It's an important thing to me.
Having a home, means it has a name.
 Any old place can be a house, but a home has a name,
 a sense of belonging to the family that lives in it.

We name our children, our pets, we even name our vehicles.
It just seems right to name our homes.

We started this tradition many years ago.
Recalling memories in " DD Shanty", or "Promise House", or "Crabapple Cottage".

This house is not a homestead cottage, nor a Victorian home desperately in need of renovation.
Nor is it a city home, or a big old Farmhouse.

 This home is in the country.
 A smallish city of about 6000 folks.
It is a recently built home, in a newer neighborhood.  Just 9 houses on our street.
Our subdivision is named "Mill Hill", named because of the hills above our home, and an old mill that was built along the creek bank.

There were many names for this house that were considered: names having to do with cottages... a love of mine, names having to do with daisies, poppies, windy mornings, mountains views, elk views.... etc...

In the end, we all decided that Mill Hill Meadow, is the perfect name for our house.

Our home.

Paying tribute to the mill that once was at the bottom of the hill, also paying tribute to the beautiful meadows that are all around us. 

Our Mill Hill Meadow, will be our forever home.

We wish for laughter, bountiful gardens, lush borders, stories on the porch, Christmas' filled with magic, and the smells of gingerbread.
We wish for puzzles sitting on the old card table... added to piece by piece.
Yatzee, and Uno played on Sunday nights around the kitchen table.
Morning breezes blowing down off the mountains, and through the meadows.

Wishes for many, many years of blessed life... filled with happiness, health and warm memories.

We are home.


  1. It is a perfect name for your home, Kerin! Interesting to learn of the old mill. May God richly bless you and yours in your beautiful new home.

  2. I love it! It portrays exactly what you described.

  3. That is so awesome. I love that tradition.

  4. A great, and meaningful name.....It's the perfect name for your new home! I hear through your postings how happy you are with your home......I want to name my've got me thinkin'! Blessings~~~Roxie

  5. Wishing you many happy and healthy years at Mill Hill Meadow. I've never named my apartment, but that's a fun idea to contemplate. Wishes for a great week.

  6. I'm so happy you've found your forever home! Sounds like a wonderful place to live. Hope you'll find peace and contentment in your Mill Hill Meadow. Mimi

  7. Beautiful description.
    So happy for you.
    I love that you have named your homes. That makes it so much a part of your heart.

  8. I love the name! We have never named the 4 houses we have lived in our 39 years of marriage, other than saying the street name. ie, the Hinton house or the Lakeview house. I like the idea of giving our home a name. I'll have to give it some thought & discuss the possibilities with my hubby. Thanks for the inspiration!


  9. I love this! We named our home in California "Sanctuary" which I love. We have never given this home a name. After almost 13 year here ~ maybe it is time to do just that. Thanks for this post and have a great week!

  10. I love that. What a perfect name. I am so glad you are home. :)

  11. I love that you named your home... and the name you chose. Our old house had a name, Tallulah, and our little weekend house had a name, The Way (pronounced V-ay after Alex called it that all the time). The Big Bah-Nilla doesn't sound too good... but, I'm going to have to change my attitude about this one before it gets an upgrade. ;) I am glad you have found your forever home... and I love that last part about laughter and Uno, etc... blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  12. Great name!
    We name everything else in our house, don't know why
    we haven't named it. :) Sometimes we joke and call it
    the "villa."

    Enjoy your Forever Home.

    I'll have a nes post up soon.

    M :)

  13. Karin,
    I think that is a perfect name. The farm I was brought on was named ELMHURST. Among many maples we had a really huge Elm tree. A home should have a name and I think you picked a really good one.
    Nancy Jo

  14. I think Mill Hill Meadow is a lovely name! I wish you many, many wonderful years in your forever home!

  15. Oh you have decided on a great name for your home. I like it a lot.
    I still haven't come up with a name for ours yet.

  16. Love the sound of Mill Hill Meadow . . .
    Hopefully some baby grands will visit there too . . .

  17. I love your new name. It's charming and Homey.. just like you. It sounds happy and optimistic....just like you. It's a winner!


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