In the good ol' summer time......

 Summer 2014 is a underway. 
Fun things to see and do, and memories to be made.
We went to a balloon fest.
Adorable frog balloon.  

I would have the hardest time choosing a hot air balloon, it I were to purchase one.  So many choices!

Watched some of the restoration work that is being done to the tabernacle in Manti.
 Quite the scaffolding set up; four stories of scaffolding. 
When we lived in Manti, we used to attend church in this building.  It's quite a beautiful church house; both inside and out.
 Just for a few minutes, we watched as this workman ground out some of the old mortar.   Such a labor intensive job! 
Puts a smile on my face, whenever there is restoration work going on with an old building.  It's nice to see old buildings saved and maintained.
Did you forget about the sweet potatoes?
Well, some made the move ok, and others did not. 
I let some of the jars go dry, and I forgot to water them.
You can see this one has plenty of slips on it.
We ended up planting the sweet potatoes in a pot on the patio.  Potato and all, and I didn't bother to divide the slips.  The entire potato went in the dirt, and so far they seem to be thriving.
We just might end up with a few sweet potatoes this Fall.
If nothing else, they  look nice and they will fill in the pot quite well.
 We've been going to yard sales, most weekends.
 Some our finds include :
* A large framed print of the basket and berries.
*Cute tin painted in barn red with stars on it.

 * Perfectly patriotic " U.S.A" shelf sitter.
 * Books.
A Gladys Taber book, I actually ordered this book online, as I couldn't find any of Gladys' books in our on-line list at the library. I need to go in and ask if they can get any of her books.
Thanks going out to my blog friends that suggested Gladys Taber books!
 *This sweet children's book.
 *From 1973. 
Sweet inscription from a Pauline, sends wishes that the book will be enjoyed not only by the recipient, but by their Japanese friends as well.  Love that.
 *Hand-sewn "Harvest" pillows.
I'll put them away until Fall.  Couldn't pass them by though... such sweet stitching, and of course the colors are rich and caramel-y.  Fall is my very favorite season anyway.
* A wonderful picnic basket. It's quite large, and I fully intend on packing a few picnics in this basket and enjoying summer picnicking with my sweetheart.
Yes, it's the good ol' summer time.
 Days filled with activities, and making memories.
I have noticed so many more folks out to the yard sales on Saturday mornings.  It seems like more and more people like to go yard sale-ing.
 I wonder if yard sale-ing is just gaining popularity where I live.
I also wonder what other people are looking at to buy at yard sales.
I'm always on the look out for old dishes, old books, old linens.........etc.

Attitude of gratitude:
~I'm grateful that Spencer was with me yesterday when I took Rowdy to get his shots.
On the way home, we saw a 4x4 in the road, and Spencer had me pull over.  He watched for traffic, and then he pulled the board out of the road.  He didn't want anyone to run it over and wreck.
I'm grateful that he is such a thoughtful person!!


  1. Is that first balloon as close to the water as it looks or is that not water? LOL! Love the frog for sure and yes, it would be a hard choice but not one I will ever make as you could not pay me enough to go up in one of those! Ha! Ha! My fear of heights keeps me pretty well grounded. I love to watch them though.
    Nancy Jo told me about Gladys Taber and I want to get some of her books too. Our library does not have them but Thrift Books has some.
    You scored BIG TIME at your sales! Wow, I remember when that print and others like it came out and they were not cheap! You got a bargain as it is beautiful. Everything you got I love and what neat stuff! I rarely find nice stuff like you did. You must live in a "high falutin' " neighborhood. LOL! Well, I'm off to mow before it gets too hot. Have a great day! Oh, and yes, restore the old buildings. If I were a millionaire I would collect old houses and fix them up just as they used to decks or sliding glass doors on those old houses and no fancy new kitchens either with stainless. Ha! Ha! TTYL!

    1. Can you believe how close to the water that balloon is?? They actually touched the water at one point!!
      Maybe they were dragging a fishing line ***hahaha**!

