~ Garden Charlie & A Witchy~Poo Too~

 Garden Charlie is an old friend.
He's been a part of our Autumn and Garden family for many years. 
He's watched over our gardens. 

And in more recent years, Garden Charlie has been the Autumn ambassador. 
Welcoming family friends and Fall to our home.

The meadow in golds and maples and greens.
   (An older picture) 
I'm awaiting the meadows change this year. Not quite.
It's still been warm, and even hot.
Of course, the sunflowers are beginning to dry out as well. Saying 'Goodbye' to summer.
There is still time to make a Witchy~Poo silhouette.
These two silhouettes are from Gardner Village.
Making a similar silhouette is on my 'to~do' list for Fall.

So very many lovely, and wonderful things about this time of year. 
The changing colors, the crafts, the food, the smells, and the fun!
We'll be finishing up some things on our list that require summer temperatures, like finishing the painting on the driveway and cleaning out borders and flower beds.
 However, Garden Charlie is going up this weekend... maybe with a little makeover. And, I'm going to make a Witchy~Poo silhouette too!

Attitude of Gratitude ~
~ Grateful for the many little birds that visit the sunflower patch. Their cheerful calls and beautiful colors are such a cheerful part of my day. I shall really miss those little birds this winter.
~So thankful for a cozy home. How grateful I am for our home and the shelter from the world that it is. A place of refuge, and warmth, happiness, and welcoming. Walking through the door feels like a giant hug.

*Bring Back :
Old Fashioned Donut fries on Sundays
Charm Bracelets

*Homespun philosophy: A penny saved is a penny earned.


  1. I am SOOOOO ready for the fall temperatures to show up! I think spring is my favorite season, but after the steamy summer we've had, I'll be happy for fall and most of what it brings! I like your scarecrow!! :)

  2. Kerin, love Garden Charlie. How lucky that you saved him for all these years. When Jake was about 4 we made a garden spot just for him and on one of the times they came up, Jake and I went to the thrift store down the street and got clothes for a Jakie and a Grandma scarecrow. Over the years they became tattered and torn and had to be thrown away. Lucky I still have a great picture of it..Maybe it is time to bore everyone again with some "Jake" stories..xxoJudy Bring on the fall!

  3. Like your “Garden Charlie.”
    And can’t wait to see your Witchy Poo . . .
    Enjoy these fall like days . . .
    Our humidity and temperatures have finally dropped!

  4. Love the scarecrows. Doesn't really feel like fall here by my yet. Warmer days than usual. I'm still enjoying a couple more weeks of summer. : )

  5. It looks like it will be so nice once you do get started decorating. I am waiting for a bit longer for it too cool down. Have a lovely day.

  6. Kerin, oh your Garden Charlie is too cute! I am always on the lookout for a scarecrow for our front yard. I can't seem to find one that I like. PS Yes, your little eye did spy Walmart dishes! Aren't they sweet!

  7. Hello Dear Friend, I am saving and earning my pennies by canning. I'm still at it but hope to be done soon. I'll be watching my email for your sweet and sour recipe. Thank you, it is very kind of you to share.
    I love your scarecrow. I need to build a new one, the ones that I've had are ready to be retired, LOL. One is so buried in blackberry vines that it is invisible and the other is so old that it has bit the dust, so to speak.
    Here's wishing you a lovely week.
    Connie :)


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