Summer time at The Cottage

 Summer has begun.
Time for us to work on that "Summer Time Bucket List ".
  Filling the warm, sunny days with fun, laughter and making memories.
We've been able to cross off a few things on the 'Summer Bucket List'.
~Going to the zoo.. check.
 How cute is he?
I think if I gave him a name, it would be 'Pepper'.. because of the black flecks on his nose.
 The white Rhino.  What an impressive creature.
His name?
I think it would have to be 'Blade'.
 Serious cuteness here.
His name would have to be 'Merlin'.
One of the cutest things that we saw at the zoo, was this vintage bike.
Love it.
It has been about 10 or 12 years since we last visited the zoo.
When our kids were a lot younger.
 It was much easier and more fun to go this time.
No one's legs got too tired, and there weren't 1000 potty breaks.
We packed a lunch, and after we had visited the zoo, we went to Liberty Park to have a picnic and people watch.
Yet, another zoo.......hee, hee.
We've also checked off ~'Car Show' from the list.
The 'Rat Fink Reunion' car show is in Manti each year, and they always have an awesome car show.  Click on the link to find out more about the 'Rat Fink Reunion'.
Sure would be fun to have one of these old cars or trucks .
I would have to have a truck.
 Love those old trucks.
I remember my parents had a 1957 Chevy pickup.
It was blue.
My mom used to curse the fact that it didn't have power steering.
Wish we still had it..
One thing that is not on our 'Summer Bucket List' , but needed to be done was to replant the garden.
It's froze three times now.
Hopefully the crazy weather that we've had is over.
We can get the garden growing now.
We even had to re-plant a few of the herbs.
The freeze didn't get them because we covered them, but the winds blew them all over and
and about half of them didn't survive.

So, now that Summer is here, we plan on getting a lot of projects done on our "Overwhelmingly long List", and of course we will work on our 'Summer Bucket List'.
Enjoying the warm weather and sunshine.
Hope you are having fun working on your "Summer Bucket List'  also.

Attitude of gratitude:
~I'm grateful that Brooke and my sweet husband were able to get the new door put in the west side of the granary. I'm looking forward to getting the new door installed on the east side now, and restoring the original front.
~I'm grateful that my sweet husband and I were able to go on a long ATV ride with some friends.
~I'm grateful that we were able to rescue a lost hunting dog that had been stuck in the mountains for weeks, and weeks.  The dog had given up, laid down and ants were crawling all over him and biting him.  We brought him down off the mountain on our ATV and took him to the animal control officer.
He was able to get the poor little dog to eat and drink and regain his health so that he could walk again. His owner was so glad to get him back, and we found out that the dog is a very valuable dog, and is used for hunting bear.
I'm just so grateful that we found him, and that he's OK.


  1. Oh,I love that orange,vintage pickup! Perfect this OSU cowboy fan! Orange Power!


  2. Hi Kerin,
    Your trip to the zoo looks fun. We will have to do that this summer. Wow! What patience you have to plant your garden three times. I hope the third time is a charm.
    It has been great to have the girls home. The ratrace isn't near as fast when I don't have to worry about 4 different girls in 4 different schools. I LOVE SUMMER!!!
    Have a great day.

  3. I love the picture of the cute little old bike. Who would have thought you could find that in a zoo?!

  4. Hi Kerin: Your zoo pictures are the best. Isn't that bike darling?..And those cars are beautiful..I did a post on a car show awhile back, but didn't get as pretty pictures as yours. Happy Wednesday..Judy

  5. Love the zoo pics! Sounds like a nice start to your summer bucket list.
    Hope you don't have to plant again. Third times the charm, right?!

  6. The names for the zoo animals fit them perfectly! LOL

    Cool cars. The paint jobs are amazing.

    I keep waiting to plant basil but the weather here has turned into a cold spell. My hands are itching to dig in the dirt!

  7. Looks like you are having all kinds of fun. That first picture gave me a fright at first glance - I thought, what kind of huge dog does she have! I hope your garden flourishes!


  8. Hello Kerin! Thanks so much for visiting and being a follower of my Blog! You are on my list as well! The ZOO-what a FUN summer Day....I love animals....but that BICYCLE more........from one sweetie to another....Roxie

  9. What a cute post! What a cute puss too! I think you must have been there when Adam named all the animals, you are a good namer! Loved your fun times at the zoo and the Rat Fink car display. Too bad the garden froze 3 times? Oh my! So neat you could help that dog! I had a similar thing happen to me with a hunting dog! :)

  10. That is a great photo of the tiger. I thought at first, it may have been someone's most unusual species of house cat I didn't know about. So glad you could rescue that poor dog from the mountains. I'm sorry you had to replant your garden and hope that this time it stays alive.

