Today starts the new week for me.
I woke up a lot later than I would have liked to; 7:00 am.
I really wanted to be up and moving at 4:00 am.
I have so many things to catch up on.
The Memorial weekend started on Thursday for us, and went through until Tuesday.
Thursday afternoon, we hauled the 'Tin Can" up the mountain for Spencer.
He stays in it all summer for his job.
 He has the use of a full kitchen, bathroom, and laundry when he's there.. so this is just a place to rest his head and have some space of his own.

 Beats having a wagon to live in all summer.
Above is one of the neighboring farms. They had it all decked out for the Historic Home Show during Heritage Days.
The whole town was ready.
Everything looked terrific.
The weather did not co-operate.
It was so cold, and windy and rainy.
Sure put a damper on everything.
We decided not to go to the Historic Home Show.
Because of the cold and rain. 
 We drove down to the post office to get the mail, and snapped a few pictures.  I could tell that the rain kept folks inside.
In past years, the streets were shoulder to shoulder people.  This year, a few brave souls faced the cold temperatures, wind and rain to go see some of the historic homes.
I'm hoping for better weather next year.
You win some, you lose some.
Then, yesterday.. the state road crews re-paved one of the roads by our house.
They were quick! They worked on the road for no more than an hour and it was done.
I saw some of Tennessee's old farm equipment out in front of his house, and had an immediate appreciation for modern technology and conveniences.
What a huge chore it would have been to smooth and fix a road with a wagon and team of horses.

I've got to get busy.. cleaning, and organizing.
~Bedding to wash and hang out.
~Refrigerator to scrub out.
~Vacuuming, and dusting.
~Mopping floors, and menu planning, etc.. etc.. etc..
Busy, busy , today.
Hope that you all had a wonderful weekend and that the week is a good one.

Attitude of gratitude:
~I'm so grateful that Spencer took his bagpipes to the cemeteries and played 'Amazing Grace' at my father's grave and at my father in law's grave.
It was very emotional, and quite beautiful.  His grandpa's would have been so incredibly proud.


  1. Love the old blue building and farm equipment!! So neat! Hope you have a wonderful day!! xo Heather

  2. Love the pictures. It was kind of a nasty weekend, weatherwise. :)
    I'm trying to get in the summer groove~ it'll take me a couple of months (ha, ha!)

  3. We had a busy weekend too. Now its tome to get everything back in order and start preparing for our next group of guests in two weeks. Busy busy. We are in good company you and I.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  4. Love the picture of the road up the mountain and the old barn and covered wagon.
    Too bad the weather wasn't nicer.

  5. Your photos and words tell a charming tale . . . even with cold and rain. And the gratitude thoughht brought the tears . . . bagpipes and intention . . . reverence, the best.

  6. Great pictures! Hard to believe you had cold weather for Memorial weekend. It has been so hot here in OK. Hope we're not in for another hot summer!


  7. How awesome that your son played at your father, and father-in-laws graves. What a special experience. Looks like you are gonna be busy. Don't forget to take a break and enjoy.
    Hugs, Susan

  8. I can imagine that Spencer playing Amazing Grace on the bagpipes was just beautiful. How very special.
    Your porch looks so inviting. What a shame about the bad weather for the historic home show.
    Don't work too hard today. I am covering up everything in prep for tomorrow's sheetrock repair!

  9. I would have loved to hear Amazing Grace.

  10. I bet Amazing Grace sounded beautiful on the bagpipes!

  11. It sounds like a blessed weekend for you - even though it was rainy and chilly. Saturday was cold and wet here too. It put a damper on things... but it turned out to still be an enjoyable weekend. Love your photos!

  12. Love the pictures, especially the porch. Spencer playing his bagpipes must have been so special indeed. meaningful.
    Thank you for sharing, Kerin.

  13. Good grief 4am. I would cry if I had to get up that early. 7 sounds good to me!
    I just love all your pictures. Such a nice spot it looks like.

