* A few of my favorite things.. Christmas Edition *

 It's that time of year, when we gather together, pop popcorn, and break out the candy canes.
It's time for our favorite Christmas movies.
I'm just highlighting a few of my favorites.
There are so many wonderful, funny, heartfelt, and witty Christmas movies.
 Finally, a movie that made us feel OK about liking candy, Christmas carols, and smiling.
Oh, and of course SANTA CLAUS!!!
* It's a Wonderful Life
Oh that Jimmy Stewart.
I think I fell in love with Jimmy Stewart after seeing him in "It's a Wonderful Life".
Here was a man that could see the potential in old houses!
Making him even more lovable, is how hard working and honest and benevolent he was.
Just that kind of man, every girl needs.

 Must be on the top of my list : White Christmas.

Oh, those crooners!
Bing Crosby! I still have tons of his music.
I wanted to live at the lodge so much... the fireplace, barn, etc.. etc..
I guess I really fell in love with country living after seeing "White Christmas".

A Christmas Story
We can all relate.
One of my favorite memories of watching A Christmas story, is my Dad laughing until his cheeks hurt.

More favorite Christmas movies:
Holiday Inn
A Christmas Carol
Christmas with the Kranks {I've already watched it 3 times this season}
The Holiday {not necessarily just for Christmas}

Just a few of my favorite things.. Christmas Edition.. Movies
If there is one movie that you absolutely must watch during the holidays, what is it?
OK.. you can pick two.... *smile**.


  1. Such great movies you have highlighted here! We stopped by a candy shop today to buy a gift for our real estate agent. Oh the fragrance was wonderful! I was good though!
    Wishing you a blessed Christmas.

  2. Another of my favorites is The Bishop's Wife.
    I've always liked Jimmy Stewart. My Dad was in the Army with him and was his driver for a year.

    1. That is so interesting. Did your dad tell you anything about him?

  3. Hi there....i just love White Christmas and It's A Wonderful Life....haven't seen them yet this season. I 've been watching some fun new TV movies on the Hallmark Channel. :)
    We have White Christmas so I will be seeing it soon

    And I love Christmas hymns at church. We sang Angels We Have Heard On High...Gloria in RS yesterday. We will sing it next week in Sacrament Meeting.. LOVE that song.

    Enjoy your week my friend, Janet W

  4. I have never seen White Christmas or A Christmas story. I really need to rectify that!

  5. Kerin, all of the above!! One year they came out with a new version of It's a Wonderful Life with Marlo Thomas in Donna Reed's role and I dont' remember who else was in it but it was really a cute movie and I thought they did a good job in comparison to the old faithful, but guess no one else thought so because I've never seen or heard of it again. We make a habit of watching Little Women every year. We will change them up from year to year as they made so many different ones, but love them all. Anne of Green Gables is another favorite and a few years back there was a series called Ann of Avonlea and out of that I got a VCR tape (yes, you read that right) of Mrs. King's Christmas that we watch every year too. Thankfully our dvr plays the old vcr's.Lovely cottage homes and old furnishings! I guess I've taken up too much space here so Now, aren't you sorry you asked?? And are you a little bit amazed that my husband likes these movies too?.....Happy Monday..Judy

  6. Such great movies. Christmas in Connecticut is one of my favorites! Of course, Sleepless in Seattle and While You Were Sleeping. I watch them every year. All the ones you have listed too.

  7. A great list and they are all on my top, too!! Christmas blessings!! xo Heather

  8. Always . . . It's A Wonderful Life . . .
    I'll have to watch some you have suggested . . .

  9. Oh Kerin, I just loved reading this post - it made me even more giddy for Christmas :)

    Have a lovely day, sweet lady!

  10. I love "A Christmas Story" and also all of the different version of Dickens "A Christmas Carol." Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  11. White Christmas is a MUST and though not a movie I
    must watch A Charlie Brown Christmas.

    M :)

  12. Hi Kerin!

    All my favorites too!! I love them all, and try to watch them every year. My husband just does not understand why I love to re-watch movies . . . bah humbug!

    Thanks for stopping by, I have been absent for so long, didn't know if anyone had kept me on their list! It was so nice to hear from you!!


  13. I do believe you mentioned all of my favorites, too. I have always loved Jimmy Stewart- he really was a fabulous actor and a good man.


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