  2. Oh how I love this post, Kerin! The Balloons are so colorful and your photos are so clear. I love the stone on the church building and am glad to see them refurbishing it. I can't help but think what a headache I would have working on removing the mortar!
    Sweet potatoes are one of my fav foods. My grandpa and daddy loved them too. I always think of them when I bake sweet potatoes.
    I love your yard sale finds. Fall is my favorite time of year also.
    How fortunate to find items for July 4th and Autumn. I will have to check out the Taber books. I love the artwork in the child's book.
    I hope you have perfect weather for a picnic very soon.
    How very thoughtful of Spencer to remove the wood from the road. I know you are so proud of the young man he is.
    Have a great rest of the day.

  3. Kerin, I am just getting caught up on blogs... I have been garage-sailing, too, the last few weeks and trying to find treasures for our new house. I love your finds... and if it makes you feel any better, my garden is much reduced this year at the new house!

  4. What a cute frog balloon. A few years ago, our daughter was "all about" frogs...she would have loved that! There's no end to the creativity. I haven't been yard saling in years, but I used to have so much fun doing that. Great finds!

  5. Sounds like you are having some good times. Love all your garage sale finds. The tabernacle looks great. I didn't know they had one in Manti.

  6. Love those balloons.
    You got some nice goodies at the sales. I've seen that print before and really like it.

  7. What lovely balloons! I love all of your yard sale finds. Did you know that that Gladys Tabor book is my very favorite one. I have it right on the shelf next to my computer.
    I think you found some real treasures. I love reading books with inscriptions in them too. I always think about the people that bought that book.
    You have been so busy. Your sweet potatoes look great!

  8. Dear, dear son you have in that Spencer!
    I agree, it is amazing to watch building and restoration work.
    The Temple restoration sounds like it will be wonderful.
    The garage sale bug certainly seems to bite everyone around here too. Thursday, Friday and Saturdays seem like the best days.
    I like your berry and basket print you found.
    Happy sun shinning days!

  9. The stone on the temple is sure pretty! And a hot air balloon show sure looks like fun.
    I wish we had good garage sales like your around here, but then I should be getting rid of stuff not adding to!

  10. Morning Kerin, I so enjoy seeing hot air balloons and that frog is a first for me! Adorable! I'm glad you are getting settled in your new home with all your pototoes~~~they look good! As for yard sales....Oh, how I miss it!! My days and weekends seems to be "focused" on a cottage. Lord willing, I will be settled and back to normal within a few months. I enjoyed seeing all your wonderful finds! Blessings~~~Roxie

  11. Hi Kerin. Great yard sale finds. Yard sales have been very popular in our neck of the woods for many years. Looks like you are set for 4th decorations.I did forget about the sweet potatoes. Yours and mine. I grew a beautiful plant many years ago and I loved it. My kind of house plant because the watering is my downfall. I am going to pick one up at the grocery store and give it another try. Thank you, my friend, for all you do. You know what I'm talking about..Hugs, Judy

  12. You sure are making some great yard sale buys! I don't think I have ever seen a frog balloon, but I would love to see it in the air. Summer is flying by so fast it will be fall before we know it!

  13. I love your awesome finds! So far this year, I haven't been to many garage sales. I love to go because you never know what neat things and bargains you'll run across.
    That's a beautiful shot of the balloon over the water, Kerin. Wow!

  14. Love the balloons, we took a ride in one when we vacationed
    in Arizona several years ago. Fun!

    Your sale items are so cool. I hit the sales with an open mind
    waiting to see what they may have.

    M : )

  15. Frog balloon looks good. It made me to laugh! Have a nice day!

  16. We were down in your neck of the woods this week. Saw the Mormon Miracle Pageant (and got rained on!), ate the bar b que turkey dinner and camped with friends up in the mountains out of Mayfield. It was lots of fun! Manti sure knows how to throw a party...I tried your idea of starting sweet potatoes and I planted two of the four I started with. It was kind of fun. I'll do a post on it soon. Have a great weekend my friend! Mimi

  17. That frog balloon, what a creative idea.

  18. Those hot air balloons are beautiful. I've seen one shaped like a frog (or any other animal) before.

    Enjoy your summertime picnics!


  19. Hi Karin,
    I have a lot of Gladys Taber books. Just finished one she wrote about her early life. "Harvest of Yesterday". I got it used on Amazon. They have several of her books there.
    You found some really nice things at the sales. Aren't they fun? Always excited when I get home with my new toys. Also love Children's books. Stay Happy.
    Nancy Jo


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