It's difficult as a Mormon girl to find beer bottles....

 Well, it is!!
Have you ever gotten a 'bee in your bonnet'?
I have one.
It's an idea.... buzzing and buzzing, and buzzing around in my brain.
Along with about a million more ideas.
I want a bottle tree.
So.... the quest has begun to find bottles.
We've been looking down on Pigeon Hollow Road for bottles,
 and we've found a few.
 On Saturday, for Mother's Day, my sweet hubby took me
 to have a picnic at the top of Manti Canyon.
We went with some friends, and we all drove our A.T.V.'s.
I was the caboose.
I had to drive slowly .... because I was looking for bottles.
Sheesh... I didn't find not one single bottle.
So far, all I've found is about 23 bottles.  The first picture is a sample of some of the bottles that I've found.
I especially love the cobalt blue bottles.
 My second favorite ... the green ones.
If I were looking for brown bottles, I'd have it made.
But, I only want blue, green, and clear. 
Mostly, blue and green.
 The blue bottles look awesome lining a side walk.
 I really like the 'flower bottles' too.
Green bottles marking a garden path.
And, should I ever hit the 'Mother Lode' of bottles.. well, then I will have an awesome, beyond awesome bottle tree.

So, if you have any extra bottles.. please send them my way.
No.. really.
Because it is really hard for me being a Mormon to find beer bottles.

*Note: all pictures of the bottles (except the first picture) are from Pinterest.

Attitude of gratitude:
~I'm grateful for the little bit of rain that we were blessed with yesterday. Cooled things off, and
I loved the cloud cover.
~I'm grateful that we were able to haul the yard debris off to the landfill.
That spot in the yard where everything has been accumulating looks so much better!
~I'm grateful for my 'new clothesline'.  How wonderful our sheets smell when we crawl into bed after
working in the yard and gardens all day.
~I'm grateful that my sweet hubby made me a pumpkin patch.  It's small ...but I am looking forward to having our own home-grown pumpkins this fall.  Next, year.. we'll expand the pumpkin patch.


  1. It is probably especially difficult to find BLUE beer bottles in Utah as a Mormon girl!! Good luck and I think it will be spectacular!

    1. Thanks Nancy..

      I thought about putting out a box marked "re-cylce your blue beer bottles here" ~~LOL!

  2. Oh my goodness, Kerin, this is so beautiful. I am absolutely in love with the blue bottles lining the walkway. Now you've gone and done it again, sending me off to a treasure hunt with you. ;) I think I might be able to make something similar in my little side garden at least. Blue bottles don't come as easily, but if you prefer, some water brands come in blue glass bottles too.
    Fun stopping by today.
    Much love,

    1. Thanks for the tip Marcia !

      I tried to find some green water bottles too... but now, they are plastic! Shoot!

      Let me know how your treasure hunt fairs.

  3. Isn't it funny how when creativity sparks you can't find what you need but when you don't need it there everywhere. Have fun searching. Patty

    1. So true!

      I'm going to keep a-lookin' :)

  4. I'll certainly keep an eye out for ya! I was thinking about finding some green & clear bottles for my kitchen window sill. Hadn't thought that it might be kind of difficult! :)

    1. Hi Valerie..
      It is hard to find the bottles!

      Once in a while I see a glimmer of blue and green, and upon closer inspection find that they are smashed bottles. Bummer!

  5. Pinterest puts so many bees in my bonnet. I can't wait till I get my own place and put my ideas together. I love the bottle idea, good luck!!

    1. Hi!

      You are so creative1 I can't wait to see what you put together in your home!!

  6. Good luck finding the bottles for your bottle tree.

  7. I know what you mean about beer bottles. We don't drink any alcoholic beverages. In fact, I've never even tasted one drop. Most people who know this about me are amazed by this fact. That's how I was raised.
    Anyway, I like your ideas for decorating outside with bottles. I saw a cute idea on Pinterest the other day to make garden markers with old forks & wine corks. Alas, I don't have any corks. : )


  8. Hi Kerin: They sure look pretty, especially the blue ones along the walk. I don't have a clue where you could find enough to work with. I do remember my grandmother taking bromo seltzer for headaches and the bottles were blue, but shorter. You can find them in antique shops but I suppose they would cost a lot nowadays..Happy Hunting and Thursday..Judy

  9. Hello Kerin, Those blue and green bottles are so pretty. I don't ever see/find bottles any more.
    How fun to have a pumpkin patch. Autumn is my favorite time of year!
    Wishing you a very nice evening.

