~ Quack Weather ~

 Oh, this winter certainly has me feeling out of whack!
Evidently it's quack weather!
Two nights ago, we heard quacking.
Looking outside, there in the dark , on the front lawn were ducks.
As soon as the dog started barking, they took off.
Fast forward to yesterday morning.  As I was about to let the dog outside & right on the patio stood the ducks.
Poor quackers. They were trying to get out of the deep snow. And, deep snow we have.
Yesterday we ended up with about  a foot of new snow.
 They were swimming through the snow and trying to find a dryer spot to nestle down
How cute they were... waddling through the snow.
 They took off, around the woodpile and headed for the meadow.
I thought that was the last we would see of them.
 When my sweet husband came home from work, I mentioned that the ducks had visited again, and were trying to snuggle up against the house and under the patio heater.
So, my husband went outside and took a look around to see where they had been and then he sticks his head in the door and tells us that the ducks are back, and in fact they had fallen into one of the basement window wells.
 Poor things.
My sweet husband took one of his large fishing nets and fished them gently out of the window well.
He put them in a tote and took them back to the neighbor that he thought that they belonged to.
Well, a sweet little girl answered the door and with much relief thanked him for bringing back her ducks. The hen practically jumped into the little girls arm.
An older brother of the little girls mentioned that the ducks had been missing for a couple of days, and they had tried to find them, to no avail. He also told my sweet husband that they had 4 ducks, not just 3.
So, being the wonderful and sweet and thoughtful man that he is, he drove back home and took another look around. He heard some rustling in another window well, and discovered the last lost duck. He scooped up the last duck and returned it to it's proper home.
Later in the evening, the doorbell rang and there stood a mother and her three young children.
She told my husband, " I hear that you are the duck rescuer and that we have you to thank for returning our ducks".
The kids had made a sweet candy~gram thank you for my husband.
Not necessary, because he's just the most generous and thoughtful person, and he didn't need a thank you. ... but, it was kind of them and he appreciated their thoughtful gesture.

Such a happy and bright spot in a cold and stormy winters day.

~Reasons to smile today :
* The snow storm has subsided and I was able to stay on top of the new snow yesterday. I am grateful that my health is good and that I could get outside and shovel, scrap snow, salt sidewalks and driveways. It took a few good hours out of the day, but I am so grateful that I am healthy and able to do the chores that needed to be done.
*New bedspread. Yesterday while shopping, I found a really bright and cheerful bedspread for out master bedroom. Just the ticket! It's cheerful and bright, and I love that it feels 'summer~y'... especially now that we've had months of snow.
*Reason number 3 to smile today: Cute craft ideas that I'm going to make and a batch of chocolate chip zucchini cookies. Staying inside where it's cozy and warm today.


  1. What a great story about the ducks and how your found and returned them. The mother of those three children is teaching them right - helping them write and deliver a thank you candy-gram. Not enough parents teach their children to be grateful in my opinion. I love the new bedspread. Very colorful! Stay warm and cozy in all that snow. Have a good day.

  2. I am so glad you took pictures of the ducks! What cute ducks. What are window wells? I have never heard of that before.
    Such a pretty bit of bedding. Have a lovely day baking and doing things around your lovely home.

  3. I am so glad that your husband rescued the duck and found out where they live. He sounds like a great person, lucky you.

    Your bedspread is very pretty and I love the colors.

    Your cookies sound very good.

    I have so many humming birds and they are so hungry due to our cold weather and loosing a lot of plants due to the drought so they are so hungry. I fill up three feeders a day, but can't let them go hungry, plus I love watching them.
    Stay warm and have a great week.

  4. Well I will try again - great man your husband to come to the rescue of the ducks.
    Like your new bedspread - very pretty.
    Have a great week.

  5. Yay!. Always good to have that kind of news.

  6. Those window wells trap all kinds of wild things. Been known to eat a few kids, too. So glad your story had a happy ending. NICE candygram.

  7. Happy to hear the ducks are back home and save once again. How nice your husband is and what a great way to say thank you. : )

  8. What a sweet and wonderful story. Glad the ducks are okay.

  9. Awwww..... those poor babies! I'm so glad you found their home and that they're safe now. I can't even imagine how lost they were. You and your husband definitely deserved that candy gram :)

    That bedspread is cute!

    hugs to you and stay warm,

  10. I love this story! Sweet hubby and nice kids to bring such a thoughtful thankyou!

  11. Super kind o your husband.
    The candy gram was so cute.

    M : )

  12. What a great story of rescuing the ducks. I'm sure the little girl was thrilled to have them back safe and sound! The candy gram was so cute and thoughtful. Love the colors in the new bedspread!

  13. What a great story, Kerin. I bet those little kids were so happy! We seem to collect cats. Another huge grey and white has been hanging around. He likes to sit under an old settle bench on our side porch. I think we will put a little blanket out there for him.. Such is life!..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  14. Hi Kerin!

    I love that story! I didn't even realize ducks liked people . . . :0) Once, a long time ago, I hit a female duck on my way to work. I felt horrible! For the next week, every morning and evening when I came home, there was the male duck standing in a field where the poor little dead duck lay. I finally couldn't take it anymore, and had my son go get the dead duck and bury it . . . it was soooo sad! I loved your sweet story, and the candy bar card was so sweet! Your hubby is a keeper!

    We have lots of snow too, not as much as you have, but way more than we had last year. We need the moisture, so we are actually blessed to have it.

    Love your new bedspread - it really is the time of year to have fun colors in our homes.

    Your cookies sound delish! I think I made those cookies once, and they were yummy!

    Have a great week sweet friend!


  15. Darling ducks and story! Hope you're doing wonderfully sweetest Kerin! xo Heather

  16. I was wondering where in the world the ducks had come from- how sweet that your husband saved the day!! Lucky kids that he did- who knows where the ducks could have ended up at!
    Love the new bed set- it is very spring-y!

  17. What a heartwarming story that your husband was able to locate and return all the ducks. It always makes me happy to buy a new bedspread - yours is lovely! I'm still on a long blog break but wanted to say hi.

  18. I love your duck story! So sweet that your family was paying attention and that your husband was so kind to retrieve all the ducks and bring them back to their owners. And also, what a sweet thank you from the kids. It sounds like you live in an awesome neighborhood :)

  19. LOL! I love your post title, Quack Weather!! :) How thoughtful of your hubby to rescue the ducks. My hubby would have done the same. In our small "quackey" town, we have ducks that linger around in the winter, how they survive? I don't know, but every now and then the whole flock will hang around the local grocery store parking lot. Some people feed them (like my hubby) and others just shew them away. My hubby always ask about them whenever I'm in the area, he just loves them!! I do love your bedspread, Spring is just around the corner. Have a blessed Easter!

  20. Karin, I finally got down to our house and there by the back door were your gift of the seeds. THANK YOU. How thoughtful of you to put them in a plastic container. They were still dry. You're a great friend and I so appreciate your thoughtfullness. Im hoping to get them planted soon.

  21. Kerin, I know you probably won't see this... this whole story moved me... it was something that Keith would have done when he was better. Your husband is wonderful! (You probably know this). I'm so sorry I have not kept up with your blog... you are one of the best!

  22. Good evening, Kerin~

    How precious your husband is and what a "sweet" thank you he received!



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