Happy Minutes

 Days are filled with happy minutes.
Here and there, a few at a time, or many happy minutes all lumped together.
Happy am I .
My Lemon Balm re-seeded its-self in the old horse trough.
I'm hoping to get a lot of these little seedlings transplanted around the homestead.
 Happy- happy minutes!
A real live tomato.
Growing on one of the poor little tomato plants that have endured such a freakish Spring.
Please ripen.
 And.. there is hope for the squash plants as well.
Two small, little yellow squash.
Please ripen too.
 That teeny-tiny little start of Catmint from our old house.
Blooming away.
Keep blooming, and re-seed.
It will make me so happy to have many Catmint plants to transplant around the homestead.
 Turkey pastrami.... it makes delicious turkey jerky.
I'm happy that I have a batch of turkey jerky in ol' Harvey.
Tomorrow, everyone should be able to have some turkey jerky.
We have a Norbest outlet store not too far from our little town.
 Happy minutes ... not one,
 but.. two boxes of goodies from Bath and Body Works.
They are having their semi-annual sale right now.
The closest store to us is about 70 miles away.
It would cost me more in gas than it cost me to ship everything right to my front door.
Brooke made a comment...and I quote .." No one in this family should ever stink again".
 Happy over the moon.
The concrete contractor came and set a date to pour the new front walk.
He laid out a hose so that I could envision how the new walk will look.
He doesn't really "get" my idea of having a gentle bend in the walk, but he's happy to do it for me, never the less.
Cottage ----
That's what I am going for here... so get on board!
We will (by we, I mean my sweet hubby and Spencer) do most of the work, and he will help finalize the layout and forms and do the finish work.
We worked it all out in trade.
I love bartering!
 Happy minutes ..... every day when I look up at our Horseshoe Mountain.
 My sweet hubby  and I often get in the Tahoe, and take Rowdy with us for and evening ride.
We saw this cute little guy on our ride last night.
Happy minutes this morning as we drove by one of my favorite barns on the way to take Brooke to the hospital for her blood draw.

Hope that this weekend is full of many, many happy minutes for you all.

Attitude of gratitude:
~I am so grateful for R'dean. For all these years, during Brooke's illness, and after her kidney transplant, he has been so compassionate and caring in taking her blood.
She has been poked and prodded so much that her poor little veins collapse, and roll. It is so hard for any one to get blood from her; but R'dean can.
~I am so grateful that Brooke was able to get music put back on my blog.
I really missed it. And, I know that I give her headaches when I ask her to help me with technical stuff... but she loves me, so she helps me .
~I'm grateful that Spencer is home for the weekend, and is planning on going to yard sales with me in the morning.
He's my yard sale buddy, and he can talk a fat tick off  of a sleeping dog.
He always finds me the best deals.


  1. Hi Kerin, What a feel-good, happy post! Before I forget, I love your music choices.
    I have grown lemon balm but not catmint. Hubby loves jerky. Blessings to you and your entire family this weekend. You will have to share your yard sale finds with us. Take care!

  2. Hi Kerin!

    Can I just tell you how much I love your blog!! I love the feel of it - the happiness of it and the down home feel it makes me have!

    I love lemon balm, I am going to see if I can get mine to re-seed... :0)

    It looks like you live in just a gorgeous part of the world, what beautiful pictures!!

    Have a wonderful week-end!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  3. Looks like you have lots to be happy about...we all do really...sometimes we just have to open our eyes to see it! I didn't realize that Bath and Body works was having a big sale. I will have to check that out! I love their products. I love the music on your blog and the pictures of the beautiful scenery around your home. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi sweet Kerin! Your garden looks lovely, and I am sure you tomatoes are squash are going to be so delicious. I love seeing your favorite barn! Such shabby beauty! Have a beautiful weekend full of happy minutes, too. xo Heather

  5. Lots of happy thoughts her!
    Gotta love BBW. Everyone SHOULD smell and look good
    with those goodies! have fun.

    Enjoy your weekend.


    PS: Yes, that is my swing in the picture on my
    latest post. :)

  6. Yay for growth. It is small but it is growing. Our garden plants are not that far yet. Berries are doing well though. Love the wandering walk way you have planned. You must show during and after pictures. Bartering is fun isn't it? My husband is really good at it. Have a great weekend.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  7. You cause many happy minutes by sharing your homesteading activities and items! Your plants are "coming on" and some of mine will soon burn up in our extreme heat. Here is wishing you many, many more happy minutes that will turn into happy hours!


  8. So much good!! I love Brooke's comment about the Bath and Body shipments!! LOL! Precious! And, that reminds me... I need to make a dash to our store. ;) blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  9. What wonderful happy minutes! Here's to hoping for ripe tomatoes! Never mind what the contractor says - I get your vision for a curvy walkway.

  10. Wow, sounds like a wonderful life Kerin! It makes a difference when we look at our blessings doesn't it?

  11. What a great post. I don't know of I knew you have "moved".
    Life has been crazy.

    You totally made a haul at the no stink store!!! Those are great good boxes.
    Love your mountains!

    Hopefully your tomato will produce more than you know what to do with.

  12. Such a happy post! I bought a few tomatoes at the farmers market and am looking forward to eating one that has flavor, unlike the type at the store! I like the gentle curve of the new walk and your view is amazing! I also love deliveries - Bath and Body is always good and it's a relief that you won't stink. :)
    Happy day to you!

  13. I gather from this post that your family has had its trials but it sounds like you choose to focus on the happy parts of life. Enjoy your weekend.

  14. I love your Attitude of Gratitude . . . . I feel happy, grateful and appreciative when I visit you . . .

  15. This is my first visit here and I enjoyed meeting you and your family via this blog post. I emphasize gratitude, just like you do. Your photos are pretty, there is one of a barn I especially like.

  16. Kerin, your blog always makes me feel so very good, and peaceful. LOVE the long bunny ears!

  17. Hi Kerin, I enjoyed your post and the pretty photos. The pic of the barn in that last photo is wonderful in that beautiful setting!
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  18. Hi Kerin,

    Thanks for stopping by Buttercup's. I hope you will visit often. I am now your latest follower. I know I will be back to visit -- your corner of the world is beautiful -- and saying a prayer for Brooke's blood draw. I know that issue so well!

  19. It really is the little things that make us happiest! What a sweet post and having gratitude for all we have really changes your whole outlook on life! I love the comment about no one ever stinking again and don't worry the contractors never get what I am saying either. Just hang in there and keep explaining that curve in the walk until they get it!

    Have a beautiful Sabbath!


  20. :) Great Post Kerin! I love that barn too very cool!

  21. I know exactly what you mean. So many things make me happy that it would take years to list them all. It's the peace and serenity that I have now that I didn't have for years but now that I have it I'm not letting go! I am blessed beyond measure and I wish everyone could feel this way. Your pictures are awesome! And don't we love us some Bath and Body stuff! Enjoy all the treasures!


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