Sunday evening sunset.
A gift from our loving Heavenly Father.

As another week and month finish, and a new week and month begin, I felt comforted and at peace.
Time sure seems to be flying by, and we've got a million things on our  " should do" list,  just like everyone else. 

It's pretty important to me to take time out of my hurry, busy schedule, and just enjoy this wonderful life that our Father in Heaven has blessed us with.
I haven't always taken a step back to see the big picture.
Sometimes I've been too focused on one or two things, to get the right perspective.

Stepping back and getting a better perspective on the big picture; it's become really important to me.

Remembering what matters most.

Attitude of gratitude:
~I'm grateful for a peaceful heart.  This year, I'm feeling peaceful, and content. Knowing that our Heavenly Father is in charge of this world.  I will do my best, and He will make up the rest.


  1. I've had a crazy, busy day and it's not done yet. I stopped for just a minute to do a little catch up and this is just what I needed. Thanks!

  2. I feel peaceful seeing the beautiful picture and reading your post. Take good care!

  3. Words to live by Kerin. What a good example you are to me. Thanks.

  4. I'm with you girlfriend! I journal every morning for an hour and it is my written prayer and gets my mind and my tasks in the right order for the day. I don't worry or stress anymore and this last Thanksgiving was the best! It was always me trying to be perfect that caused my stress.....not others. What fun I had and the meal was great and the house was NOT totally clean and I didn't even use the dining room table or get out the good dishes......amazing grace! Best Thanksgiving ever! Thank you Lord!

  5. You bring me calm in a grateful heart . . .

  6. This is something I bet EVERYONE struggles with,
    cause we gotta go, go, go!

    Tis the season for slowing down!

    M :)

  7. Thanks for the reminder, Kerin, to just slow down and enjoy and appreciate the day we've been given! Beautiful sunset!!

  8. I need to remember that more often. Beautiful sunset!

  9. Wow, what a gorgeous sunset! Being content brings such peace. I know that God is in control no matter what happens.


  10. What a beautiful sunset and a wonderful reminder during this month and every month! Wishing you a blessed Christmas season! xo Heather

  11. Thanks so much for these words, Kerin (and that beautiful photo). We always think them but then don't always follow through, so it is nice that we are reminded once in awhile..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  12. Beautiful picture! Nature is a real wonder. Sometimes a person just can't take it all in. Makes you feel all warm inside.
    Nancy Jo

  13. You know dear I have been thinking about that, too.. So true..
    God bless, my friend. xo

  14. I'm feeling totally stressed this morning about Christmas presents, of all things. Thanks for reminding me of Him and for a beautiful photo, too.

  15. No truer words, Kerin.......We must always keep our perspective of the "bigger" picture. I know it's a busy world out there, especially this time of year and I refuse to be sucked into it.....Our heavenly Father is what matters the most with our family and so much to be thankful for! My prayer is for God to keep me in perspective.....I am nothing without him.....Blessings my friend~~~Roxie

  16. Kerin, beautiful photo and thank you for the reminders of what's important. Speaking of, my computer is all messed up??? so am thanking you for your kind words to me. I can't get into my gmail account..Happy Tuesday..Judy


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