~* Autumn Blessings *~

 There is no other time of the year I love more..... for me, Autumn is the finest season of all.
The crisp morning, and gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, rain storms, and thunder.
A cup of cocoa while sitting next to the fireplace. The smell of woodsmoke in the air, cozy blankets to cuddle under.
Crispy~crunchy leaves to walk through, football games to cheer to, and warm bowls of soup.
The list goes on and on... all things wonderful about autumn.
 Slowly, I've been breaking out the autumn decor.
Little bits here and there, and most can stay out throughout the autumn season.
Gourds, and twinkle lights.
Chalkboard signs......
Faux berries, and candles.
A wee corn husk basket...
 More candles, and a flickering candlestick.
 The picture stays up year round.. a tribute to my favorite season, it depicts a harvest season in a small mountain village... quite like the area that we live in, actually.
Colors of gold, and yellows, and crimsons.
 In the kitchen, a large galvanized tray holds a 'blessings' platter, a small lantern, and a pitcher full of glorious green faux hydrangeas.
 On the range, a new pumpkin.; porcelain covered cast iron pot.
 I've wanted one like this for ever...... one day while perusing Wal Mart, I spied this lovely thing, and promptly bought it.
I think it will stay on the top of the range for many weeks to come. Of course I'll cook in it!
Thinking about chili, chicken and dumplings, cowboy casserole, beef and barley soup....etc..etc.
 A beautiful metal pumpkin sits front and center on the buffet in the dining area of the kitchen.
A small bunch of faux bittersweet tumbles out of a grapevine basket.
 On the windowsill, little acorns...... found on a morning walk recently.
The 'Fresh Eggs' sign is a recent yard sale purchase, and sits next to a brown spatter ware pitcher, also a yard sale find.
 In the living room, on the blanket hutch a small bowl of 'ancient' coins, and two aged brass candlesticks.
The candlesticks and the coins were a recent purchase, found at a thrift store in Santa Fe.
They always will be a warm memory of a great trip with my sweet husband.
While I can't authenticate the age of the coins that I was told are 'ancient', I still love their patina and their shape, and they are certainly a topic of conversation.
 The last of the flowers fill a few vases around the house.
Lovely colors of gold and pinks and salmon.
Little birds flock to the last of the sunflowers and enjoy the last of the warm days.
*my sweet husband took this picture.
 Another picture that my sweetheart took.
What a sweet little bird.
 One more picture that my hubby took.... I do love this one, so much. I love that little bird perched on a dry sunflower. A perfect Autumn photo.
 Deer in the meadow.... grazing.
I love to see the deer, but I am dreading when they move into the yard and start munching on our plants.
The elk, higher in the meadow.
The elk are in the rut now, and bugling can be heard at all times of the day, and sometimes at night.
The elk farmer has already trimmed their antlers so that they don't hurt each other.
 The time to be happy is now.... absolutely!
Autumn is an especially happy time for me.
Hope you are all enjoying this wonderful time of year.
So, have you tried the "Pumpkin Spice" Lindt truffles?
Or the Pumpkin Butter that you can buy at Trader Joes?

~Attitude of gratitude
~Grateful for good health.
~Grateful for a wonderful husband and great kids!
~Feeling thankful that the lawns have dried out from last weeks storms and I can get the mowing done. I have always enjoyed mowing the lawns, and I'm grateful that I have the good health that allows me to do it.


  1. This is my favorite season, too. I love your warm and cozy fall decor and the pumpkin cast iron is a great find. The one painting does look like the view out your back window. Wishing you a wonderful week, Kerin. xo

  2. I love the fall too. Love all your decorations.

  3. Oh Kerin - I love how Autumn is looking at your place! I need to get a few Fallish things out here!

  4. Kerin
    Your home is just overflowing with such lovely Fall décor! It looks so warm and inviting there, inside and out.

  5. Your home looks so warm and inviting, I love your fall decor! What a serene picture of the deer and elk in the meadow you must really be out in the country! Take care

  6. What a lovely post. I love all of your wonderful things in your house. It all looks like you are ready for fall. So pretty.

  7. My sweet friend, what a beautiful and charming post. How I loved seeing your autumn decor and my, what a cozy home you have! I just love the pumpkin cast iron pot and the coins in the basket for quite unique :)

    Wishing you a joyous day, dear one. Hugs!

  8. Kerin, I love your version of Autumn. If I didn't love it so much already, I would now! That little berry garland looks like little crab apples to me. I will be on the look out for some of that and everything is really pretty. I especially love your Fresh Eggs sign. Your sweetie knows his way around a camera, I'd say. Really great photos. I'm so glad you are back, my friend..xxoJudy

  9. Happy Return . . .
    I have missed you!
    Love your fall touches
    I am just beginning . . .
    Fill your heart with the warmth of the fall colors . . .

  10. A delightfully happy post. : )
    I love your home. All looks so cozy and homey.
    Love those ancient coins. They are really cool!!
    Happy Autumn.

  11. So beautiful. Your home seems just so warm and inviting. This is the first year of my whole life that I have enjoyed the Fall. It is beautiful and the (not sure what my problem was before)

  12. Hi Kerin!

    Oh, I just love all of your beautiful, Autumn decorations! I haven't started yet, I usually work on it right after General Conference. So, I will be putting up fall colors tomorrow, right after the first session!

    I love all of the wonderful colors, smells and flavors of fall, nothing like pumpkin spice, everything! It makes my heart skip just a little... :0)

    The deer and elk are so pretty - I love hearing the bugling, reminds me of our hunting days! Now, I hunt with my, Kodak!

    Enjoy these beautiful, Autumn days. And, enjoy all the spiritual enlightenment we will receive this week-end.

    Warm Hugs,

  13. Hi Kerin,
    Yes fall is a great time of year. All your decorations look so nice. Even your new pumpkin pot. Great for slow cooking.
    Nice to find your site again, I used to follow you but then I gave up my blog, but now I have a new blog. So TA-DA I'm BACK.
    Nancy jO

  14. happy autumn dear,all you shared is subtle and beautiful

  15. Very fallish looking in your pretty home.
    I am trying to get the decorations up too.
    The cool mornings sure are nice as opposed to those hot days we had in the summer.

    I will have a new post up later.

    M : )

  16. Fall is also my favorite season. I look forward to it all year long, It never can come fast enough but also never last long enough for me. Your home is lovely and looks so cozy with all your fall additions.


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