Amazing Autumn....

 Color blankets the mountains above town.
Clouds settling in.
Stormy weather.
 Rain, and rain, and more rain.
We were blessed with a wonderful Autumn rain storm.
The next morning... misty Fog.
Everything shrouded in the misty morning.
Storm clouds riding the sunset.
Pulling out the wool blankets.
I bought this blanket a few years ago at the thrift store.
The colors, Goldenrod, Chocolate, and Orange.
The price: $3.00
The surprise: The blanket manufacturer is featured in this months edition of Country Living.
Page 22... "Faribault Wool Blankets..."
The company is more than a century old.
I estimate that my blanket is more than 40 years old...
made sometime during the 1960's.

Warm glow of candle light, and candle warmers.

Yes.. Autumn is an amazing time.
My favorite season.

Attitude of gratitude:
~I am so grateful for Autumn blessings... falling leaves, crackling fires, hot chocolate... all of the things that make me feel so cozy, and turn our hearts to home.
~I'm so grateful that we were able to go visit our daughter . Even though she's all grown up, and away at college, we miss her so!
~I'm grateful for a wonderful, smart, capable, faithful husband. My best friend.
My partner in crime. My helper, dishwasher, fence-builder, chicken feeding, wood chopping, man.


  1. Hi Kerin, Amazing scenery surrounds you. I adore Autumn. What a great buy in your fall colored blanket and how interesting to read about the maker in the CL magazine. So happy you could visit with your daughter. Blessings to each of you!

  2. Such lovely images of autumn you have captured – each one of something I deeply love, rainstorms, fog, sunsets, mountains, candlelight, pumpkins, and plaids. And I just love the marvelous colors in your beautiful blanket!

    Happiest of autumn days to you!
    :) Hope

    1. How blessed and lucky we are to live in such a beautiful world!
      There is beauty all around **smile*

  3. Beautiful FALL mornings/days! I love your blanket..I did read the same article in Country Living! What a Fabulous Find! I LOVE Plaid...if I had a cabin it would be decorated in PLAID touches. Who cannot LOVE this time of year! I thank GOD for the SEASONS...physically and spiritually...he knows exactly what we need. From one sweetie to another~~~Roxie

  4. Wow, Kerin, you got a great buy on your lovely blanket. The photos are beautiful!! Love the first one, especially. How gorgeous it must be in person.

  5. The color in the mountains is gorgeous! Lovely photos! And I love the colors in your blanket. That was a great find!

  6. Your photos show beautiful rain and mist, and the colors of your blanket are very fall appropriate. Only $3, such a deal, girl.

  7. I love this beautiful post. I hope your autumn continues on in an amazing way!

  8. I love all things Fall & that blanket certainly qualifies. Beautiful colors & beautiful plaid...I love it!

    I have an old plaid wool blanket that my Dad gave me. When I saw that article in Country Living, I had to see if mine was a Faribault. Sure enough, it is. I don't think mine is as old as yours though.

    1. Aha!
      I'd bet all of us are checking the labels on those old wool blankets now **grin*!

  9. Hi Kerin!

    The Autumn photos are just beautiful! You are so blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the world! I also love the sweet smells of spicy candles in the fall. What lucky finds - I really need to go to thrift stores more often...:0)

    We are at my daughters, the kids are so cute, and we are looking forward to some fun!!

    Have a wonderful day!!


  10. Hi Kerin,

    Such lovely photos..still waiting for a nice big Autumn rain storm. We had a little rain here in Logan a few days or so ago. Need more more more. :)

    Don't you just love the warm feeling from lanterns and candles?

    Have a great rest of the day. And a wonderful Friday.
    Take care, Janet W...

    PS Kerin, I still can't figure out that Newbie Party thing on Debbie Doo's blog...I wonder if we are to just come and click on her followers, comment and wait to see if they comment back or something. I am so confused. lol See ya. :)

  11. Oh I am so envious. We are supposed to be over 100 Sunday and Monday. It will never end here. The ac still cranks away. This has been the longest hottest summer I can remember. Those hill sides are just beautiful and I love that blanket. Great buy.

  12. Such beautiful pictures!
    I love the barnwood and mist.
    It looks so homey.

    Yup, there is a chill and I'm ready for a fire in the woodstove and the smell of pumpkin or something.

  13. Your first photo is gorgeous! The rainy, misty ones are beautiful too. I love that your wool blanket was made right here in my home state of Minnesota. I get the Country Living Magazine but I hadn't read that article yet.

  14. Love the season too as you know. Can't wait to find time
    to haul out the decorations.
    Our weather has been great BUT we are in for some warmer days next week supposedly.

    M :)

  15. You were blessed with a wonderful rain, weren't you? We are desperately needing rain even though we had a storm move through last night dropping .8"...but it's not enough. We need a really toad strangler!
    Autumn is also my favorite season of the year....the coolness in the air, the smell of smoke, crackling leaves, the vivid colors....aahhh. I'm so ready for it to feel like fall!!

