A fine day

A very fine day.
Woke up to clouds yesterday.
Praying for rain.
I've heard reports that it has been more than 38 days since we last received any measurable moisture.
Finally, around 9:00 am ... it started raining softly.
 I lit a few candles.
Took the dog out on the front porch with me.
The two of us sat on the porch glider and watched it rain.
Mostly I watched the rain, and Rowdy snoozed.
 The old homestead across the street from our homestead.
No one lives there.
They just use the property in the Spring during lambing season.
How many times I've looked at that homestead and imagined it repaired and the cottage lived in.
It's been told to me, that the owners wanted to tear down the house and barns and build a new house to live in throughout their retirement.
The historical society told them 'no', and so their response was to 'let the house rot'.
The siding is starting to fall off.
I think it's cut stone underneath.
I'm pretty certain it would be a spectacular house if it were to be restored.
 One of our local artists has painted the house during lambing season.
"Sheep house"... by Joan Durfey.
Guess that's all it will ever be.... a sheep house.
 We needed some comfort food on our rainy day.
Browned off some boneless pork chops.
 Sauteed up some mushrooms.
How I love to cook and bake on our old Wedgewood stove.
Put everything in the slow cooker and added a can of cream of mushroom soup.
Mushroom smothered pork chops, served with buttered noodles.
Warm and savory.
Perfect comfort food on a rainy day.

 And, warm chocolate chip cookies.
I keep all the paper sacks from the grocery store and when we make a batch of cookies, those paper sacks come in handy.

Just sat on the front porch... watched the storm clouds roll across the mountains.
Watched it rain.
It was a fine day.
A very fine day.

Attitude of gratitude:
~I'm grateful for the power of prayer.
I've been praying for rain. The Lord blessed us with rain. Not only hours of soft rain, but last night at 9:00 pm, or so, we had a gully washer. The rain came down in buckets.
Answered prayers.
~I'm grateful that my sweet hubby is now on vacation.
We will be able to get so many projects done around the homestead, and we will be certain to have a few days away to relax and laugh together.


  1. Rain would be welcome here too...after the hay is baled this afternoon! I'm glad you could enjoy it!

  2. That cottage would be gorgeous with some TLC. It is always a shame to watch beautiful old houses go to rot.
    Enjoy your time with your husband. Isn't it great when they're on vacation?

    1. yes it is!
      Especially when they take very few vacation days :)

  3. Gorgeous photos . . . Loved that you prayed for rain and then sat back . . . watched, appreciative, thankful!

  4. That bit of rain yesterday was so sweet! Prayers really are answered. Thanks for sharing a bit of your fun day.

    How sad about that old house....I wish I could save them all! I loved the painting too.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  5. What a shame the owners of the house across from you are letting it rot. It would be a lovely place to fix up. Your comfort food looked mighty good to me.

  6. Another wonderful post, Kerin. We, too, love old houses, and how it hurts to see them fall into disrepair. I am praying for rain too, often during the day stopping to request that we get a few hours of rain before the corn around here gives up the ghost and the farmers start to hurt. Think we're going to have mighty expensive hay this year, too!

  7. I would have sat on the porch and watched it rain too. We need rain here.
    Such a pretty house across the street. I hate to see them just left to deteriorate. I like the artists painting of it.
    Have a great day and weekend.

  8. Nothing sweeter than sitting on the porch with a beloved pet watching, listening, smelling rain! Your pork chops look delicious. I would love to have a sweet cottage like the abandoned one across from you. The artist did a wonderful job on the painting. I hope you and your husband have a very productive week! Always such a pleasure to visit with you.

  9. I love the comforting feeling when sitting on a porch while it's raining. We don't have a front porch but a nice back yard deck. I long to have a front porch with a swing.

    It's a shame about the house across from you. I hate to see something fall apart from lack of care & upkeep.

    Enjoy your day!


  10. Yes, A fine and beautiful day! Thank you LORD for the RAIN, the beautiful RAIN.....Rain down your SPIRIT upon US! I can only imagine you enjoying this day....BLESSINGS~~~~~Roxie

  11. What a fine day indeed- very relaxing to sit and watch the rain. The pork chops sound yum! I don't understand about the house just sitting there- does the historical society own it?

    1. No...
      The historical society does not own the house... byt our fair city has been on the National Historial list for a while and there are certain parameters that have to be met and maintained to keep our historical status.
      I'm not certain just exactly what all those parameters are.... but I do know in order to build a new house, you have to live on the outskirts of the city and build on at least 5 acres.
      I do know that the historical society is trying to preserve the 'Zion Plat' planning that was implemented when the town was first organized.

  12. So glad the rain came down for you today! Love the homestead from across your house, so sweet, but could use some love! Wishing you a beautiful weekend! xo Heather

  13. Kerin, I'm so glad you had some rain! I love that house and why wouldn't they want to preserve it? Thank goodness for historical preservation but it's a shame that the owners don't see the beauty they have right before their eyes. I would love to own a house like that!
    The painting is beautiful too and I love your lemon candle. Slatkin candles smell SO great!
    Your pork chops look yummy and I make a recipe like that too except with mashed potatoes. Noodles sound good....why don't I ever think of them? And the cookies? YUMMO! DO you use the sack for lining your baking pan and cooking on them? Or for cooling? They don't start on fire in the oven? I line my pans with parchment and then have an old rack I use for cooling. I do love your stove and when I get my little cottage I am going with one of those old ones! Years and years ago I had an old Magic Chef and it was the best stove I ever had! Enjoy your vacation with hubby!

