Found! Newspaper from 1912

 Our youngest son, Spencer, recently had fiberglass insulation blown into his attic.
The contractor found a newspaper from 1912, stuffed behind a rafter.
Complete newspaper from 1912. 
We are pretty certain that the newspaper was intentionally left in the attic, at the time the home was built.
Just wanted to share a few snippets from the newspaper with you.
In the above advertisement, it list "piles" and "blood disease".
In case you are wondering about those old medical terms, you can google them.
 Date on newspaper.
The newspaper is from Salt Lake City, and the Spencer's house is quite a ways from Salt Lake City.
I imagine that the newspaper got to Spencer's city, all those years ago, by train.
 " A bank for women".... must have been quite progressive for it's time
as women didn't have the right to vote until the 19th amendment was ratified in August of 1920!
 Women's ambition.. to cook with electricity.
Our daughter read this headline, and chuckled. Her take on it, is that women's ambition is to make the men cook .... *tee-he**.
 Wonderful ad for a Hoosier cabinet.
I find it fascinating, that many modern kitchens are featuring built ins that are very similar to the early Hoosier cabinets, with "baking centers" being built in as a custom feature.
Old is new again, I suppose.
I have an old Hoosier cabinet that I use for storage and decorating purposes, but I can appreciate how convenient they must have been to have, and to prepare meals for a family with.
Ah... the Society pages.
Days gone by, certainly.
I can remember when divorces were also published in the paper.
We live in a small enough community that births are still published in the paper, and the literary club events, and obituaries.
There are no society pages published any more, however.

I made each page as large as I could, and I hope you enjoy looking through them

p.s. In the society page article, don't you just love the names??!! 
I've never met anybody named ' Senter'.

Attitude of gratitude:
~ I'm grateful for freezer meals. After 27, nearly 28 years of marriage, there are those days that I just can't think of anything to make, that I haven't made a thousand times.
That's where the freezer meals come in handy.  Made up before hand, and taken out of the freezer and cooked up in a jiffy.  I guess I am also so grateful for our deep freeze!
~I'm grateful for the sunshine. I am solar powered, and even in the winter time, I need a dose of sunshine. I find a sunny place and lay on the floor in the sunshine. Close my eyes, and instantly I feel like it's summer time. I am so grateful for sunshine!!


  1. Good morning, Kerin! What a fabulous newspaper! I enjoyed reading some of the articles especially the ad about the banking for women :)

    Have a beautiful weeend! Hugs!

  2. I would sure love to have that Hoosier brand new wouldn't you? That is so awesome to have that. I think it is such a interesting look at the past.
    I hope you are staying warm today.

  3. Interesting reading the paper from 1912. I love those old hoosier cabinets. My daughter bought one to use in her craft room.
    Stay warm!

  4. Oh how interesting to come across the old newspaper. The world has really changed.
    We just sold a Hoosier that I had for years. Just didn't have the room for it here.

  5. Enjoy the old newspapers. It must have been very exciting to cook with electricity when it was first introduced. I'm definitely grateful for electricity and lots of hot water.

  6. Great find and great post "Miss Solar Powered Kerin!"

  7. Wow- what a super find! I love old newspapers- I use them in my genealogy research. I have seen some "about town" comments that I am sure would never make the paper in today's world, but that was a different time and people weren't so uptight and PC about everything , either.

  8. What a great find! Life and society is a wee bit different now! Mimi

  9. That old newspaper is so neat! I love stuff like that! I totally agree with you about freezer meals - such a great help! You all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. I think that's smart to lay in the dogs and cat do and they are smart....they also stretch when they first get up which I have taken to doing too.
    Great old newspaper...even before my parents were born!


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