~ A few of my favorite things....October ~

 October is without a doubt, my favorite month of all.
I adore the colors of the changing leaves, the soft light of mornings, and that crisp air.
My sweet husband and I go for a walk everyday together, and these last few days we've walked up on the foothills and around the farms.
 The road to the dairy farm.
Our home is just on the other side of the dairy, and nestled alongside the foothills.
The road leads to the ponds.
 Over the creek we go, and up past some darling old farm houses.
 Old farmhouse made of cut stone.
 Adorable white farmhouse with a vintage wire and wood fence.
 Yellow farmhouse with a picket fence, and black shutters.
 Darling red screen door and welcoming entry posts.
Our home... all decorated for Halloween.
Can you spy our dog Rowdy's basketball? It blends right in with those cheery pumpkins~!
 Near the front door... broom parking for all.
 On the sofa table... a fantastic ceramic pumpkin that we bought in Santa Fe.
 Fence post pumpkins, made from scrap wood last fall, and four little Halloween ceramic 'egg heads' that I painted nearly 22 years ago.

Faux gourds and a white pumpkin, a Halloween hat box, and another little ceramic piece I painted 22 years ago too.

"Spooky" wood letters on the mantle, and a few wood craft pumpkins. The simple "boo" banner that I made last fall.

 These things are just a few of my favorite things this October.

~Attitude of gratitude:
~I'm so grateful for my wonderful family. They are my greatest blessing!
~Feeling thankful for cozy, fuzzy socks.
~Grateful for the time I had Sunday to study my scriptures; renewed my determination to be charitable, and loving, and to seek opportunities of service.
~Grateful for Monday night family dinners, and the opportunity to increase my baking and cooking skills.
~Feeling thankful for our 'new' leaf blower. Wow.. sure makes 'sweeping' the sidewalk, driveway and gutters a snap! Why didn't we buy a leaf blower years ago?? We were in St. George at to go to Tuacahn, and while we were there, we stopped by D.I. and I found a Stihl gas powered lawn blower for just $30.00. Yay!! Love a great buy!!


  1. All of it is so lovely. I just can't imagine how wonderful it would be to have that view and that road to travel on. I could live in anyone of those lovely farm houses you took pictures of. They are beautiful.
    I am so glad you took pictures of everything. It looks grand.

  2. A delightful post today Kerin. The views around you are fantastic. The one little yellow cottage with the fence reminds me of one of your previous homes. Your present day home is lovely all decorated for my favorite season. You have some very sweet decorations. Have a blessed afternoon. xo

  3. Hi Kerin. Love all your halloween and fall touches. You really live in a beautiful area. Love that first picture along the fence line. Beautiful pictures..Happy Tuesday..xxoJudy

  4. Very nice things. You live in a beautiful place.

  5. I'd love to join you on one of those walks. : )
    Lovely photos and love all those homes. Beautiful!!
    Yes, I did spot the basketball.

  6. Your home is all decked out for Fall Kerin. Tim and I enjoy our walks too! Love those old farmhouses.

  7. I would love to go on that walk with you. Your photos are great! Love your decorations too. Hooray for a great deal on the blower.

  8. Hi. Kerin~

    I would love to go for a walk with you past those beautiful homes!

    Your home is so beautiful, and I'm so glad to see that someone else kept all those wonderful ceramics, that were so fun to paint.

    As always, loved your gratitude list!


  9. Oh my, what sweet and charming home! I just love the yellow farmhouse :)

    Delightful post, my friend. You are surrouned by so much beauty.

    Enjoy the remainder of your week! Hugs!

  10. Such a lovely area you live in, I would love to take walks there. those houses! I think id walk pass the one with the red door daily : ) you have a lovely home.

  11. Dear Grateful Heart . . .
    Love your walking sites, older homes, fences and gates . . .
    And your comfy, colorful, Halloween inspired home . . .
    You are refreshing indeed . . .

  12. Hi Karin,
    I know isn't Fall just the best. the colors the need to be home, its just a wonder. Nice pictures, makes me miss the farm I was brought up on.
    Nancy Jo

  13. Wow, everything looks wonderful. I love fall too, but I don't have any decorations to put up.

  14. So pretty.
    Your holiday décor looks very festive too.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    M : )

  15. What beautiful countryside you live and walk in - very definitely the American West. I love the contrast of the golden leaves against the blue hills. This is indeed a wonderful time of year.


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