  14. Oh..I just use the paper sacks for cooling the cookies on.
    I have some cooling racks too...but if I have any paper sacks from the store, I use those.
    It also helps soak up a bit of the butter :)

    I too wish that the 'Sheep House' could be saved and appreciated.
    It would take a lot of work, and deep pockets, but I think it would be worth it!
    Ah... maybe someday, someone in that family will think so too.

  15. Hi Kerin ~ I'm so happy you stopped by. I'm loving your blog and look forward to seeing life through your eyes. I live in a very densely populated city and can't even imagine having the option of letting a house sit empty (: another funny point is that we have to buy our bags at the grocery store, so we bring our own reusable bags. Life in the big city! I followed back ~ see u soon.

  16. Oh---rain, we need it so badly here. It is just HOT here andeverything just wants to shrivel up. Hopefuuly we'll get some rain soon. Next week isn't supposed to be HOT just "normal" temps.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  17. Oh sounds like a lovely day! The house across from you does look like it would be fun to fix up! The pork chops look long do you cook them??

    1. Hi Danni...
      once the pork chops are browned off, I put them in the slow cooker for about 6 hours.
      So tender, they just melt in your mouth :)

  18. Hi Kerin,

    Wow! 38 days with no rain. It may be that long here too. We did get some rain Thursday I think it was. It was nice. I love to smell the rain. I wish what we could get more. We really need it as does everyone.

    How nice to just sit on the porch and enjoy it.

    It is sad that the house next to you can not be restored. I would love that place. I love older houses and older everything. :)

    And your meal looks yummy, I'm drooling here. lol
    And chocolate chip cookies, my favorite. Yummmmm

    We may be moved to Logan by the end of the month. I'm praying real hard that it will happen. :) How far from you would that be?

    Gotta run have a great rest of the day and enjoy your Sunday. Take care, Janet W

    1. hi Janet...
      Exciting news! I hope it all works out, and you are able to move to Logan!!
      You will still be quite a ways away from us...
      we are close to Manti.
      About 3-4 hours away and a couple hundred miles :)

  19. Wish I could join you on the glider listening to the rain. That sounds so peaceful.

  20. Hi Kerin! Great post. It's been a long time since I've just sat and enjoyed a rainy day. Seems I'm always running. Your post reminded me to take it slow from time to time. What a shame about the sheep house. Too bad the owners and town can't come to some kind of compromise.

    Thanks for sharing your peaceful rainy afternoon.

  21. We've had lots of rain, so I'm glad it went out your way!! That lemon candle must smell wonderful, love lemons! Oh and your cookies look yummy, now I want one, or two!

  22. So glad you got rain. Yes, God DOES answer prayers, doesn't He?! What a wonderful way to spend a rainy day! Those cookies look so good. I had never thought of using brown grocery bags as "cooling trays." I will give that a try! We were just up your way (not too far away) and had a great time and enjoyed the beautiful Utah mountains and scenery. Have a great week.
    Enjoy your time with your hubby!

  23. Hi Kerin!

    What a great post - I could almost smell the rain!! You know what they say . . . prayers go up, blessings come down!

    I would love to own an old homestead like the one across the way from you - how sad that it is falling apart! The picture of it is so beautiful!

    Smothered pork chops . . . oh my goodness they sound yummy, nothing like comfort food to make a soul happy!

    Beautiful pictures!


  24. Hi Kerin, What a lovely post. I love sitting on the porch when it is raining. The air is always so fresh and clean smelling. My heart goes out to that beautiful home across the road. It would be so lovely restored with a family living there.
    Thanks for stopping by and taking my little vintage trailer tour. It was so much fun seeing all the work that these ladies put into their little homes on wheels. You could see the pride that they took in every detail. Have a marvelous week, Connie :)

  25. Such a beautiful post.
    I would love looking at that house.
    Love the painting. Too bad they don't want to fix it up.

    The food looks yum.

  26. Hello there, Kerin! Nice to meet you and nice of you to come by for a visit to my blog! I'm a follower now and hope to learn more about you and your homestead and cottage! Sounds like we have alot in common along those lines as well as a love for the Lord! I'll be back to visit!

  27. Hello! I hope you're off enjoying some time with your hubby! Too bad about the home across the street . . . your geraniums look beautiful! Your meal looks delicious too! Don't you just love cooking in cast iron!

    Have a wonderful week!


  28. A fine day indeed, sweet friend! I'm so glad to hear you are getting rain... we are finally getting some too and I'm so thankful.
    That is kind of sad about the old farmhouse... at least the sheep get to enjoy it... :) (Love the painting, too!)

  29. There is nothing like the smell of rain after a long dry spell...

    The Sheep House makes me sad for it...

    blessings ~ tanna

  30. How blessed you were to get the rain! Though the temps aren't as high as last year, we are almost in drought mode. Scattered showers have been coming through our state but they have all gone around us. Still praying for the life-giving moisture that is needed to sustain the crops and pastures.

  31. Kerin,
    Yes rain would come in pretty handy about now. I'm wearing out my hose!
    Love your little house, I was looking at some of your older posts, cute kitchen too. That is an interesting place across the sreet from you . Have you ever been in that house?
    I'm off now to water outside, I hear the plants calling me.
    Nancy Jo

    1. Hi Nancy Jo...
      Thanks for the kind comment!
      You're very sweet :)

      No.. I've never been in the house across the street.
      Once in a while, there are people over there, but they bring camp trailers and just use the property. I'm not certain that anyone has been in the house in decades... sad.

  32. your pork chops look so much tastier than mine..??? I just end up frying the ones with the bone in because they seem to taste better to me???

  33. Oh that is so sad! It looks like a wonderful old house!! Your dinner sounds delicious! I think I'll drop by and eat the leftovers... if there are any. :-)

  34. What is it about sheep; I love the painting of the house with the sheep nearby.


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