Depression Glass

 Depression glass.
Three darling little plates, one pitcher, two cups, and a small cream pitcher.
Found them all at a yard sale.
 I just couldn't pass them up.
The lady told me that they once belonged to her grandmother, and she was torn about selling them, but she really didn't have room to display them, or store them anymore.
I'm not certain if they are truly Depression glass, or if they are reproductions... either way, they are so darling.  And, the price was right.
I just had to buy them.
 She also sold me this egg basket.
Love the red color, and even though, we will probably never have enough eggs to fill it, we are certainly going to put it out in the coop and enjoy it!
 Old milk bottles.
Another yard sale find.
As were the ceramic eggs, and the cheese tin.
 My butterfly house.
Spencer made this for me, quite a few years ago.
It needed a paint job, and then he will get it installed on the pole, and placed in the flower bed.
I am painting it golden yellow, with a brick red roof.
I wonder if butterflies like yellow and red.
 Another old cupboard door project.
I just wanted to make a 'Welcome" sign to hang on the porch.
I made it so that I can change out the little wreath to match the season.

Jack O' Lantern.
Little ceramic pumpkin pot.
He was a yard sale find too.
He has such a quizzical expression on his face.
Worry? Humor?
I'm not certain.
But, he's cute!

I am getting a lot of my project and organization list done.
Slowly, but surely.
I have taken time out for fun.
 Yard sales. Shopping trips. Rides in the mountains.
Balancing out the work with the fun.

Attitude of gratitude:
~I'm grateful for a gardening friend gifting me with dozens of chive plants.
We will plant them under our apple trees. It is said that they will keep deer away. So far, we have found that it works really well.
~I'm grateful for an up-coming luncheon with some women friends . Old friends and new friends.
~I'm grateful my rice bags... yep... they help me feel pretty toasty on these cold mornings.  I think it may be time to take the cooler out, and store it until next summer.


  1. Kerin, sorry I'm so behind. My life is hectic right now. Anyway, you really found some treasures didn't you!

  2. I really like that milk bottle. You found some fun things!

  3. Oh, Kerin~ the depression glassware is gorgeous, whether it's the real thing or not! And your red egg basket is adorable, too.
    I love your butterfly house... can't wait to see it painted and on its new foundation. *giggle*
    And the welcome sign is wonderful~ love the wreath! You've been a busy little bee lately! :) ((HUGS))

  4. Those are very darling pieces. So homey!!!!
    I love the cupboard door!

    Yep, I could sit and relax there.

    Looks like you are busy busy busy!

  5. I just love thrift finds! The depression glass is beautiful and so collectable! And I especially love the egg basket. What a great collection to add to your home! Glad you founds some great things. Have a wonderful day!

  6. Wow! Wow!! and Wow!!! again. I love it all . . . the depression glass is beautiful, and the milk bottle is a treasure. You are so creative, I love how you used that cupboard door . . . it adds so much extra charm to your wreath. What a fantastic idea!!! I am so happy that you shared this. Maybe I can find an old cupboard door before I do my Christmas decorating . . . I hope you don't mind if I borrow your idea. Have an incredibly wonderful day. Connie :)

  7. I love all your yard sale finds- I never seem to find anything great like this. Probably because I am not out and about early enough! Love your cupboard door sign.

  8. Hi Kerin! Love the beautiful green depression glass set! I love old milk bottles, too! So neat! You have been busy with such sweet things! Have a wonderful day! xo Heather

  9. OOOOHHHH!!! I love the milk bottles and the depression glass, oh and the jack-o-lantern. You just have to love a good yard sale.

  10. These are really great yard sale finds! I love the door and the wreath. The butterfly house is going to be darling painted yellow with a red roof!
    Balancing work and fun is a good thing!

  11. Oh, you've been finding some goodies and without me!!!! You know how I love a good find/bargain! Spencer's butterfly house is going to be pretty painted. That's interesting about deer and chives. Glad it works.
    Enjoy your day.

  12. Hello Kerin, Gosh you have done well at the yard sale. I definitely think your Jack O'Lantern has a worried look on his face.... he's thinking.....oh no what now! I have never seen a butterfly house before, can I ask how high is it placed on the pole. I shall have to search for one as I was so excited by the butterfly in my garden it would be lovely to invite more into the garden. Best Wishes Daphne

  13. You have some wonderful finds in your collection. I love the depression glass.
    Have a wonderful day!

  14. You found some great treasures just perfect for your cottage! Enjoy!


  15. So many great pieces! If I found any one of those I would rejoice!


  16. Wow, what great treasures you've found! I think I would have chosen the same items had we shopped together. We would have had to battle it out! lol

    I've never seen a butterfly house before! Love your cabinet door project cute!

  17. You always find the cutest things!
    I love the cabinet door idea you came up with.

  18. I really like what you found! That glass is pretty and the egg basket brings back memories. I grew up on a farm and remember seeing them around.

  19. You are inspiring me to keep going. Such wonderful finds.

  20. you found some fabulous finds! I love depression glass and those old milk bottles...well, I think those are my favorite! Isn't LIFE BEAUTIFUL! It's so nice to read all the things you are so grateful for~~~truly inspiring~! From one sweetie to another~~~Roxie

  21. Hi Kerin-
    I love your yard sale finds. It would awesome to yard sale in a smaller, country town. Great treasures:)

    Your cupboard door wreath holder is darling. Very creative!!

    Hope you are having a great day.

  22. You found some great stuff! I love it all. How I would love to have coffee and chat about this whole post :-)I love the projects you've been working on. Very inspiring! And I love the gratitude attitude at the end!

  23. Oh, Kerin, I love ALL those things too! Why am I not out garage sailing in our beautiful weather here today! I love your projects, too.

  24. How exciting ~ just love those green dishes, the milk bottles and egg basket!

    The wreath on the shutter is so pretty.

    :) Hope

  25. You have some really amazing finds there! The depression ear glass has to be my favorite though....just like some I have from my grandma.

  26. You hit the jackpot on your yard sale finds!! I don't know the difference between real and reproduction depression glass either but I love your pieces. Beautiful!! I have a few milk bottles in my collection and I love them.
    I did a little shopping myself this week...just for me. I call it "me" therapy. :) loved it!!

  27. I think the pumpkin is afraid the Welcome sign will outshine him. So cute. I love your finds and the butterfly house is so cute. Surely they will love the red and yellow.

  28. Hi my sweet friend, thanks for your kind visit. I LOVE every thing that you have collected, just my taste too! Love the butterfly house, I have not seen one of those, what an awesome idea! Love the colors you will paint it too. I also love your welcome idea, just great! Have a wonderful Autumn season! :)

  29. Yep fall is definitely here! The saddest part of that is yard sale season is almost over :( You found some great things this year! Mimi

  30. Hi Kerin~

    What great finds!! I love Depression Glass, such a pretty color! I wish I could see your yard with the butterfly house all painted and done up . . . adorable! I like the pumpkin too, he looks kind of shy to me! And of course, there's nothing cuter than a berry wreath, just love it!


  31. KERIN!!! It's always so good to see your name pop up at the shop. I've gotten into a routine with visits and only do a few, really, but sometimes I lose track of where I've been or not until a cheerful bloggy friend stops by. :) I'm glad you did.
    LOVE all your finds, and my favorite is the milk cute.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Wishing you a beautiful day.

  32. nice post thanks for sharing...blessings

  33. Awesome finds you came across! I do believe your green dishes are depression era. My Husband has some from his grandmother and it looks just like it - same color too.

    @ 3Beezen Homestead


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