you get real winter. I love your pictures. I love looking at everything.
    Such pretty fall colors. I love that wreath.
    I always enjoy your posts.

  6. I love this post, Kerin! You've actual made winter sound exciting!

  7. Hi Kerin!

    You make me anxious for winter!

    I love Gardner's Village, especially at this time of year! I also love the wild turkeys, and truly, they do look kind of scary.

    You really made my day with your warm and cozy post . . . think I'll go and have that cup of hot cocoa!


  8. Oh, Kerin, thanks so much for coming over to Calamity Acres. Your pictures are wonderful, as are the sentiments. The "Month of Giving Thanks"... that's November, for sure. I am more afraid on the highways now than anywhere else, and I constantly worry about Keith, and pray while I drive!

  9. I just love this post and the way you wrote it. The things that you love about Fall and the season of THanksgiving was beautiful.

    HOpe you have a great weekend.

  10. Kerin, beautifully said and wonderful pictures. I bet your place looks gorgeous. Love that sunflower wreath. A new season is something to look forward to...Happy Weekend..Judy

  11. Beautiful colors and fall pictures. You make winter sound wonderful and I look forward to it. : )

  12. What a lovely post, Kerin. It put me in a really cozy place :)

    I love Pandora and this is coming from someone that hardly ever likes anything new, but it plays pretty much anything you want, especially my oldies. I'm glad you tried it.



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