Spring Fever

There they are.... perched on a windowsill.
Sweet potatoes in old canning jars.
Guess you could say I've got a bit of Spring Fever.
Green, and growing things would be most welcome.
I'm over the white blah of winter.
 Looking past the sweet potatoes, you can see white snow covering the landscape.
We had a couple of new snow storms this past week; like many places across the U.S.A...... evidently, winter is not over!

Last year, I started sweet potatoes in March, and they never really took off very quickly.  I'm hoping that by starting them much earlier this year, they will get a chance to really sprout, and get growing.
Our daughter snapped this picture of the snow-laden trees on her way to work. 
Hence the somewhat blurred picture....
While the snow is pretty, and the winter-blue color is somewhat magical... I for one,  H8SNOW !!
{***next time I get a new vehicle.. I think I'll put that on my license plate }

Attitude of gratitude:
~I am so grateful for my faith.  This has been a week of remembering to trust in the Lord. To do my very best, and He will make up the rest.  I need to remember that every single day!!
~I'm grateful that while we have new snow fall for the growing months, that the storms have cleared out and the sky is blue.


  1. Best wishes with the sweet potatoes! We had snow/ice and gridlock in Georgia earlier this week but today it reached 60 degrees! Strange winter weather!
    Yes, our faith is what gets us through the tough times....I'm still thinking of the policeman you blogged about who lost his life. May God bless his family.
    Wishing you a nice Sunday.

  2. I'm ready for spring here too. Not the work, mind you...but the green...and the warmth! We had a day with temps in the 40's today, and we are finally seeing grass underneath the snow! Hope your spring comes quickly!

  3. I'm sick of winter blue and m waiting for Spring too!

  4. Hi Kerin, i am so with you on h8snow. I am fascinated with the sweet potatoes. I have no window sills to speak of, but will they actually make more potatoes when planted or is is just the vines? I am a city girl so apologizing in advance! xo

  5. The snow does get old after awhile. Spring is looking good, but I know it's quite a way off. (for here anyway) Is that how you start sweet potatoes?? I'm amazed.

  6. It's pretty but I hate to drive in it. I like it best looking when I am looking out the window while sitting in front of a raging fire with no place to go ;)
    Thank heaven for the water though.

  7. I like your ATTITUDE . . . Wishing you SWEET potatoes!

  8. So will they become slips? I tried to grow sweet potatoes once. Failed terrifically!

    Yes, dig in the dirt would be perfect about now.

    I can't say I h8snow. I'd be hating 5 months out of the year.

  9. Hi Kerin!

    I love the sweet potato idea - do you plant them in the Spring? I love sweet potatoes!

    We don't have much snow, in fact we are fasting for more moisture tomorrow as a Stake. Hopefully we will be able to keep our reservoirs full of water this Summer.

    I also have Spring Fever...hurry up Spring!


  10. I am ready for the pretty spring, too! Sending some CA sunshine your way, even though today is a little overcast here. ;) Happy day to you Kerin! xo Heather

  11. This seems to be a growing theme in blogland.
    We are supposed to get snow again on Tuesday.
    We had ice on Friday evening.
    I wouldn't mind a snow day!

    M : )

  12. I guess I'm the odd one. I'm enjoying all the snow. Yesterday I made a snowman out in the front yard. : )

  13. I am finished with winter as well, but winter is not finished with us!
    I haven't ever heard of starting sweet potatoes like that, and I come from a long line of gardeners. I may have to try that!
    Happy Sabbath!

  14. Hi Kerin, I hope you sweet potatoes do well this year! They look so cute on the window sill...just waiting to be planted! I get in the mood to bring some potted Spring Flowers in the house this time of year...a pick me-upper!! There is something about a flower or sweet potatoe sitting in a window sill this time of year that's special!! Blessings~~~Roxie

  15. Good luck with the potatoes. I have never been able to get one to grow that way...but both of my thumbs are black. I don't like snow much either.

  16. The vine of the sweet potato is so beautiful! I look forward to seeing yours grow. Something green in a window sill always makes me smile.

    Kerin, I am so sorry to read of the fallen officer in your last post. I know that touches so close to home. Prayers for all... blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  17. Sorry about my love of snow but I can't help myself. I love it more now that I don't have to go anywhere in it. LOL! I commuted for years through all sorts of weather but now I can stay in when I choose and I always have plenty of everything as I have a pantry and "backup" supplies. You get lots more snow than I do but I used to live in the North and I still prefer it to the South...going back North A.S.A.P.! Take care and stay warm and safe.

  18. I'm so behind on my commenting! Hope your sweet potatoes take off this year. I used to try to start them for the pretty vines, not to plant, but never had much luck. It's been snowing here all day, so I H8SNOW, too! :) If you don't mind, I might use that in a photo for my blog. Take care!

  19. I used to grow the sweet potato vines in a jar. Such pretty foliage. Then do you plant them in a pot when it gets warmer? I love to put some in my windowboxes. They spill over the side and make quite a statement. Stay warm. Mimi

  20. Hi
    I will follow with interest your sweet potato growing. Are these special ones or can you get them from the supermarket. I tried last year and nothing happened. Have you any advice. Many thanks and keep warm.

  21. Hi Kerin,
    Pretty snow pictures, the way this winter is going I can see why growing something can make you feel good. How big will they get and then what do you do with them?
    Nancy Jo

  22. I got those thin little canvas things at Michaels. They came in a package of 2 or 4. Will you replant your sweet potatos in a pot for the porch? Or just let them grow all their leaves in the house? We used to do this when I was a kid. We grew an avocado seed once too. Mimi

  23. Kerin,
    Thank you soooo much. I love the soaps and the stickers. I put a picture on my blog I was so excited. Thankyou!!
    Nancy Jo

  24. Hello Kerin, I too am so tired of winter. We didn't have any snow to speak of until February and since the beginning of this month our ground has been white and it is still snowing, now. Even without the snow we have had some very cold weather and I, along with about everyone I know, is more than ready for Spring. I love your sweet-potatoes in the window. Are you growing them to sprout and make an inside vine or are you planning on transferring them to the garden? I've never grown sweet potatoes . . . I guess you can tell, LOL.
    Here's to a early Spring :)
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  25. Happy Sprading, Kerin! I'm glad my computer is fixed so I can catch up with your posts.



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