The trouble with treasures.

In late March, we set out one early Saturday morning to do some yard sale-ing.
Love this time of year, when it's nice weather and there are yard sales galore.
I couldn't help myself ...... I had to take this picture.
Two guys just snagged themselves a treasure.
They just didn't think about how they were going to get their treasure home.
They seem quite perplexed that this yard swing will not fit
in the back of their mini van.
Yes, that's the trouble with treasures.

For all you yard sale going folks out there,  best of luck with your treasure hunt this weekend!

Attitude of gratitude:
~I'm grateful that I'm getting some sleep. Even if it's an hour here or there. 
~I'm so grateful that we are going to have a cool down this weekend.  I'm anxious to get more stuff put away and totes emptied out of the garage.  Yay! 
~I'm grateful for allergy tablets.  ..... evidently, there is something in the meadow that is making my nose itch and my eyes water.  Oh, joy.  Need to start taking a spoonful of honey.


  1. Cute photo although I'm sure they were frustrated!
    John and I are amused at all the things we crammed into our car during the move!
    So sorry about the allergies. Feel better soon.
    Hope you get some rest too.

  2. I have heard that eating honey from where you live is the very best for us. I received some honey for my birthday from someone local.

    I wonder if they would have sold you the swing because it didn't fit in their car?

    1. Heehee Lynne.
      Maybe they would have! Something to think about next time I see someone challenged with their treasures !
      I have some local honey, and it's all natural, no fillers etc.. so I'm going to start using it. It has helped before :)

  3. We are much cooler here today, but the allergies are going strong! I've heard local honey is helpful but haven't tried it yet.

  4. I've stopped going to yard sales. I just can't bring any more STUFF home. I've been trying to get rid of what I've got. : )

  5. I got a chuckle out of this one! It sure is a cute swing, though. Hope they found a way to get it home.

  6. Wow, that is a hard piece to get inside that van. ;) Wishing you the sweetest of weekends! xo Heather

  7. LOL! I can completely relate to that picture! Buy it, THEN figure out how you're going to get it home!

    1. Amen!
      It would be terrible if someone else snagged a treasure, that I wanted :)

  8. Sometimes you have to do
    some planning while at a sale.

    M : )

  9. Hi Karen!

    Oh my goodness - I have had treasure hunts that ended the same way . . . too funny!

    I just love, love, love your new home! It really is just cozy and comfortable - the colors are colors that I would have picked too, so pretty! The painted china hutch is gorgeous, and so pretty in the dining room! What a wonderful new home - enjoy every moment of it!


  10. I've been in that predicament before! LOL! Why aren't you sleeping? Allergies? My daughter has them and one of my grandson's.....they can be very bad and it seems they are this year, everywhere. Good luck and I hope you feel better and get some rest. Hugs.......Sam

  11. I love garage sales but haven't been to many yet. That's a funny shot you took, but I doubt those guys were laughing all that much! :) Have a wonderful Sunday!

  12. Very cute photo! Thinking of you on this very special day. Happy Father's Day to you and your family.

  13. I guess I won't tell you how many times I've done that! lol



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