  11. There is always a list for something isn't there.
    The zoo and the car show look like fun. We haven't been to our zoo in years either. Keep on having fun. Hope the garden comes back for you.


  12. Great photo of the tiger!! Love the vintage bike. How fun would that be to have in your garden, with the basket filled with pretty flowers? So fun!! Have a lovely day! xo Heather

  13. I love zoos and car shows. Hope you ultimately have a successful garden. I admire your perserverence in replanting it 3 times! So glad you could help that poor dog. Thanksk for this post.

  14. Well those first two pictures really captured my attention. I couldn't tell what I was seeing. Have I told you I love your gratitude list? I do. Hope you continue to have a wonderful summer.

  15. A trip to the zoo sounds like fun...I haven't been to one in years. Loved your photos! Pretty old truck, too. I'm so happy to read the happy ending in your dog rescue story! Poor thing...and bless you for helping find him!

  16. Oh my, that first picture got me! His I loved reading your post and going on your trip, although virtually.

    Your gratitude list is good to read and reminds me of all our blessings.

    Great pictures of your trip, as always.

  17. Your bucket list sounds like it could be fun! I would love to go to the zoo! But people watching, now that's what's really interesting!:) I'm so glad you were able to rescue the dog and that he's doing better. That would have been so sad to see!

  18. Oh, my goodness, Kerin. I am so glad y'all were able to help the hunting dog that was lost!! It was so fortunate that you were on your ride and saw him... and, had the heart to do something about it. Thank you for being that kind of person.

    LOVE your shots of the tiger!! Impressive photography! ;) blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  19. Hi Kerin..
    Love the animals(:) LOL
    they always bring a smile especially cats or dogs-for me..
    the primitive painting not mine it though..hugs,p

  20. WOW~ that first picture kind of scared me for a minute, Kerin! *hehe* ("What big teeth you have!")
    Enjoyed all your pictures~ I LOVE going to the zoo, and those fancy hot rods are gorgeous!
    My daddy had an old truck when I was a teeneager... in fact, I learned to drive on it. It had a "three on the tree" gearshift and I was the only kid in my high school (girl or boy) that knew how to drive one of those! *giggle*
    I am so glad you rescued the dog... it makes me choke up just thinking about what that poor thing went through before you found it...

  21. Looks like you had a great trip! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a great weekend!


  22. Oh, Kerin, a wonderful post as usual, but the stor of the hunting dog touched my heart! Bravo to you and your husband for your act of kindness.

  23. Ha! Ha! I thought that first picture was your cat and I thought to myself..."Boy that cat has some serious teeth"! Ha! Ha! Sometimes it's more fun not to read the caption!
    That bike would look cute at your house for sure.
    I don't have a bucket list but I have a to-do list that never ends. What is a bucket list anyway?
    Your gratefulness for the hunting dog was an awesome tale or tail whichever. So glad it was such a happy ending for all involved. I don't believe in were definitely led to that dog. It made my heart flutter and my tear ducts drip. Amazing Grace at work. Have a great weekend!

  24. Looks like a fantastic weekend. Bummer on haveing to replant for the 3rd time. Yikes. We have had to plant more growing plants but only because the seeds never came up that we originally planted. I think this year I will just keep adding to the garden.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  25. hi kerin
    looks like a beautiful weekend.your basil looks well. i lost two cucumbers,after the many rainy days,that we have had here.yet is the weather a little bit better.
    wish you a beutiful weekend ,my friend
    love and hugs regina

  26. Ah yes, summer for northerners, quite different for Floridians. :) More like scorching than warm for us, and we do less than ever because we wilt before noon. ;) Glad you are enjoying it though. Regardless of our humidity, I think every season is so beautiful and unique. There are fruits that taste so much better now too, and lemonade takes on an entirely different taste AND meaning during the summer. :)
    Always fun visiting, Kerin.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  27. Good evening, Kerin~

    I loved your post. As always, your pictures are AMAZING! I love the truck and those teeth...........WOW! lol

    Blessings for a wonderful weekend~

  28. Loved the zoo pictures...Merlin....had to laugh but it was so appropriate!
    My f-i-l had an old blue truck that I drove when I was pregnant with my second child...years ago! It didn't have power steering and, oh, how I hated that truck! So I can relate :)


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