A few little things.....

 I'm a simple girl.
It doesn't take a lot to make me happy, or put a smile on my face.
Life is far too short to take everything so seriously.
That's why I'm loving and smiling over a little soap dispenser. 
It's kinda old fashioned looking, and I think quite charming. 
It has a slight amber color to it, although it's hard to tell in this picture.

Another reason to smile.. the new shower curtain.
Spattered with bright flowers and curly Q's.
Pretty cheerful.
Doesn't feel like Winter at all in my bathroom.
 Another one of those cute soap dispensers.
This one is an old bottle green color, and a little bit taller.
Perfect for the kitchen.
 Have you tried these yet?
Salty and sweet.
You can't go wrong with this combination.
Chocolate makes everything better.
It definitely puts a smile on my face.
The warm flicker of a candle always brightens things up.
 It smells so clean, and puts a smile on my face.
Not a Wintry scent at all.
Just the medicine I needed, on this cold, freezing Winters day,
 New plates.
There is a rule in our house; no one can buy themselves anything just before Christmas.
I broke the rule. Maybe I'll get sent to my room, for an hour... drat.. *grin**.
I couldn't help myself. 
I saw these plates and just HAD to have them. 
Also, free shipping on cyber Monday.
How could I resist??
If you want your own you can buy them here :
Try to save me some. 
I plan on buying some more after Christmas. In fact, I plan to buy the complete set of Honey Butter dinnerware.
 Seed catalogs.
Always a reason to smile!
This is a great company, and one that we've been ordering from for the past few years.
Never disappointed.
It's eye candy for a gardening girl like me.
 Spencer found a giant icicle.  Not sure where he got it from.
I'm thinking it was on the granary, as the roof is so high.
It had to be at least six feet long.
Glad he didn't poke his eye out with it.
{That's what happens when you play with icicles... my Dad told me that, when I was young.}
Lastly, an early morning scene out my front door.
Winter is here, and rolled in with a wallop.
Cold, cold, cold.
I can smile about it, because I'm cozied up in front of a fire.
Felling bad for those that have to work out in that wet and cold world.

Smiling, because Winter is here, and each day that goes by, gets us closer and closer to warmer weather.

Attitude of gratitude:
~I'm grateful for this wonderful time of year.  There's always something to smile about. Even if it's just a few little things.
~Grateful for the scriptures. Each day, I find inspiration in the scriptures, and encouragement.
~Grateful for YouTube.  I honestly couldn't remember how to make a snow flake.  Not since elementary school have I made snow flakes. Thanks to the YouTube,  I saw how to make them again, and made a whole bunch for my window.  They are all different, and all cute.


  1. You are my kind of thinker. Little things go a long way with me. too. A bunch of little things make a great life!

  2. Beautiful snow scences Kerin!
    I like your new honeycomb plates too.
    They look great for a country kitchen.
    I love the bright and cheery shower curtain
    with your new dispensers.
    Stay warm and cozy!

  3. Oh, my word! I had to blink twice to make sure I was seeing correctly! Chocolate covered potato chips!!! I must find some for our Christmas snacking.
    Your sunny additions to the home are wonderful! I really like that shower curtain.


  4. You new soap dispensers and plates are so sweet! And, look at all that beautiful snow. You can send some my way! Enjoy this week sweet Kerin! xo Heather

  5. I love the soap dispenser and the new plates. I'm not sure about those potato chips though!

  6. Your post makes me smile! I love your soap dispensers, the shower curtain and the new plates! And wow, I haven't seen the chocolate covered potato chips yet! I probably didn't need to know they were out there. lol! Enjoy your cozy, pretty home and stay warm!

  7. I like the soap dispensers...especially the second one! I'm a fan of's my "calm" color. Love your cheery shower curtain too! Who ever said a bathroom had to be boring? :)

  8. Simple things make me happy too, Kerin... and I am LOVING the soap dispenser~ and the shower curtain is just so cheery!! And~ chocolate wavy Lays? WHAAAA? That sounds too good to be true!! *squeal*

  9. Chocolate covered potato chips. Who wouldn't smile at those. : ) I've never seen them but I'm going to go looking for them.

