~ Sunny upcycle ~

The laundry room received a sunny up cycle do~over.

Our youngest son had a bunch of old galvanized roofing, left over from his garage. 
We wanted to use that galvanized tin in the laundry room. 
I had also curbside picked an old headboard a few years ago that was all solid oak.
 I just knew that I could up cycle the wood from that old headboard. 
The before: beige clay colored walls, and not a whole lot of character.
I had hung an old window on the wall, and I loved it, but I wanted the room to have more personality, and be a place that I enjoyed being in, as the laundry room is a room that we all use every day.

After determining that we wanted to add the galvanized tin for wainscot, we secured it to the wall and added a baseboard.

Then, we added the top section of the old headboard. The headboard wasn't long enough to top off the tin, so we then added a few sections of 1"X 8" pine boards to add length to the headboard section.
Then, we added 1" X 4" pine "battens" . Now the 'seams' of the tin were covered.
Then, I painted all the wood to finish it off. 
I'm still deciding if I want to give the wood a bit more distressing, and add some dark wax to it. 
I put the old window back. Added the old washboards, the Warren Kimball print, the large red metal box filled with greenery.
 The old copper mailbox is for dryer lint.
A cute "Pioneer Woman" tea towel on the dryer with a glass container for detergent.
 An old pine shelf up cycled with barn red paint, and dark wax holds a prim light, old canning jar filled with clothespins, an antique iron and a small faux geranium.
Above the window, a shelf was installed as a cornice, and a cute hand painted sign sits on top.
I sewed a simple curtain with Waverly fabric.

The sunny up cycle and re~do of the laundry room turned out exactly as I hoped it would.
Almost everything we used was up~cycled, or thrifted, with the exception of paint, and fabric and the new rag rug in colors of black and mustard. 
Nothing more satisfying than having a room turn out beautifully and all on a shoestring budget!

~Attitude of gratitude:
~Feeling thankful for cozy evenings in front of the fire. 
~Grateful for all the sweet potatoes I was able to harvest.
~Grateful for a good nights sleep.... especially considering how rare that is for me.
~Feeling thankful for a clean house, and decorated for Fall/Halloween. It feels cheery and festive.. ready for the holidays.


  1. Kerin, that turned out so darling. I love the tin and the headboard was a great idea. It looks like a bouquet of sunflowers and it must be fun!! to do laundry there..Happy Weekend..xxoJudy

  2. Absolutely a "sunny marvel!"
    Upscale talented bunch you are . . .
    Love your laundry room!

  3. Oh my your laundry room is so pretty. I'd love to do laundry in a room like that.

  4. I love it! You were so creative, and now it looks cute and homey!

  5. Wow! I have never seen a more beautiful laundry room. You are so creative. Wonderful.

    Have a great rest of the week.
    Take care, Janet W

  6. It is all so beautiful and I just love how perfect it all looks. You do such amazing decorating.

  7. How adorable your re-do is! Very creative and fun. For the first time ever, I have a pantry within my laundry room. I am hoping to give it a "prim" look.
    Your sweet potato harvest makes me envious! I love sw. pot. better than almost anything!

  8. I meant to say Upcycle . . . sorry!

  9. That looks so great! What a neat idea!


  10. I love that. I would have never had the creativity to pull something like that off. Almost makes you want to sit in there and do laundry all day long. So cheery.

    You are a talented lady.

  11. It's a beautiful redo!! I love the color and all the little creative touches. I wouldn't mind doing laundry in a room as cheery as yours. Have a wonderful day!

  12. Hi Kerin!

    What an adorable laundry room! I love the cute red shelf and all the darling nick knacks. You have such a great eye for all things beautiful....I wish you could work your magic on my laundry the basement.... ;0)


  13. OH MY! Absolutely wonderful! I love your laundry room! You are very talented to have see old wood and have that vision. I think it looks perfect! Great Job! I am new to your blog but will be sticking around : ) Cant wait to get to know you better and see more of your home. So happy I stumbled upon your blog.


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