Cement. Almost as scary as electricity.

There are two things that scare me, when it comes to renovations. 
Cement, and electricity.
 We've been renovating homes for well over 20 years. 
No biggie.

 On a perfectly peaceful fall morning last week, we decided that it was time to fix the stair.
That would involve concrete, and my anxiety level started rising.

I mean, concrete.... that's serious stuff. It is what foundations, and sidewalks, and roads, and hospitals are made with!!
Once you remove the concrete, then stuff collapses... right??!!
Whenever we have had to do electrical, or concrete on past renovation jobs, I leave. 
I scram.
Me? No where to be seen. I'll be back after the electrician, or cement truck leaves.
 This stair had cracked and separated from the other stairs.
Once upon a time, someone had run a rain gutter drain under the stairs. Good in theory... but not in practice. Even with the heating element wire that ran through the drain tube, there was at one time an ice build up, heaving and cracking of cement.
 We knew this would need to be repaired, when we bought Mill Hill Meadow.
We put it on the list, and planned to get it done before the first snow fall.
 OK. So, it's November, and the first snow fall could happen at any time.
**Called the contractor, ordered the concrete, and bust out the broken step and landing.
Spencer  {our youngest son} and my Sweet husband, and our daughter did just that.
I hid in the house.
I had fears and visions of the entire porch falling off the house.
There was such a void under that stair, that I felt certain that ALL the stairs were going to fall off the porch.
Then, maybe the porch would crack, and we'd have to replace it.... so forth, and so on.
Yep.. I managed to get myself in a twist!
 The back-fill required 9 bags of gravel..etc..
The contractor was scheduled to frame up the step and landing the very same day that the stair and landing were torn out.
It was supposed to be a 1 1/2 day to 2 day job.... max.
Sadly, the contractor got drug and kicked by his horse.  He is lucky he didn't break anything, or worse.
Still... it put him down for a couple days.
So... two days after the demo, then the forms went up.
Of course I felt terrible about the contractors accident, but I almost felt worse for myself.
 I  had nightmare after nightmare about our house falling down, or the porch falling off.
Finally, the cement was poured.
New step, new landing.
No crack.
No snow yet either..... thank heavens.
I do not consider myself prone to panic..... except in cases of cement work, or worse even.... electrical work.
After all, no one wants an incident of a falling down house, or an electrical fire, or an electrocution.
OK.... so maybe that's a bit dramatic.....
New day.
All is well in the world. The sun still came up the next morning.

We all have those little fears that trigger us.  It's not a health scare that is my trigger.....any more.... been there, done that, with Brooke's kidney transplant.
For me, it is certainty. If I am not 100% sure about something, I vapor lock.
I'm sorry.
I'm working on it.
I'm learning how to do the best I can, and not sweat the small stuff.

Attitude of gratitude:
*I'm grateful for each day. It may sound small... but each day really is a wonderful blessing.
*I'm grateful for chocolate pie.
*I'm grateful for good books.  This time of year is wonderful for me... piles of wonderful books, just waiting to be read.


  1. Kerin, our fears are really real aren't they. No matter what someone else might think. I know I sound crazy when I say I'm afraid of birds,, but can't help it! My big fear though is a giant Sequoia redwood behind our house. Evertime is rains or the wind blows, I have trouble going to sleep for fear it will come crashing down. Even though I know it has probably been standing for 100's of years, it still frightens me. I would love to enjoy a huge rain and wind storm, but I can't, so I know what you are talking about..On that note, Happy Thursday...Judy

  2. I am so glad thought that you pull your self up and out and you are good. I am glad your step is finished again. I always like your lists of gratitude. It is so nice to read your lists.

  3. Whew! Thank goodness it is done. :) I think that would make me a little anxious too. Mmmmm chocolate pie and good books.....thats what I like too . :)

    Take care, Janet W

  4. Ken and I have done our share of concrete work. Made me smile to hear you fear it. : ) Like you said we all have our little fears. Mine is working on the roof.

  5. Oh my, that is awful about the contractor and his horse accident! I am glad he is okay.

    Have a beautiful weekend, Kerin! Hugs to you!

  6. Fixed and Fabulous . . .
    You write a great post . . .
    I like your Chocolate Pie grateful
    and the thought of cozy reading time ahead . . .
    Happy "no snow yet" day . . . time for the concrete to cure!

  7. We are still waiting on concrete work to be done after our foundation work was done the first of the year! My patience is wearing thin. But, in a small town like this that is what we all have to do...wait in line. I'm afraid of that word that has those nasty fibers that is in so many older buildings. I'm even afraid to say it here, but you probably know the one I'm referring to. Begins with an A and ends with an S. Sometimes I wonder how much of it we have been exposed to. I have almost always lived in older houses and the stuff is in everything.
    Take care and have a great weekend!

  8. Glad to hear that your contractor was not badly hurt
    and I am glad your stairs are finished. That is a tough
    one on you.

    Enjoy your new steps and your sunday.

    M :)

  9. So happy it all worked out well and now you will have new steps for winter! Wishing you a blessed week ahead!! xo Heather

  10. I hope it cured before this awful cold front... you may have gotten snow by now! I hope your contractor is doing much better. ;)

    We do have our little fears... Glad yours is behind you with the stairs, Kerin! blessings and big hugs ~ tanna

  11. So great to get a project done! We all have our issues. Mimi

  12. So glad you made it through....the longer we live the more we KNOW what can go wrong! LOL! I'm glad all went well and it looks nice!


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