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 The clouds gathered over the mountains, and the meadows last night.
The winds picked up.
It started raining, and the rain continued for about 20 minutes.

Our temperatures dropped, and everything cooled off nicely.
We also lost power.
It's not un-common for us to lose power if the winds blow hard.
It was off for just a few hours, and it was in the evening.
We spent the time playing  UNO, and laughing.

Today, I'm getting things done around the house.
 I'm also going to start making some curtains for Spencer's house.
 He finished his office, it just needs some simple curtains now.

I relish days like today.......
When I can just putter-butt around my home, and be a homemaker !!

Attitude of gratitude:
~ Of course, I'm so grateful for the rain, and the cooler night temperatures.
~I'm grateful for a bunch of ripe bananas.  I'll mix up a batch of banana bread, and have a nice treat waiting for them, when they get home.
~I'm grateful for being able to find the good in each day . It's easy to find the negative and the sad.... there is so much of it. However, we must try to find the good. Find the blessings, and be a blessing to those around us by serving.


  1. Boy do I feel sheepish. I thought I followed your blog and I went looking around and I must have followed your other one. I am so sorry. I am following now though.
    Your pictures of those hugs clouds are incredible. I bet you just sit and watch them what a wonderful view.
    I am glad you had something to do with the power out. It sounds nice.
    Have a fun day making curtains. :)
    Bye for now.

    1. Don't give it another thought :)
      So many cute blogs and fun blog friends and I try to keep up with everyone, but time gets away from me... that and livin life.
      I enjoy blogging and like this form of journaling. I also love my blog friends, and I always learn something new from them.

  2. I love puttering around the house, too. I miss those days sometimes. Going to work everyday is overrated!

  3. I like days like that too. : )
    Wow those clouds are so pretty!! Glad you got some rain and it cooled things off.
    A nice cool day here too after 2 days of on and off rain.

  4. Hi Kerin, Oh your sky photos are amazing. Thankful for your rain and cooler nights. Banana bread baking smells so wonderful. So happy for Spencer and his home. I know you will enjoy making curtains for his office. I, too, have a real love for homemaking. Like you, I look for the blessings that fill each day and I pray that I am a blessing to others. Love and prayers for you and yours.

  5. I love those kind of days too. They happen too rarely.
    Every time I see it, I have to suppress some jealousy over that view!

  6. Beautiful clouds and photos!! Always fun to have summer showers!! xo Heather

  7. Today was haircut day and then home to attend to lots of inside chores. Tomorrow I'm going to visit a 92 year old member of our congregation and we're going to have an iPad class. I think we'll have a lot of fun.

  8. Wow! That is an amazing shot of the clouds! I love your view and know you must too. Have a wonderful day!

  9. I love putter around the house days . . .
    I had one this week when it was rainy and cool . . .
    I felt like baking bread and making soup . . .
    Instead I cleaned the fridge . . .
    I can't believe how much I needed to do that cleaning!

  10. Hi Kerin- Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will be back to visit you as well. I used to visit your blog a couple of years ago, then I think you took a little blog break and I am glad you are back and we have reconnected!

  11. Very neat shot of the clouds. Have a nice weekend Kerin!

  12. Storms are so beautiful!
    Too bad they aren't always so friendly.


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