~ All Around The Cottage , and naan revisited

 All around the cottage.... flowers on the kitchen table....
 sun shining through the windows.
It's a beautiful day here at Mill Hill Meadow.
We had a gorgeous, summer-y weekend, baking and rain showers, and putting in new plants.
 Do any of you long time readers remember my kitchen at the Cottage on Main?
Filled with lots of red, and gingham, and farmhouse touches.
 My kitchen {in any house that we've ever lived in}, is a place I love to spend time in.
 I love to be in my kitchen baking and cooking, with my family gathering.

The first time that I made naan, it was in the kitchen at Cottage on Main.
We love naan!
I've been making batches of naan here in the kitchen at Mill Hill Meadow.
 The recipe I am using now, is different than the recipe that I used at Cottage on Main.
That older recipe used yogurt, and this newer recipe does not.
Here's the new recipe for naan.....

Simple Naan :
1C. warm water
1/4 C. sugar
1 egg, slightly beaten
3 T.  milk
2 t. salt
3 1/2 Cups flour
1 T. dry yeast
* Add ingredients in order listed above to bread making machine. When dough cycle is finished, divide dough into 12 equal balls and roll out into rounds.
Preheat oven to 500* degrees. Place large cookie sheet in oven, as the oven is preheating.
Place naan on preheated cookie sheet, in preheated oven, and bake naan on each side for about 3 minutes or so, or until done.
* Edited : I forgot to mention that when you bake the naan, your oven rack should be placed in the highest position in your oven. I make naan so frequently, that it is just something I do automatically, but if you've never made naan before, you might need to know this :)
I've modified the recipe to be made in my bread machine, but the recipe could also easily be made in a kitchen mixer, or by hand.  It is a really good recipe!
I've also made garlic/rosemary naan simply by adding granulated garlic and rosemary to the flour before adding all the other ingredients.
I've also made Maple Cinnamon naan, by replacing the sugar with 1/4 cup pure maple syrup, and decreasing the milk to 1 T. and adding 1 T. of ground cinnamon to the flour before mixing.
Maple Cinnamon naan is delicious warmed in the microwave then a smear of whipped cream cheese on top.
* Edited.. also, when making Maple ~ Cinnamon naan, cook naan at 475* degrees, instead of *500 degrees, because the maple syrup caramelizes at a lower temperature than sugar. Also keep a close eye on the baking process... it may not take as long as regular naan.

Attitude of gratitude:
~Feeling thankful for a cozy home. Feeling thankful for a home that is filled with family and good conversation, and good food.
~I'm grateful for the rain that we've been receiving. All of our new little shrubs, perennials, and annuals are doing so well this summer, and we are trying to establish new borders along the new fence so the rain is really a blessing.
~I'm SO grateful that our son, Spencer was with me this past week; I had a tire blow out and he was able to change the tire for me. Then, the spare started going flat as well..... it hadn't been used in years and so the bead on the tire wasn't sealed. I was able to get off the highway, and he aired up the spare and we continued home. Two new tires will be put on our Tahoe this week! I feel so blessed that we were safe and sound, and that we didn't wreck.


  1. Good Morning, Kerin. Such cheerful flowers for your centerpiece. The naan looks delicious. What a blessing that Spencer was with you when you had tire problems. I'm thankful that your newly planted flowers are getting the rain they need! Have a lovely day. xo

  2. What a nice post! I love your flowers and your house looks so nice. I am so glad you posted your recipe for Naan. I am going to make it today. I love your red and white.
    I just love visiting at your blog. Have a lovely Monday!

  3. Hello sweet friend! I always find such joy in visiting with are a refreshment and blessing :)

    Your home is so lovely and the flowers in the window brought a smile to my face.

    What a blessing to have your son with you when your tire blew out! My, what a scary thing to happen. Wishing you a delightful week, dear Kerin. Love and hugs!

  4. Your kitchen homey and lovely! Thanks for the recipe. That looks like one worthy trying. It's so nice that you have a kind son who is willing to help his mom out. Enjoy the week ahead.

  5. Kerin, I see your famous sunflowers are in residence and they are so gorgeous. Love the red and white in the kitchen. It is so homey. I should probably be embarrassed to say that I never heard of naan bread. Until, last night, when we were watching the Food Network Star and one of the chefs made it. Now, isn't it funny that I hear about it from you. I will try to make it and see what we think. It looks really delicious, sort of like pita bread?..Happy Week to you..Judy

    1. Hi Judy :)
      Yep... naan is like pita bread, or flat bread. It is very versatile too... we make sandwiches with it, warm it in the oven with garlic butter on top, etc...

  6. Those flowers are gorgeous! Did you grow them in your gardens? Sunflowers never fail to make me smile. And as for naan...I've never had it, but just might have to try it for something new and different! Thanks for the recipe!

  7. A very cheerful and homey kitchen. I can see why you like to spend time there.

  8. I love your happy flowers, happy home, happy life . . .
    Grateful for your inspiration . . .

    I have never made my own Naan bread . . . but I can share arecipe I created. I have used a prepared Naan crust . . . now I will try and make my own. Thank you for the recipe!

  9. Such a charming home you have! And your bouquet is stunning! As are your pretty curtains up there! I have never made flat bread before but would love to try! Thank you so much for sharing the recipe as I am going to give it a go! Yours looks delicious!! Happy day to you! Nicole xo

  10. The flowers are so pretty.
    Glad that you were able to get the tire situation taken care
    of and that Spencer was with you at the time. Cars can be so
    frustrating sometimes.

    M :)

  11. Both your new kitchen and your old one are so cheery!
    I've never had naan...
    SO glad Spencer was with you and that you weren't hurt in a blowout!

  12. Thank heavens for your son! I'm so glad you made it home. Kerin, I remember Cottage on Main very fondly, all of your blogs have been wonderful.
    How do you normally use your naan?

  13. I'm glad your son was with you. I know how to change a tire, but not once in over 40 years of driving have I had a flat while by I'd probably be a comical mess if it happened. Have a blessed day!


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