* Sunflowers, Sea Holly and pre~Fall mini Haul

 Sunflowers and Sea Holly arrangements...
A buttery yellow Zinnia and Sea Holly
 Gathered enough Sea Holly, and Sunflowers and feather tops from asparagus that has gone to seed that I made three...
 sweet little arrangements to place throughout the cottage.
 Not real wood. 
Simple faux wood signs from the Dollar Tree. 

 This little faux wood sign I'll attach a  wooden stake to the back,  and then place it in a pumpkin display on our front porch, once pumpkin season arrives.
 A newly acquired thrifted find. 
Sunflowers, leaves and an acorn on one side...
 Pumpkin and sunflowers on the opposing side. 
 A flameless candle {scented too!} small plaque, metal 'Gather Together' sign, and a thrifted flat back basket that hangs on a peg. ~ the above items were from Hobby Lobby.
 Hello, Fall wooden cutout, also from Hobby Lobby.
 A work in progress: Bleached Pinecones.
Bleached Pinecones, after the first attempt. I used 1/2 bleach and 1/2 water and soaked the pinecones for 48 hrs. 
Currently, the pine cones are on their second soak in the bucket. This time, I'm using 100% bleach and hoping that the pinecones bleach out more this go~round. I'll keep you posted. If you've bleached pinecones before, leave me a comment and let me know how well it worked out for you, and also how you used the bleached pine cones in your decor. 

Attitude of gratitude:
~ Thankful for a super fun date with my husband; fishing at the lake and a picnic dinner.


  1. Sea Holly must be gorgeous mixed with other flowers in the gardens, and in arrangements or all alone.
    I think I have seen it growing wild near the lake/sand here.
    Not sure about our winters and if it would withstand the cold.
    Checking on this more!!!

  2. I love the sea holly with the sunflowers!
    I've never seen bleached pine cones, but they look cool!

  3. Looks like someone is anxious for fall.
    So looking forward to it's arrival.

    M : )

  4. I look forward to seeing the final creations. It's hard to believe Fall is upon us, however I noticed that Christmas was out in full force at Hobby Lobby last week.

    I'm not gonna lie, I love the holidays.

  5. Your flower arrangements are so pretty.
    No, I've never bleached pine cones before.

  6. Kerin, all the mixed flowers so pretty and so old fashioned, which I love. Cute signs from $$ Store. Will have to check out our store here.
    Great find of the thrifted fall pitcher. I have a pretty one with sunflowers that I bought at Pier One. Bet I paid way more than you did and I bet yours is prettier. You are a lucky shopper.
    I am getting anxious for fall too..xxoJudy

  7. I am going to try those pine cones soon. I like the way yours have turned out so far. I wonder if they use something stronger than bleach on that cover of the magazine to get theirs so white. Your flowers are lovely and I will be looking for sea holly. I just love that. All of your finds are so pretty. I hope you are having a lovely day.

  8. So happy to see you blogging again. Your blog and photographs look wonderful. I need to catch up on everything going on. Take good care!


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