* Snug *

 As I look out the window, and across the meadow to the mountains,
 I see snow.
First measurable snow of the winter.

Winter is here.
Winter is here to stay.
Cozy corners filled with green plants and red geraniums.

 Looking out my kitchen window, I see a blanket of white.
Grateful for the herbs that are growing, and fresh on the windowsill.

Such a beautiful sight.
Outside, it's frosty and cold.
Inside, it's cozy and snug.

Today: Bake bread, plan weekly menu, read {must finish my book}
wrap a few gifts.

Attitude of gratitude:
* Feeling grateful for a warm home.
* I'm grateful for a warm fire.
* I'm so grateful that Brooke made dinner for us yesterday, while we were at church.
Nothing feels so welcoming and cozy, as walking in from a cold winters day to the aroma of a hot, home cooked meal.  She made us stuffed baked potatoes. So perfect on a winters day, and I am so grateful for her thoughtfulness.


  1. Love your geraniums and herbs! I can just feel the warm coziness of your home.
    I'm afraid winter is here to stay too. It snowed on Saturday and today we have a cold wind blowing it around. I am thankful for my warm house too.

  2. Hi Kerin, You are so blessed to have such stunning views from your window. I love how cozy and pleasing your home is too. What a great surprise for Brooke to have a warm meal waiting for you. God bless your week.

    1. Yes, it is a blessing to have the mountain views that we have.
      Everyday, I feel the blessings of living where we do :)

  3. It looks so pretty. I am so glad you are snug and safe in your house today. I think that is so sweet Brooke had dinner waiting for you when you came home.
    What a nice thing to come home to.
    I hope you have a lovely afternoon.

  4. So beautiful Kerin. I love the snow. We drove home in it saturday and it was a bit scary up over Hilltop and Indianola. I'm so grateful for the moisture though.

  5. Beautiful photos and so many wonderful things to be thankful for. : )
    No measurable snow here yet though we've had more snow showers on and off today.
    Sound so nice and warm and coy in your home.

  6. Such pretty photos! There's nothing better than being all snug & cozy at home when the weather outside is not.

  7. What a! I am so fascinated by how different every part of the country is, and how beautiful it is in it's own way! (and those stuffed baked potatoes sound delicious)

  8. I like seeing and hearing about your touches of snow . . .
    Very nice gesture from your daughter . . .
    I think she has had a very good teacher!

  9. This cold snp we are having took the rest of
    our plants except one fern that is close to
    the house on the front porch.
    Your plants look great.
    There is nothing like warm food on a. cold day.

    M : )

  10. Such lovely pictures, Kerin. We got a little bit of snow here in the mountains last week and I do love seeing the beautiful white stuff :) Enjoy your week!

  11. Kerin, so pretty. The pictures tell the story. It all feels so warm and homey inside and I can actually feel it. Is that your barn full of hay? A beautiful sight outside your windows. I'm grateful, too, that Brooke fixed you such a nice dinner. Sounds really good..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  12. Such a beautiful scene! I love it.
    Love your expressions of gratitude. I need to be better at this.

  13. Good morning, Kerin~

    What beautiful pictures of the snow. We haven't had any yet but I am hopeful. The Farmer's Almanac says we are in for a winter like we haven't seen in over a century. We have been stocking the pantry with non-perishables and the closets with blankets. We have a generator if needed and a camping stove so I think we are good to go!



  14. Your geranium looks very happy to be in from the snow. I brought one fern in to see if I can save it for next spring. Time will tell. Stay warm.


  15. How wonderful to have such gorgeous scenery to look at. I see you're rooting your rosemary? I need to do that as I brought my plant in for the winter. Ah, a home cooked meal made by someone else? I can't imagine how wonderful that must be.


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