~ W e l c o m e ~

 Welcome to our new home.
Just a few pictures to share with you.
Candles flicker and fill the air with scents of cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla.
 The dining area.
Homemade honey-yellow checked curtains.
Feels homey, and cozy and a bit old fashioned.
Green Jadeite that once upon a time belonged to my grandmother fills the first two shelves on my second hand china hutch.  The hutch was a gift from a friend, and I painted it white and aged it with a little glaze.
My own white fine china, that was a gift from my parents when I got married, fills the lower shelf and below.   It is still just as classic and beautiful as the day I got it....almost 28 years ago.
 Simple valances on the windows above the kitchen sink.
I didn't want to block any of our mountain views. 
Sitting around the sink are some plants that I need to get re-potted, and to the right, in the glass front cabinets, you can see my collection of "Honey Butter" Bee dishes.
Love those!
 A look at part of the living room.
I finished the curtains, and I love the way that they turned out.
I used wheat colored checked fabric, with red floral fabric trimming out the bottom.
 Looking through the French doors, into the library.
 Hanging in the window, is my leaded glass window. What a great find that was!
I sewed café style curtains for the window, in order to let the light through the leaded glass window.

 A glimpse into the laundry room. I used a floral print, with a red and white checked fabric for trim.
I've been doing quite a bit of sewing, right along with getting things unpacked and put away.
I'll share more pictures one of these days.

Attitude of gratitude:
~I'm grateful for mountain breezes. It makes everything so nice and cool, each morning and evening.
~I'm so grateful for summer, and dinners on the patio with my family
~I'm so grateful for a wonderful, loving husband that takes time each day to pray with me.  It makes all the difference in our days! Prayer really changes things!!


  1. You've already made your home feel cozy and warm Mountain views sure wouldn't hurt!


  2. Your new home is charming! I really like all the curtains you made and all the other touches. I must admit that I'm jealous of your library!!

  3. Kerin, you have really been busy and I am in love with all your curtains and in awe that you sewed them all yourself! Your new home is so charming and I love that you used lots of yellow. It looks like it is filled with the glow from sunflowers..Love it and congratulations..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  4. Kerin, me again. Just wanted to ask where you find your wallpaper for your blog. Love this one..J

  5. Your new home looks so cozy & welcoming. I love the yellow curtains!

    Smiles. Carol

  6. Everything looks beautiful, Kerin! Your kitchen & dining area are light & bright and I love the yellow curtains. I also love the curtains you made for the living room. Great idea to combine the two fabrics!

  7. You have been busy..... as busy as your "Honey Butter" Bee! (Which I also adore). I love your curtains and how you were so creative with the trim on the bottom. Your home is so warm and inviting...I wish we could choose our neighbors...I would choose you my friend! Love your new home!

  8. Hi Kerin, What a treat for you to share your pretty new home. I love all the curtains you have made and that they don't block your gorgeous views. Your home looks so inviting/cozy. God bless you and thank you for sharing.

  9. Your new home looks beautiful, Kerin! You've been a busy girl making this new house into a cozy home. I love the curtains you've made and I'd love to have a library like yours!

  10. Hi Kerin, Thanks for showing us your beautiful home! I love that you made all your curtains....they are too sweet and full of charm. I especially love the plaid chairs in the study...My Mother has a rocker in that same print. It is so pretty with yellow and green! Seems like you are staying very busy getting it altogether and enjoying every minute of it! Blessings and have a wonderful weekend! Roxie

  11. Oh Kerin . . . your home looks so warm, charming, welcoming . . . did I say comfortable. I love your Bee collection, (not familiar, I must look them up.). I loved everything . . . your window valances and curtains add just the right touch . . . wonderful!

  12. Many thanks to all , for your kind comments, and taking time to read my blog.
    I am grateful for you all. You put sunshine in my days!

  13. Everything looks beautiful!
    Those fabrics add a nice punch to your rooms.
    I want your laundry room!

    M :)

  14. Oh your home looks so warm, cozy and inviting. Beautiful. I like to see out of windows and keep the window treatments simple too.
    Prayer certainly does change things. : )
    Thank you too for all your kind comments.

  15. Your new home is looking sweet and cozy- very pretty. I love the white hutch..I have my grandma's and I've been thinking about painting it white..just a bit scared to do that! The fabrics you chose for the curtains are perfect!

  16. Hi Kerin, congratulations on your new home! :) How long did it take you to unpack and get all organized? Aren't you glad it's all over? We moved 900 miles into our new home and we've only been in it one week. Still have so much to do but we have done A LOT already. I'm so ready for it to be all over. Hubby and I are way too old for this kinda stuff. Your home looks beautiful and you've done a wonderful job! Please follow me in my new blog. I used to be (Bev at iSavortheWeekend) and am now at
    Take care,

  17. Oh, Kerin.......It's just BEAUTIFUL! So warm, cozy and inviting!



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