  14. I love bagpipes, I would have loved to see and hear that. You are a true early bird aren't you?! My husband is too, we get up now at 3:30 in the morning, then leave here at 4:30 to be at the temple by 6:00! Love your place, the porch looks cozy. And yes, the weather has been bad, lets hope it improves!!! It is after all almost summer!!! ;)

  15. Thanks again for visiting my blog and for your feedback. I'm glad to know you like paper crafts too. It is the one thing I have continued to do for years. I have been neglecting my blog lately and am hoping to post more often again, but probably no more than twice a week. I love seeing yours - love seeing the scenes in your area of the world - so different from mine. I just put your blog on mine under "blogs you might enjoy". Betty

    1. Thank you Betty.. that is very kind of you :)

  16. What a great view you had making that haul!!
    It's cool and windy here too.
    Too bad you missed the historic home tour-I love those.
    It sure looks like a neat little town you live in.

  17. Amazing Grace from the bagpipes is the most beautiful rendition of this most beautiful song! How blessed you are to have a son who plays.

    A beautiful tribute to his grandfathers!

  18. Wow you have been busy. Sorry to hear about the weather issue.It sure can cuse problems sometimes.
    Hope you get caught up soon.


  19. Kerin, What beautiful photos. It looks so gorgeous with the mountains in the background. That's such a gift that your son played the bagpipes at the cemeteries. Wonderful memories. Thanks for stopping by with your inspirational comments. Have a great week!


  20. I really want that barn and the covered wagon!

  21. I'll bet the sound of Amazing Grace at the cemetery was very beautiful and moving! How sweet of your son to play it. Sorry you missed the home tour and that the weather was so bad.

  22. Your neighborhood looks quiet and beautiful!

    --Your new follower from the Philippines.--

  23. Ah, that must have been a huge let down after all the clean up work done. The town looks great though!

  24. Your front porch looks so pretty and welcoming. The road to the mountains is so beautiful! I love bagpipes too! Must be the Irish in me. I'm so sorry you had such bad weather on your Heritage events. Nothing like cold, wind, and rain to make people want to stay home! I would have loved to have seen those historic homes. That one across the street from you and down a bit would be just perfect for me! LOL! The older I get the more smaller houses look better and better to me! When there were 6 of us I wanted bigger but now it's just me and I want just enough room for my books and me and of course my "girls". Hope you get all that stuff done that you want to. Have a great week!

  25. I'm sorry your weather was so cold. But it's nice to have the town all spruced up anyway. I love the bagpipes and would love to hear your son play someday. You'll have to make a mini movie for us. My daughter was an Irish dancer all through her school years.

  26. your front porch scene is beautiful as ever. :) glad your son gets 'a tin can' to rest his head. :)

  27. your pictures are so beautiful! what a slice of life!! and playing Amazing there wasn't a dry eye.
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  28. I'm so sorry the weather didn't cooperate. I would have loved to see the photos, oh well. We had gorgeous weather here. I was outside almost all weekend! Your cold is my heaven here......

  29. Oh the gorgeous adventures you always have. Such beauty in God's creation.

  30. what a bummer about the weather! Maybe you got all your cleaning done though!

  31. Too bad it was cold and blustery for such a fun event. I can't imagine the weather being like that at the end of May when it's so hot and humid here in Oklahoma.

  32. What a lovely blog. Your country town looks like a wonderful place to raise a family. Sorry that the cold weather put a damper on your event . . . touring historic homes sounds like a lot of fun. I am your newest follower. Please accept my warm invitation to visit and hopefully to follow me too. Connie :)

  33. Makes me cry to think of Spencer playing Amazing Grace for his grandfathers. I know you are so proud of him.

    Sad for the Historic Home Tour... so much work goes into getting those things ready. bummer for them. :(

    blessings ~ tanna

  34. I don't know where you live, but I want to live there! I absolutely LOVE YOUR BLOG!! Always wanted to live in a town like you've pictured and described.....Lovely...and I have a soft spot of VINTAGE travel trailers.....Oh...I want your ENERGY and SPUNKINESS!! 4:00 a.m. GIRL?? Maybe I should try that.....from one sweetie to another....Roxie


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