~ All around the cottage ~

 All around the cottage, it's been blooms, birds and building fences.
All good things ~ all things that make my heart smile.
The hostas are thriving this summer. They were all gifts to me, from a gardening friend in Spring City.
Daisies and yellow buttercup, all abloom.
How I love the cheerful, sunny yellow buttercups.
We've had quite a few visitors to the bird feeder.
That little guy that the arrow is pointing to, we only saw once.  Does anyone know what kind of bird he is? His chest was such a dark rusty color, contrasting with the very blue of his head. I'd love to know what he is called.
Cute robin sitting on the shepherds hook.
My sweet husband just took down the feeder this past weekend. Now that the meadow is green and growing again, it will be good for the birds to forage for bugs. When it turns cold again, we'll put the feeder back out.

Not everyone thinks magpies are cute, but I kind~a do. I don't mind sharing a bit of bird seed with the magpies and the black birds.

 We've had storm, after storm. Rain showers almost daily.
You can see the mountain tops cloaked in a rainy mist.
I really can't explain why Mr. Farmer insists on running the wheel lines 24-7?! {the farm to the East of us}
Around Mill Hill Meadow, we've shut off the sprinkler system. The Lord has provided enough rain to water our lawns and gardens.
One thing that the rain has sort~a helped out with, is the ground has been softened and it makes digging fence posts much easier.
My sweet husband has gotten a big section of the fencing done.
It's turning out awesome, and the fence will be a perfect backdrop for future plant, shrubs, flowers, and herbs. I would like to grow some Virginia creeper along a few sections of fence as well.

 Something the rainy weather didn't help out with; the painting of the garden shed.
However, in between storms, the garden shed finally got done.
It turned out so cute!
Don't you just love that old Maytag?! Yep~~ that's the 1939 beaut. that my sweet husband rescued from the landfill. Poor thing.. it was destined to be smashed and left to rust. 
Happy to have it here at Mill Hill Meadow now!
 I could not love the sweet 1940's style shutters any more!!
My sweet husband built them for the garden shed.
Not a necessary feature, but one I simply adore, and I am so over the moon with how darling they are.
Simply darling.

~ Attitude of gratitude:
~ I am feeling thankful for everyday sweet and tender mercies.
A smile, a kind word, sunshine {when it's not raining} flowers blooming, a sit on the front porch.
Quiet reflective prayer, and thanksgiving for all my blessings.
~Grateful for Mill Hill Meadow.  This month marks 13 months since we moved here.
At the homestead, I was completely over ~whelmed. With all the property and outbuildings, there was never a spare minute. Lists, lists, and more lists, and demands on our time.
Here at Mill Hill Meadow, I am once again enjoying sweet summer time. I'm enjoying reading, and baking, taking long walks daily, crafting, decorating, organizing and keeping home.
Most of all, I am grateful to be happy.
                                ~~ A little summer~time wreath I made for the garden shed.~~


  1. It looks wonderful!! I am so glad you posted. Your fence looks wonderful I love all of that green grass. Your shed looks so good and so does that washing machine. I love all of the cute signs you have on it. Is that little bird a bunting? I don't know. I like that magpie picture too. I would take pictures of that.
    I just love it all it is so pretty. A very nice post.

    1. Aha!! Kim, I think you are correct!! I googles images of buntings, and that is what that bird looked like!! Thank you very much smarty!!

  2. I don't know what that bird is but it's beautiful! Has it been that long since you've moved? Time flies. Your garden is so pretty.

  3. You have such a lovely view and your garden shed is adorable. I like the shutters and I am so glad you rescued that washer- it is a perfect addition. I don't know what state you are in (or I forget) but I would love to have those mountains right outside my window.

    1. Hi Terri..
      We are in Utah :)
      It is a wonderful thing to live where we live. We feel blessed and privileged to have the views we have :)

  4. Kerin
    It is all so lovely...
    the cute garden shed, the beautiful flowers, and the pretty birds
    I can't believe anyone would throw away that old Maytag-love it!

  5. Hi Kerin - Looks like you have been busy. I love the old washing machine you rescued from the landfill. That is awesome! We have had some rain here too and more is coming, I understand. I love the rain - so nice to get summer rain here in the desert. You have some beautiful views. We are headed up to Utah soon (in a few weeks). I find I am looking forward our visits there more and more. Maybe one day we will move back! Have a great week.

  6. Nice to see a post from you. Looking so pretty around your place. The garden shed is so cute. I love it. What a great idea putting the old washer there and I love the shutters.

  7. Everything looks so gorgeous! The views and the flowers are so pretty!

  8. Kerin, You have such a pretty home/yard with lovely views. I like that fence and oh, the shed is so cute! Love that old washer. You moved about the same time we did.
    Our 9 yr old cat Ditto passed away today. We are so sad but thankful to have had him for as long as we did.

  9. I think the bird might be a Bluebird . . . I will search in my bird book later on.
    Happy you are enjoying some fun things like crafting, reading, playing with the flowers and gardens instead of being heavy laden with work, work, work.
    I like the new fence . . . and yes, I bet the rain has helped soften the soil for post digging! Happy days these next weeks as we lead into summertime!

  10. Congratulations on all you have been able
    to get done!
    We have had an abundance of rain here in the
    Midwest to the point that we are soggy!
    More on the way later this week.
    Hopefully sometime soon we can get outside
    to do some work!

    M : )

  11. Hi Kerin, that is certainly a beautiful little bird but can't help you out as to what he is. He seems very out of the ordinary to me and the cute robin is certainly disgusted that you have removed his dinner plate. Flowers are gorgeous and I love the garden shed and what a great find was that old washing machine. Everything looks so pretty. Happy Tuesday..Judy

  12. Everything is looking beautiful at Mill Hill Meadow! Your garden shed looks wonderful, too. The vintage Maytag is a treasure for sure. Enjoy!

  13. Wow! You and your husband have been busy and it is all gorgeous! I love your flower pretty! The fence is beautiful, I mean really! Yes, vining flowers creeping up it will be so pretty.

  14. Oh Kerin, your Poppies are simply beautiful! They look so soft and delicate like tissue paper :) I have a Poppy bush that goes crazy ever year and for the last three years it has continued to grow in size, but this year it looks pathetic...I am not sure what the problem is. We have had lots of rain and water.... Anyway, seeing yours was a delight.

    Your summer wreath is just darling! I love the patriotic colors and I'm sure it looks lovely outside :)

    Thanks for sharing your sweetness with us. Hugs!

  15. Everything looks beautiful at your home, Kerin! I love the Magtag you saved. The flowers are all so pretty and the fence is so nice. You all have been very busy and it's always fun to see what is happening at Mill Hill Meadow!

  16. Hi Kerin!

    Your posts always inspire me! Your flowers are so pretty, and I just love the gardening shed! I have an old Maytag in my basement that still works! I should do something fun with it!

    The rain has sure been a blessing to us this year. We were all so worried that we would be in trouble, as far as a drought! But, looks like we'll be ok, as long as we get a few more rain storms.

    Many, many blessings to you, Kerin!



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