This, and that....

This beautiful blossom greeted me, first thing on Saturday morning.
Happily, there were already some great plants in our borders.
I've been adding new plants, as well.
 I've added quite a few Hostas, and a bleeding heart.

You can see this large green plant above.
I have no idea what it is.
It reminds me of Virginia Creeper, but I don't think that's what it is.
 It seems to grow 6 inches a day, and I've already pulled a bunch out.
I think, unless I can figure out what it is, I'm going to pull it all out.
It's quite invasive, and I could use the space to plant a few other things.
 This is the new light fixture for the porch.
Aged copper, and I love the design!
 That is the old fixture.
A family of birds had made this their resting perch, and has a nest built near by.
The previous owners let them build a nest and didn't mind the birds on the porch.
Not me.
I am happy to have them move along to another nesting spot, and I'm glad that they took their messes with them.
We put an owl decoy with a bobble head on the porch, and that seems to have done the trick.
 This is the fabric that I am using in our kitchen.
Warm honey yellows, and herbal greens.
I finished the curtains last week, and this week I will be working on a table runner, and place mats.
 This is the fabric that I'm using for the curtains in the living room.
Another sewing project for this week.
That is the mountain above our house, and the sunset lighting it up.
I think I shall never tire of the sunrises, and sunsets in our home between the mountains and the meadows.

Attitude of gratitude:
~I'm grateful for the Summertime. I love waking up to blue skies and sunshine!!
~I'm grateful that I was able to get a couple of tomato plants planted.  It's not much, but due to the late start, I think it shall have to suffice.  Our micro garden will be two tomato plants, and some basil and rosemary this year.  Hoping next year to have a pumpkin patch again, and some garden space planted.


  1. Everything looks great. Can't wait to see the finished curtains.

  2. Hi Kerin!

    It looks like you are really busy with your new place! I just love the colors you chose for your kitchen and living room - my kind of colors too! I love making a house my own, and putting all those little touches into it, that make it mine.

    What a beautiful view - so gorgeous!

    My garden is in, not as much as last year, but it will be enough. My sister never plants her garden until June 15th, and it is always gorgeous!

    Have a wonderful week - mine are getting better as the days go by, lots of comfort from above!


  3. What a beautiful view and I'm so taken with your kitchen fabric. I'm grateful for a good medical visit this morning and fun visits with my blog buddies this afternoon. Wishes for a great day!

  4. Your views are so grand, I would have trouble concentrating on ANY projects! I love the fabrics you have chosen.
    I hope you also are feeling at home and that you are happy.

  5. That mountain is simply beautiful

    Your fabric is soo pretty. Can't wait to see the
    finished products.

    M :)

  6. The flowers are pretty and the view is just stunning! What kind of flower is that first one? It looks like a poppy, but fuller.
    Your fabric choices are great too!

    1. Hi Mari,
      I think it is a poppy, but it is really full.
      Do you think it's a double variety? I'm wondering.

  7. Lovely bloom and your light fixture is perfect and just gorgeous there. I love all your fabrics and can't wait to see your curtains. What does your new house look like? I understand about living where there is nothing much. That's why I have to move North again as I am 65 now and healthy (sort of) but very alone down here and if anything would happen to me I'd be in a real pickle as there is no one to help me or take care of my dogs etc, I hope you are enjoying your new digs and I can't wait to see more pics of the house. Talk about being a busy're no slouch! LOL! Oh, and what scenery! So beautiful it takes your breath away. Have a great week! Hugs!

  8. That IS a beautiful view!!
    I like the colors you have chosen.
    I also like waking up to a bright morning.

  9. BEAUTIFUL fabrics . . . what fun to plan and create . . .
    Now if only I could find out the name of that green leafy plant!

  10. Your fabric for your kitchen is the green color!! And how blessed you are to see such beautiful mountain views. I can tell your home is beautiful...lovely flowers. And I too, have no clue what that invasive plant is.....looking forward to seeing more! Blessings~~~Roxie

  11. Oh, that view is so beautiful! I would find it hard to work with a view like that. Your home will be beautiful with all the things you are doing. I love your fabric choices! Have a wonderful week!

  12. The mountains look on fire as the sun arises!
    I like your new light and the fabric you've chosen.
    I can't wait to see how it looks when you've finished!

  13. Karen,
    How fun to be decorating a new place. Love the material you picked. And it looks like your outside work and planting is coming along. Looking forward to more pictures.
    Nancy Jo

  14. I have several of those bird poopy lights that need changing out- I love your new light! Your curtain fabric is pretty, I'm sure it will look lovely in your home.


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