  10. Cool soap dispensers! Plates are great too.
    Your snow looks fab.

    M : )

  11. The snow looks so pretty! We haven't had too much snow...yet anyway.
    Your soap dispenser are great and I love your honey bee plates! It's nice to treat ourselves every once in awhile, isn't it?

  12. Hi Kerin, LOVE this post!! I'm a simple girl too!! Your dispenser is quite cute and I had to look twice at the Lays potato chips...CHOCOLATE! Yeah! And I smiled when I saw the Baker Seed catalog....heirloom seeds are a favorite! And I knocked off some BIG icicles and one hit the corner of my face...GOOD ADVICE to your son.......and we have 8" of snow and IT"S COLD! Seems as if we have a lot in common this week!! lol! Grateful and all! Blessings~~~Roxie

  13. Merry Christmas from Calamity Acres, Kerin! I got my Baker Creek catalog today, too... and I have to tell you... I saw some melamine Christmas plates at Target today that almost came home with me... in fact, I'm tempted to go back! I already have too many... so I won't...but..

  14. Love the soap dispensers and that shower curtain! Very cheerful. And when the grey weather starts I need all the cheerful I can get. Mimi

  15. We came to check our pipes yesterday and to shovel. I saw your beautiful snowflakes in your front window. They reminded me of great memories of my childhood. I am always uplifted by your cheerful attitude Kerin. I love stopping by and leave happy.

  16. Keeping it simple . . . like . . . making snowflakes. What fun and all set for January too!

  17. It looks like you've created a bit of the tropics in your bathroom, with all the vibrant colours. It pays to find the pleasure in small things. On my desk I have a few sprigs that came off the Christmas tree. I take a sniff every now and again and that makes me smile.

    Have a lovely day, Kerin.

  18. OOhh love your two new soap dispensers. I had not one but TWO hand painted awesome dispensers in the kitchen a friend made and gave to me and both times my kitty cat broke them climbing up to watch the finches in the kitchen window feeder. GRRRR. I think the one you have in your kitchen is heavier duty and may - just may - withstand that cat and his Tail of Might. Where did you find them?

    Your bathroom shower curtain is just too whimsically fun, I bet it does make you smile!

    Thanks for your visit, always so nice to have you visit. Hugs.

  19. HI Karen,
    Happy is the best! Nice post and the soap things are really cute, and you can have the dishes as an early present, I don't think you have to go to your room.
    Nancy Jo

  20. Kerin, I always find something about you that makes me envious. Right now it is the view out your front door. Not just the snow, I've got plenty of my own, but that you see that peaceful farmhouse scene. I love it. I really like the soap dispensers too. You are a girl after my own heart. That is really a wicked icicle..I almost forgot the shower curtain. It's bright and beautiful..Happy Weekend..Judy

  21. I love each of your few things. The plate is darling.
    The potato chips! OH MY GOODNESS. They look divine.

  22. What??? Chocolate dipped potato chips??
    Wow, I thought life was great, now I know it can get better!
    Looks like a nice cold winter season at your place, but I must admit, that shower curtain is so cheery!!

  23. I am the same! It is the simple things that make life so wonderful! I love my candles too! And that shower curtain is so pretty and fun! Love it!

  24. Thank you for this amazingly happy post, you inspire me to think more postiive thoughts, and I love how you find joy in the little things! Yay you! Ps. those chocolate covered chips look good! :)

  25. Love the soap dispensers! Where did you get them or did you have them already? Are they old? They look love vintage items.
    Look at your snow! How beautiful!, love, love the dinnerware! I have a thing for bees and anything bee related but I don't want to get stung by them. Your shower curtain is very cheery! And WOW! That is the biggest icicle I have ever seen...ever! What a lovely home you have and so cozy! Enjoy this wonderful season.

  26. Hello Kerin,
    Simple things make me smile, too. Life is better that way.
    Love the view from your front door, and my what an icicle!
    It is funny, you thinking about the days until it is warm again. Here in the Sacramento Valley I am just enjoying the days while it is cold, or as of late - cool. I am not in any hurry for warmer weather to return.
    I love my wood stove! This is the best time of the year!
    :) Hope


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