Little red poppy.
Such a wonderful, surprise.
{ We brought a red poppy from the old homestead
 Grown by seed, and planted next to the barn.
 It never blossomed last year.
So far, it seems to be growing nicely here at the new house... but still no blossoms. }
One morning, much to my delight and surprise, there it was.... this one little red poppy.
Planted  by the previous owner.
 Such a little thing, but it makes me so happy.
I have great hopes that my transplanted poppy will continue to grow, and perhaps even bloom before the end of the summer. 
Should the transplanted poppy plant not make it, I feel quite happy that the little red poppy plant that was already here, will continue to grow and bloom.  
A token of welcome, this little red poppy.
 The moon was quite beautiful the night of the "Super Moon".
 It rose above the mountain, shining down on the meadow and neighboring farm.
Something so grand can make one feel small, and little. 
What a wonderful, beautiful world we live in!!
 Little booklet.
Does any one remember correspondence courses???
I found a little Poultry Farming Correspondence course booklet.
Just 10 little cents at a yard sale.  Copyrighted 1925. 
Just a little of my weekend here at the new house.
By the way, we are working on a name for our new house.
Homes should be named.
People name their children, pets, cars, etc.. etc...
Isn't fitting that our homes have names, since that is were we spend so much time. 
Making memories, keeping traditions old and new.
Feeding our families, and our spirits.
Yes, it's a little thing to name a house, but it's an important thing, I feel.

Attitude of gratitude :
~ I'm grateful we saw a little duck in the creek.  On our morning walk, we were rewarded with a 'quack-quack', 'quack-quack', and the beating of wings as the duck flew off the creek and into the sky.
~I'm grateful for a fun afternoon of playing 'Yatzee' with my family.  I love board games, and we laughed a lot.
~I'm grateful for rich, chocolaty cake on a Sunday evening. Perfect finish for a happy weekend.


  1. Hi Kerin, So good to hear from you. I love your red poppy. I have lots of orange ones that would love a good home if you ever want starts. I love reading your posts. I am always uplifted. Your home misses you. Main street misses you! So happy that you are happy where you've put down new roots though.

  2. That poppy is so pretty! I've often wanted to plant some, but never have.

    I love that you're going to name your home! It'll be fun thinking of all the possibilities.

  3. What a golden nugget to find that poppy :) We name our houses too! xoxo -Bev

  4. Hi Kerin, What a special blessing to enjoy the previous owner's red poppy. I hope your poppies from the Homestead bloom too. That's a great poultry farming course book from 1925. There was a man in the drs. office today, born in 1926. Your photos of the moon on your beautiful surroundings are awesome. Sounds like a good weekend with family - board games and cake. Hope you enjoy this week.

  5. A gorgeous poppy!! Love that sweet vintage booklet! So fun!! And, yes I think our homes should have names, too!! ;) Wishing you a sweet summers day! xo Heather

  6. I love poppies! That one is a very pretty color.
    I never thought of naming our home,but I like the idea. You'll have to share what you come up with.

  7. What a beautiful view of the moon over the mountain- you surely have moved to gorgeous country. Pretty little poppy- I hope your transplanted one blooms too.

  8. Pretty Red Poppy . . . just for you Kerin . . .
    Love your grateful self . . . and that you share.
    A smile, wide and bright for . . . quack, quack . . .

  9. Morning Kerin,'s the sweet, simple things in life that put a smile on my face too! I pray that one poppy becomes an orchestra of poppies.....and you must name your home! I love that! I am thinking of a name for our cottage as well.....let us know what you decide! Blessings~~~Roxie

  10. Oh what a happy moment to find the little red poppy.
    Naming houses is a good idea. I think I'll come up with a name for our house too. : )

  11. I hope your poppy plant thrives with many blooms! I agree about naming homes. Let us know what you decide. Have a great day!

  12. Kerin, another brand new look. I love it too. What a nice omen for you at your new home, a little red poppy. I think you should name your house and can't wait to hear what you come up with.. Maybe something with a poppy in it!..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  13. How nice that you got a red poppy, I bet that made you so happy and so special. It is so pretty.
    I like that little booklet you found it looks so interesting. I never knew they did that.
    Your view is just lovely. You are so close to those mountains. Do you ride horses? Looking at that makes me think of going to ride to the top.
    Have a wonderful evening.

  14. I used to have orange poppies...aren't they just the prettiest flower? I hope they come back for you every year. they should as they have a pretty healthy seed pod. Your photography is just beautiful and of course so is the scenery!


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