  10. Hi Kerin!! Love your bottle idea!! I will keep my eyes out for you!! How about vintage soda bottles? That might be easier to find? xo Heather

  11. so funny. i just told a blogger pal in australia about bottle trees today. she was gonna google them to see examples. :)

  12. I will keep my eyes peeled, Kerin!! I love each and every one of the pinterest photos you shared! I think they look so good in gardens. On the lookout... tanna

  13. Never heard of a bottle tree! You've shown some great ideas using the I have another project on my list of many! LOL

  14. Hi Kerin,

    Wow, it would be soooo cool if you got the needed bottles for a tree. :)

    Remind me some time to tell about the trip my sis and I took when we are little. We collected bottles. I wonder if I blogged that a long time ago. Hmmm

    Sorry there are no bottles up here. And when we move to Logan I don't know if it would be easy to find 'em. :(

    Have a great evening and a great tomorrow too. :)

    Take care, Janet W

  15. I had the same problem when my DH built a bottle tree for me. Finally just ordered two cases of empty bottles from a wine making company. Solved the endless hours I had spent searching. Love my bottle tree!

  16. There's a house down the road with a bottle "bush", they put bottles on their bush, I can go borrow some from them ? ;)

    1. Hmmm
      A bush huh?
      I'd like to see that!

  17. Wow! Those are amazing ideas!!! I always see brown bottles when we go hiking - but I haven't seen different coloured ones. Now you are going to have me looking for them! lol Your collection is beautiful and I can't wait to see what you will do with them. Have a blessed weekend ~

  18. Great ideas for recycling!


  19. Hi Kerin (:) love the bottles..and your font~

    FB well I bought some stocks but its scary..maybe the price will rise next week hope hope..

  20. How funny, heaven forbid a Mormon girl look for beer bottles! :)) The ones you have found are awesome. I love the blue ones too!

    1. They are a lot harder to find than I thought that they would be.
      There are plenty of broken, and smashed bottles.. but to find the bottles intact is almost impossible.

      Do you see a lot of beer bottles in your hikes?

  21. Would they let you go on sabatical? LOL! Just so you could complete your collection? Are there any non-Mormons there that drink? Any liquor stores near-by? Recycling centers?
    I drink Corona which is a clear bottle and Blue Moon which is brown with a blue label. They don't recycle glass here so thanks for the idea! This is a "dry" county too but you'd be amazed at all the liquor around here! LOL! Tell people "no" and they're immediately drawn to it.
    I like a beer after I mow the yard and when it's hot. In the winter I'll have a glass of red wine. I had Italian relatives and I had wine at supper when I was little. I guess they didn't trust the water! Ha! Ha! My Mother's side of the family didn't drink at all. In fact, they were very strict religiously. They were Methodists but they didn't drink, play cards, dance or go to movies. I'm more like the Greeks....everything in moderation. But it has gotten way too acceptable in our society. Good may have to take a trip here. Although many drink from cans now. I love the ideas though. I knew of the bottle trees but hadn't seen the others. I may have to drink more now! LOL! See what you've done? LOL! Have a great weekend!

    1. You have such a great sense of humor.. it always cracks me up~~LOL!!

      We live in a little tiny town, and most of us are mormons and therefore..not drinkers.
      Finding the bottles is like looking for a needle in a haystack!
      Maybe it's a price thing.
      Seems as though there are quite a few brown bottles..but not green and blue. Perhaps those brands are more pricey?

      I did find a resource on Amazon that sells empty wine and beer bottles in bulk, and they are pretty cheap. I think I may just go that route.

      Can't wait to see if you get hooked, and have to have your own bottle tree..{grin}

  22. Beautiful way to use the bottles even if they did hold beer at one time ;)

  23. Many of the fancy waters out there come in green and blue bottles. If you don't mind splurging on water! Your bottle tree will be lovely - and you will eventually have enough bottles. Just one of the hazards of being a thrifter - having t wait till you find something free or cheap.

  24. I love your blog! Thanks for stopping by and following me :) Following you back now.

    My sister really wants one of those glass bottle trees too. I think they's soo cute!! Good luck with finding all your bottles :) Have a great weekend ;)


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