  16. Oh Karin, you almost make me happy about cold weather coming! Yes, it is all so cozy and comforting to pull everything out and get ready for cold times ahead...Have a good one! :)

  17. Fall is definitely here! Nice cool mornings and beautiful days. I feel like baking bread and making soup! Mimi

  18. Awesome photos. I drove to Logan today to see my Jessica. The canyon was spectacular. I was so upset that I didn't take my camera. I love fall as well--the sights, sounds and smells are wonderful/
    Have a great weekend.

  19. So beautiful Kerin!! The wool blanket looks cozy! I read about the company in the magazine, too! Have a wonderful fall weekend! xo Heather

  20. Beauty everywhere in gold and brown. I love fall. Nice shots- glad you got a bit of rain.

  21. Gorgeous view - I love a misty morning -wish I had such a beautiful view - I too love fall - your post is wonderful and that blanket is a fantastic find! Perfect. I am your newest follower,

  22. You definitely caught the magic of autumn in your pictures. Love that blanket; what a find.

    On your right sidebar there is a picture of a sunflower where it says "MY FAVORITE FLOWERS"...may I use that to paint a similar one?

    Blessings, Nancy

  23. I loved this . . . The first photo is so, so wonderful!

    I too read the article in Country Living about Faribault wool blankets . . . I need to bring out my Minnesta Woolen Mills red, yellow, green, black stripes on an off white wool blanket . . . Your blanket was a fabulous bargain and my blanket is a family "keeper" from the early fifties!

    Brings me memories of Gratitude . . .

  24. Beautiful photos Kerin. We saw puddles when we got here and figured it had rained. I lllllooooove your blanket. I need to go shopping with you. You are a master bargain hunter.

  25. Oh my, what wonderful autumn pictures. I do miss the seasons in Utah! I love that blanket. I have a one that is similar that I "inherited" from my grandma...she kept in on her knees in the winter. I'm going to pull it out and look at it now. Such memories. Thanks for your always lovely posts and comments on my blog! Enjoy your weekend.

  26. pretty. This makes me so anxious for colder weather! Love that blanket. $3?? Get outta here!! Love it!

  27. The photos of your surroundings capture the essence of Fall. When I had a home furnishings store, I sold Faribault blankets, so I have a couple of them too. They are one of just a few woolen mills left in America.

  28. Love your photos.
    Happy Fall!

  29. Hello Kerin! You won the contest on my blog! :) I emailed you just a bit ago with the email you entered into the contest. Can't wait to send you the CD. Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend! Many blessings ~

  30. Wonderful post Kerin. I love the pictures of the rain and clouds. I love fall too!

  31. Hi Kerin, Just stopping by to say thank you for dropping by my blogspot earlier today. I hope you have a great week. God bless.

  32. What beautiful photos! I hope I can persuade you to share on my Blog Fest:

  33. The colors you have are great. I like the wool blanket! And I can't wait to dig out some "fallish" lightly scented candles. I'm super picky about the scent of them!

  34. Hello Kerin, What a beautiful part of the world you live in. The wool blanket was a great find and the colours are perfect for the Autumn. Have a lovely day, Best Wishes Daphne

  35. Oh, such beautiful Autumn images, Kerin dear! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  36. Your wonderful autumn-coloured blanket was certainly a fantastic find. I also love your misty/foggy images. Have a wonderful week, Kerin.

  37. I really enjoyed looking at these pictures! So beautiful@ and I would love to have a rain storm in Colorado right now! haha these pictures were so much fun to look at!
    I love your attitude, girl! you are so thankful! and that is so awesome!!!!
    I can't wait to be back on your blog to see some more posts from you!
    have a great day!

  38. Just happened upon your lovely blog, I like the playlist and love-love-love the orange plaid Faribo blanket. I want one so badly and have looked all over on line - nothing! I have to get the Country Living magazine. I am your newest follower, too. xo

  39. I love love love your foggy pictures, Kerin! And the leaves in the trees are gorgeous.
    The wool blanket is SO GORGEOUS~ you couldn't have found any more perfect fall colors, but how amazing that it is that old and in such beautiful condition! I love those kind of hidden treasures.... :)
    Hope you are having a wonderful week, Sweetie!

  40. Love your blanket, Kerin.. The colors are so Fall like.. Hope you are keeping well.. xo

  41. Oh darlin', I simply love your warm fall pics but I'm totally enthralled with that candle warmer. I want one!!!
    I'm bold like that.......heeehehehe!

    God bless ya sweetie and have yourself a magnificent week! :o)

  42. wow..those fog pictures are just so cool!
    really is amazing autumn

  43. Hi Kerin. Beautiful post. I feel the same way and am about to post it too. Great blanket and your photos are outstanding. Love the foggy ones..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  44. What gorgeous scenery and I love weather of all kinds as long as everyone is home safe and sound. Fall is my favorite season too and I love the coziness of it all.
    Happy Fall dear friend!

  45. My favorite season. Take care my friend.

  46. How beautiful it is where you live. Great pictures. Fall is my favorite season too. I love the colors. Great find on the wool blanket. It is always fun finding a treasure you didn't even know you had. I happen to get Country Living Magazine too and know just what reference you are speaking of on the blanket.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead


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