Saturday treasures.

Yard sale hosta's.
Imagine my delight to find a yard sale that was selling garden plants.
Actually, a sweet lady in my ward was having a fund raising yard sale to
help raise funds for a granddaughter's trip to Europe.
 She had previously given me a lot of plants when she divided her gardens about a month ago.
She had plenty more divisions, and told me that I didn't have to buy any at the yard sale, and she would be happy to give me some more plants.
 Still, I was more than happy to make a contribution to her granddaughter's fund.
She only wanted .50 cents for the hosta's, and .25 cents for the lilies, and .10 cents for some of the other plants she had.
Incredible deal!
At the local nurserys you can pay $10.00 for a single hosta.
 I also snagged up this pip-berry heart shaped wreath for just $2.00.
I'm not certain exactly where I'll display it permanently .
 An old zinc lid 'Ball' canning jar... a mere .50 cents.
 Darling shaker box. It's huge... 16 inches in diameter.
Not a huge fan of the previous owners stamped lid.
I'll be making a change to that for certain, and more than likely, the entire box will be painted white, and distressed.
A wonderful surprise this morning as I stepped out the sun room door to water the flower pots... a sweet little butterfly.
A day filled with treasures.

Attitude of gratitude:
~I'm so grateful to be able to drive well and not make everyone else on the road crazy.
Sorry E. .. but maybe it's getting time to put the drivers license away and let J. drive you.
I'd be sick if you wrecked or caused a wreck.
~I'm grateful that I have a love of thrifting, and making the most of every dollar.
~I'm so, so grateful to be getting such a bounty of gorgeous landscaping plants at a fraction of the cost of buying them at the nursery.
One day, I hope to have enough plant divisions to share with others also.


  1. You really scored on the plants. Last year a neighbor gave me several hostas that he was dividing. Just the other day a friend gave me Autumn Joy Sedum. I have to get those planted.
    I'll have to get pictures of then.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Good Afternoon Kerin, Beautiful plants at a great deal...what could be better? Plants are so expensive these days and I'm sure hers are bigger/healthier than anything you could buy.
    I also love your thrift store finds. My kitties would destroy the pretty heart wreath, I'm afraid! We saw our first butterfly just yesterday. I love your photo of yours. Enjoy the evening.

  3. Kerin, I sat down for a few minutes this afternoon to catch my breath and catch up on other blogs. It has been a long week. Your story about the treasures at your neighbor's sale is wonderful, and made me laugh. I would LOVE to find a sale around here selling plant divisions! What a bounty!

  4. OMW! That is a deal on those hosta's! They are so pricey even at the big box stores. What a nice neighbor you have. It gave me an idea, maybe I could have a garage sale to finance a trip for myself! LOL! Although, I really like staying home and it's such a hassle with dogs and plants and gardens. You got some precious items at the sales today. I keep staying home until I clear out a bunch of stuff. I need to get rid of or make do before I get anything else. I can't just go look because I WILL buy, no doubt about it. In other words, I'm really trying to be good! LOL! I'll live vicariously through your treasures. Have a great weekend!

  5. Hello, sounds like you had a wonderful day. Glad you found some treasures - good for you. It really doesn't take a lot to make us happy, does it. I need to start going to some garage sales. I use to go often when I had a booth in an antique store - long ago. Time to get out and see what I might find.


  6. Wow, I always wonder how people like you find such treasures. I wouldn't be that lucky! Awesome finds!

  7. You scored big with your garage sale finds! I love Hostas!


  8. Best kind of Hosta find . . .great plants and supporting a cause too . . .

  9. What great finds Kerin!! Love the mason jar!! And such a great price, too!! What a beautiful butterfly to brighten your day!! Happy weekend dear friend!! xo Heather

  10. Wow. What great deals you got there.

    I love the wreath. And the butterfly gorgeous.

    Have a wonderful Sunday.

    Take care, Janet W

  11. You really hit the jackpot on the plants! Hope you show us what you end up doing with the shaker box. Beautiful photo of the butterfly!
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  12. Wow, Kerin!! Those hostas are beautiful! You DID get some really good deals! Love that old jar and the heart wreath!! Way to go. blessings ~ Tanna

  13. Wow, what a great idea. Good job.

  14. Love your plants, Kerin..Our hostas are doing so well this year.. I also love all your finds.. the hearts wreath and old bottle are lovely..
    Take care, dear..

  15. How awesome! I love hostas but it is too hot here and I've never tried them.

  16. Great deal on the hostas- lucky to find that! The wreath is pretty and I love the shaker box.

  17. Hello, Kerin~ I've missed checking in on you!
    That was a great plant sale~ I would love to have more hostas.I love the shaker box, but the heart shaped wreath is my favorite~ it is gorgeous!

  18. Wow-Those are super prices on the plants.
    Your other goodies are nifty too.


  19. Mercy, you got some incredible deals indeed! I hope your lady friend was able to raise a sizable amount for her granddaughter.

  20. wow! hostas can indeed be expensive. You are a lucky dog! Now your yard will be all newly planted for the heritage festival!

  21. WOW! What incredible prices on the plants! I wish she was my neighbor!! Seriously, I need a neighbor that loves to garden, and doesn't always want to chop everything green down. Sigh. I seriously need to move out in the country.

  22. What a cute blog you have! I am your newest follower! Your little town looks so idyllic! I have traveled through Southern and Central Utah a lot so I am thinking that you must live in one of those lovely pioneer settlement towns. Thanks for your fun posts and I love the music on your blog. Looking forward to more posts!


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