~ Brand New Day ~

 Early morning.
What is that saying? "Red sky at night, sailors delight, red sky in morning, sailors take warning"?
The forecast is for monsoonal rain later today, or tomorrow.
Praying we get the rain.  It has been so dry, and so hot.  Rain would be most welcome.
The morning sky was simply beautiful.
 As you can see, the sun rays are beaming over the mountains and reflecting off the clouds.
 Soft pink-gold clouds across the meadow.
You can just make out the back of a near-by dairy farm.
Early mornings, the cows start mooing.  And, mooing. And mooing.
It's a good thing I don't mind it, and I'm not trying to sleep in.
 A stand of dead trees just a little bit to the west of the last picture.
I actually like the way they look. 
 We've had deer problems.
In all the country homes we've owned, we've managed to keep the deer out of the gardens.
Not so , with this house.
One night, I watered the tomatoes and flowers on the back patio.  Thinking how delicious those tomatoes would be in a week or so, once they ripened
Next morning, my sweet husband called to me in the house. 
He let me know that the deer had eaten every single one of my tomatoes, and munched down all my geraniums!!! Stinkers!!!
The deer didn't touch my poppies.  Suppose they dislike the fuzzy pods.
I mixed up some deer deterrent spray. A recipe I found on You-tube, and is supposed to be the spray that is used in the Kew Gardens in England.
Today is the second day since I sprayed the deer deterrent on my plants, and so far, so good.
I still have a few geraniums left, and one little teeny-tiny tomato.
The recipe for the spray is :  One egg yolk
                                              1 Tbsp. baking POWDER {not baking soda}
                                              4 Cups of water.
        Whisk together and spray plants to deter deer. Re-apply every 2 weeks.
I'll keep you all posted on how well this works.
Sweet little brick cottage, all decked out in flowers for summer.
We took a little road trip during my husbands little vacation from work.
We drove up to Midway, and Heber City. 
We went to Granny's drive-in and had the most delicious malt. If anyone from Utah has been to Granny's, you know what I'm talking about.  Delicious!
Also, in Midway we went to the Heber Valley cheese co.  We bought cheese with vanilla bean in, and cheese with rosemary and orange zest in.  Unique, and quite tasty combinations.
This little cottage is in Midway, and looked so sweet, I just had to add the picture to this post.
Love the fence, entry posts, and flowers. 

Attitude of gratitude:
~I'm grateful for summer time. Even when it's blazing hot, it still beats winter!!
~I'm grateful for such a wonderful, kind, giving husband. He's the best!!  He took me on a date to the drive-in movie, and bought me a pretty tasty hot dog.  Perfect date!!!


  1. Hello Kerin, I hope you will get the much needed rain. I clicked and enlarged these photos. They are beautiful. That's cute about the cows mooooooing! Our last house, we could hear a train whistle all during the night. I hope you can successfully deter the deer from your plants. This is a charming cottage you snapped. Wouldn't you love to see the interior? Glad you and your husband had some time together to explore. The movie and hot dog sound fun. Wishing you a nice evening.

  2. Sounds like you found the right recipe!
    We don't have deer to worry about but we do
    have squirrels and chipmunks. Very frustrating.
    Read on another blog that bloodmeal deters these
    scamps and so far so good.
    Hope yours continues to work.
    Your mountain pics are beautiful!

    M : )

  3. I just had a thought . . . I wonder if the plant you removed was a deer deterrent plant . . . not sure what that kind of plant would be . . .
    I hope the rains come and water everything abundantly . . .

  4. We had a storm blow through today and lost power for three hours.
    Sorry about the deer eating your plants. Hope the spray works.
    Love the house complete with white fence.

  5. I hope you got your rain. I hope your deer deterrent continues to work, darn those deer!! A drive-in movie with my hubby sounds like a perfect date to me too! Have a blessed week! :) -Bev

  6. Your pictures are so pretty! I love poppies, but we haven't had great success with them here.
    We had monsoonal rains this morning, but by this afternoon the sun was shining.

  7. Hi Kerin. Oh, no! I can just imagine your mouth watering for your home-grown tomatoes (there is not a better taste in the world). I'm so sorry for you and your geraniums! I don't have any deer around so I can still imagine them cute! But, hope the spray works. Love that little cottage and what a beautiful sunrise. It is very hot here but thankfully we don't have the humidity..Happy rest of week..Judy

  8. Beautiful sunsets! It looks so beautiful and peaceful there.

  9. Sorry about your deer issues. When we lived on the bench in Bountiful they loved to eat our tulips! I did get the recipe, thank you so much! We'll give it a try as soon as it cools off a bit so we can get near the bbq! Hope you got some rain. We'd like a little up here too. Have a great week. Mimi

  10. Hi Karin,
    You won my drawing, so send me your address and I will get it in the mail. I think you will love the magazine.
    Nancy Jo

  11. I'm with you on summer. Even when it's hot and humid -- standard New York summer -- it's better than sleet and ice. Your pictures are great. I'm grateful for good health, family and friends. My heart is in Jerusalem, praying for peace.

  12. Thank you for the recipe! I need it! I kept wondering why I had flowers but no fruit....lol. I love your photos and I was drooling over the malt. That little cottage is so sweet! I wish my brick ranch looked as cute.
    So grateful you're blogging again.....hugs!


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