Summer Bucket List

 Summer's are like that....
full of warm days, cool nights, and easy going activities.
At least that's the way we like summers to be.
So far, this summer is about on track. 
We dealt with the wildfires, and drought.... but we are rescuing the remainder of the long days of summer, and squeezing the fun out of them.
We've been on 'vacation' for the past couple weeks.
We got a ton of projects done around the homestead. 
I'll show you before and after pictures soon.
We've been to the drive-in quite a few times.  So fun.
 Everyone enjoys the drive-in.
What a cute couple ..... in their old pickup truck, and blankets and pillows in the back.
 This car made me smile.... hay  bales... perfect for sitting on and watching the movie.
We just had the Tahoe.
 Kinda boring compared to some of the other movie goers.
 We've been enjoying summer sunrises.
Summer drives through the canyon.
Love the mist that drapes over the mountain tops after an early morning rain storm.
And... summer sunsets.
We've also enjoyed and been blessed with rain showers now and again, during the past few weeks.

So, we are getting some of those Summer Bucket List items done.
I still would like to visit Kennecott. Haven't been there since I was a wee kiddo.
Click on the link to learn more. 
I would like to visit the Crandall Canyon Mine Memorial also.
Click on link to learn more.

 The mine disaster affected everyone in Utah, and especially in our small communities where there are many that work in the mines.
Plenty of summer left.
Plenty of time left to work on our 'Summer Bucket List'

Attitude of gratitude:
~I'm grateful that we've been able to get so many projects done, and make a dent in our "Incredibly Long To-Do List".
~I'm grateful that I'm over my summer cold... or was it awful allergies? Either way, I'm grateful that my health has returned.
~I'm grateful that Spencer has an opportunity to play for the Military memorial program tomorrow in our towns Pioneer Day celebration.


  1. Reading you makes me feel "ease of life and living."

    Loved the Drive In pics . . . the other day I drove by one and reflected on, "how long has it been since I . . . ". Twenty years maybe . . .

  2. It looks like you are having a wonderful summer! Fun days and nights.

  3. The drive-in is so much fun! Love the hay bales in the trunk & the old pickup! The drive-in in my hometown was torn down years ago, so sad. Here in Tulsa the Admiral Twin Drive-in burned down in Sept. of 2010. The community rallied around the owners & held fund raisers to help them finance rebuilding. They reopened a few weeks ago. We plan on going when it cools down.


  4. I AM really glad someone is having fun this summer. Not being sarcastic here. I am not enjoying it at all. I love all your photos!

  5. Your pictures are amazing! To be able to see those beautiful sights! Sigh
    I love the ideas for the drive in movies!! How fun, the bales of hay and all the pillows and blankets!!!

  6. Great pictures. Going to that old drive-in really looks fun. I'm glad you are having a great summer. Ours is almost officially over here...both my hubby and I teach and he returns to school this Thursday, and I go back next week. Enjoy this week!

  7. I love your drive-in pictures. I was hoping to go this weekend but it rained.

  8. I haven't been to a drive in since I was a small child- but I can still see it in my mind- it is something I will never forget.

  9. Summer and drive-ins definitely go together.

  10. I am so thankful y'all have been getting some rainfall. You have so many, many beautiful... breathtakingly beautiful places to visit! I appreciate your showing them to us, too. ;) Love that the drive-in has so many fun shows and people attending! Keep on filling that bucket! blessings ~ tanna

  11. Glad to hear that you are having rain.

    Sounds like your summer is humming right a long.

    M :)

  12. Hi Kerin, I haven't been to a drive-in in so long! Love the old truck with the pillows in the back.
    We have received some rain also and the grass is looking much better. You have shared some lovely photos and I hope you get to visit each location. Autumn will be here before we know it! Have a restful evening.

  13. I loved seeing your beautiful photos, Kerin. The drive-ins in our area are long gone. I remember going and what fun it was! The pickup with the back ready for movie viewing is a great idea. I'm glad you're getting some rain. We're in desperate need of it here.
    Have a wonderful week!

  14. What a beautiful and sweet summer you are having!! I love drive-in movies. I have such great memories going with my grandmas when I was little!! Wish we had some around us, they were all taken down. Enjoy the week my friend! xo Heather

  15. I love the pictures and the creativity of the movie goers.
    Love that old pick up!

  16. You just brought back a flood of great memories. It was more exciting than Christmas when my parents would take us to the drive-in movie! How fun would that be in the back of that old pick-up. Happy Pioneer Day to you!

  17. Beautiful pictures.
    A drive in sounds like a lot of fun.

    I have never been to Kennecott.

    Hope you are wringing the life out of summer.
    I know I am.

  18. Your photos are beautiful, and I like the classic old pickup headed to the drive in. Sounds like fun.

  19. Hello Kerin, I love your photos , what a beautiful part of the country you live in. I think it is wonderful that you still have a drive-in-movie to go to. Thank you for the sweet comment on my dragonfly post. Our God is awesome! He puts so much love and detail into everything He creates. Have a wonderful week, Connie :)

  20. Good morning, Kerin~

    As usually, your pictures are STUNNING! God has given you a very special gift of capturing His amazing artistry!

    THE DRIVE-IN......oh, how I miss that. I believe we have one out towards Winchester, about an hour away. I will have to check and see if it is still open, I would LOVE to go. I had to chuckle at the pick up truck, because that is exactly what I would do! LOL

    I am so glad to see that you are having a wonderful summer. Ours has been very uneventful so far, however, we are leaving for the beach on Monday. I'm praying hard it doesn't rain. On our last vacation, it rained EVERY DAY....and we were camping! ROFLOL! Oh, hand you lemons, you make apple juice! :D

    Blessings to you, sweet friend~

  21. Beautiful photos! It looks like your Summer is going beautifully and there's still plenty of time to enjoy it.

  22. Your sky shots are beautiful. Also, I think I need a summer bucket list!

  23. Oh, Kerin, what a lovely post! I wish we still had a drive-in here...there hasn't been in years...just too humid and mosquitoey I guess...

  24. How fun! An old fashioned drive-in movie. You need to list your Summer bucket list so we can follow your progress. I need to make a bucket list. So glad you're back posting....I missed you!

  25. Sounds like you are enjoying some wonderful times this summer. There is still a drive-in movie theater in my hubby's hometown not too far from us. Don't know why we haven't thought about going. Right now is out of the question as we are in the midst of another drought similar to last year's. Temps between 102 and 108 for days on end!! So we don't do much other than stay indoors where its cool :)


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