~ Little Miracles ~

New Year ~ 2015
Chalk full of possibilities.

Little miracles... sometimes daily.

Two nights ago, a sweet friend of ours passed away.
Leaving behind a wife, children and grandchildren.

Little miracles in his life happened~~ almost daily.
 His birthday was on the First on January...  on New Years day.
He passed away on the second of January.
If not for a small miracle of an extra weeks worth of antibiotics sent with his other prescriptions, he would have surely passed away before his birthday.

The antibiotics were supposed to be discontinued.. but the VA made a mistake, and sent the extra weeks worth of antibiotics with his order.
His sweet wife told me that she prayed so hard for more antibiotics. To help keep the infections in his lungs and blood from taking over.
His hospice nurse was told by the VA to go ahead, and give him one more week of the IV medications.
A small miracle .. that more than likely preserved his life for a bit longer. One last Christmas, and one last birthday.
As it was, all of his children were able to be there with him to celebrate his last birthday.  His little grandson was able to be there and kiss his cheek, and tell him 'goodbye'.
His sweet wife was able to help him say goodbye and pass away.

Just 2 months ago, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and from that moment on, until the night that he passed away, we witnessed little miracles in his life.
Tender mercies.

His testimony of our Savior had died down, and with each small miracle the flames of his testimony were fanned, and his testimony grew brighter, and brighter.
His children witnessed his renewed testimony.

It is my hope that in this new year, to look for those "little miracles".
 The little tender mercies that make life sweeter.
In sad times.... in this sad time of saying "goodbye".... continue to recognize the little miracles that make our lives sweeter.


  1. When I was little I always prayed for God to give me signs that I was doing the right thing or for help with a a problem but I was always on the look out for a "burning bush"...something big! I'm sure there were signs but I was too busy looking for the big ones. Now that I am older and wiser (hopefully) there are signs and miracles galore on a daily basis......they were always there I just wasn't noticing before. Life is a grand adventure and I expect death to be the same. People ask me how I can live alone and not have much contact with others......I tell them..."I am never alone"!
    I wish you and yours a bright and wonderful year full of blessings and miracles!

  2. I am always so glad for the little miracles that come into our life. I am so glad they sent him more antibiotics. I am glad he got to have a New Year, and Christmas and His birthday and be surrounded by his family.
    Blessings to you and your family. I will be praying for your friend.
    Happy New Year

  3. Such a sweet story of the tender mercies we experience. They are always there - we just need to look for them and recognize them. So sorry for the loss of your friend, but thank you for sharing this testimony. Happiness to you and your family in 2015!

  4. Beautiful Kerin . . . beautiful Little Miracles too . . .
    Happy New Year Days and Eves . . .

  5. Beautiful and a great reminder to us all. Happy New Year.

  6. Hi Kerin, You had me from the beginning of this post.....tears in my eyes but joy in my spirit. A dear family has lost someone precious to them but even to the end there is nothing more precious to know than your friend is with his Savior. The Lord knows what we need, just when we need it! My prayers for this family and thank you so much for your sweet and encouraging comments~~~Blessings~~~Roxie

  7. Dear Kerin, I am grateful to have found you here in blogland. :) You have always been here and visited my blog and left such sweet comments. I thank you for that :) I seem to be down to only a few who still drop by.

    Don't you just love the sweet expression Sister Hinckley has? Wonderful woman.

    I will be praying for the family of your friend who passed away. That is nice that he had Christmas, New Years and his birthday with his family. :)

    Take care my friend, Janet W

  8. What a special man!! A sad post but at the same time with joy in it. Yes, miracles every day, big and small.
    Your post put a tear in my eye.

  9. Oh, my dear Kerin, there are tears streaming down my face... what a precious story, my friend! I agree with 'Happyone,' it's a sad post, yet there is such joy along with it.

    Little miracles.... I will remember this. Hugs to you!

  10. Such a sweet and powerful testimony you have shared... I am so sorry for your and your friend's loss. We need all hold attention to the miracles surrounding us... and give thanks. I always love your grateful heart, Kerin. blessings ~ tanna

  11. I am sorry for your loss of someone dear to you, but can see that you're grateful that he had a little more time with those special people in his life.


  12. Kerin, what a poignant and beautiful post. I'm so glad that your friend had another little miracle that made it possible for him to spend more time here with his family. We so often forget that just life itself is a miracle and we should be thankful for each and every day that we have..Happy Miracle Monday, just because it is...Judy

  13. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and all his friends. Miracles can indeed be small but hold great wonder.

  14. Oh so sweet and true.. May God bless you with many small miracles and may God comfort you and his family.. xo

  15. So sorry to hear about your friend.
    Glad he was able to celebrate one
    more Christmas and birthday with
    his family.

    M : )

  16. So sorry to hear of your loss of a dear friend! Sending my prayers to you and his family! Happy New Year! xo Heather

  17. So very sorry for your loss, and will pray for his family. God works in mysterious ways, and I have no doubt that he worked exactly as you say..tiny miracles every day. Blessings.


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