Summer Tragedy... Wood Hollow Fire. ** Update... a man has died..

 Tragedy has struck our little county.
Wild fires.
The picture above was taken about 5:30 pm on Saturday night.
My husband and his friend saw the smoke over by Moroni as they were coming home from work.
I snapped this picture and a few more.
 We contacted our local news station and reported the fire burning.... 911 had already been called some 40 minutes earlier.
They ran the story at 10:00 pm, with our pictures, as no one else had sent them pictures yet.
Our state was still reeling from another devastating fire that was burning in Utah County.
 To date.. the fire has burned about 40,000 acres, dozens of homes and structures, and some livestock has been lost.
Tragic way to start the summer.
And to think...just about 3 weeks ago, our county had frost in the mornings!
 Smoke rising above the fire.
 Smoke, blocking out the sun.
Our beautiful mountains are on fire.
This has been a very dry year in Utah, and there have been so many fires in Utah already.
Approximately 400 fires already.
This Wood Hollow Fire is believed to have been started by a faulty electrical transformer.

All over the Western united states.. fires are raging and consuming our lands.
It's so scary, and so very sad.

We've had so many people call and email to see if we are OK...and we are.
The fire started just about 5 miles away, but the winds have continued to push the fire to the North.
Burning towards Utah county.
Pins and needles.... that's how we feel. Worried. Concerned for our fellow county citizens.

The last three pictures are from KSL.COM... link here to read more:

Our hearts and prayers go out to all that have been affected by the Western wildfires.
Our gratitude and thanks go out to all those fire-fighters, volunteers, and citizens that are trying to put out the fires and providing for the needs of those displaced and livestock losses.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

**** Updated News....Updated at 3:52 pm 6-26-12
Sadly, a man has died in the fire.
The fire is now out of control again.... and has reached the Utah County line.
The fire is also burning back to the south... towards us.
Attitude of gratitude:
~We are so grateful that no human lives here in Utah have been lost due to the fires.
~We are grateful to the local volunteer fire departments, jeep posse, and sheriffs departments, as well as all the brave and charitable community members.

We will be OK.


  1. Very sad. It just seems like every year anymore, so many fires are breaking out in the US, especially the west. I'm sure the losses are heartbreaking to many involved.

  2. Oh my word, this can only be horrifying having to live like this not knowing. I pray a hedge of protection around you and your family and the whole state of Utah. Keep safe!

  3. We just returned from Colorado where fires were breaking out everywhere it seemed. My heart goes out to those who have lost their homes- so many!

  4. That is so sad. I can't melieve the weather and all the fires. We need a good monsoon.

  5. Keeping all of you in my prayers, Kerin!! So sad. I'm glad you are okay. {{hugs}} tanna

  6. Oh, Kerin I am so sorry about the fires! Will be keeping your county in my prayers, and hoping the fires will stop soon. Take care, and I am glad to hear that you, your family, and property are okay. xo heather

  7. I have been watching the news carefully. I didn't know you were in that area. Please be safe and take care. It is so sad how much can be ruined so quickly. Thinking of you.

  8. Gosh, I hate hearing this!
    Please stay safe. You and your family are in
    my prayers.

    Take care.


  9. Oh, Kerin...you are ALL in my prayers. I see it on the news and it must be so frightening. I'm a little leary here also because it has been hot, dry and windy and we are nothing but woods here. Today there was a grass fire started by someone mowing their lawn and they hit a rock and the spark it made started it. I can't imagine what grass there is to mow. Mine's been dead for awhile now.
    Stay safe!

  10. Hi Kerin,

    Such a tragedy! You will certainly be in my prayers along with so many other who are in danger with the fires right now...

    Your pictures are amazing! I heard today on the news that this year will probably be the worst "fire season" in history! That really scares me. I am relatively safe where I live, in Shelley, Idaho, but we have a family cabin in Island Park, near West Yellowstone, that could be in a lot of danger. I'm sure there will much prayer and fasting this summer.

    Stay safe.

    Gentle Hugs,

  11. Such sad and frightening news. God bless you, those who have suffered loss and the ones who bravely fight the fire.

  12. How terrible! This is a scary time for so many. I'm glad you are okay, Kerin, and I will pray for you and for the others in harms way! God bless all the firefighters and others who are working hard to contain the fires!

  13. Wild fires are so very scary! Last Aug. a wild fire raged all around the little OK town where my husband was born. It took the life of one of his friends who did not leave his home in time. Many people lost their homes. I pray you and yours will be safe.


  14. Kerin, May Gods hand of protection be on you and your family. I pray for PEACE to those who have been affected by these tragic fires. Give those strength and safety who are in harms way, and we decree in the name of JESUS that these fires will CEASE and be wiped out very soon. We give you HONOR, GLORY and THANKS for ANSWERED PRAYER LORD! AMEN.

  15. Sad, very sad . . . fire seems to be raging on in Colorado too . . . Be safe . . .

  16. I am so sorry for this tragedy. We are getting some smoke over here in western CO but fire in CO are in the east.

    Thinking of you and Utah...may blessings be heaped on you..

  17. dear kerin,
    that is terrible. i will pray for you and your family.
    please stay safe.
    love and hugs,

  18. Dang nab fires, they are really getting us this year. We just had another in Leeds this last weekend. Luckily, no structures suffered from the fire. Take care, you are in my prayers sweety!!

  19. I am so sorry to read about this awful time. I hope you keep safe.


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