~ New year... new opportunities! ~

 Hello friends,
Can you believe how quickly the new year is approaching?
Never in all my years, can I remember a year that has gone by as quickly as this past year.
Maybe it's getting older..... I've often heard that as we age, time goes by faster.
Hmmmm.... it's something to consider ....
I have big plans for the coming year.
 In years past I've tentativly made 'New Years' plans, or resolutions, whatever term you want to use.
But, last year I put 8 strips of paper rolled up in a tiny little bottle.
Eight resolutions for the new year.
A few days ago, I took the cork out of that tiny little bottle and I read over my goals for this past year.
Happily, I accomplished each of my eight goals!
Maybe there was a little genie magic in that little bottle!
 What ever it was, having that little bottle filled with those slips of paper was just the reminder and just the motivation that I needed to work on my goals this last year.
Guess what? Tommorrow night, I'm going to write down some new goals for the coming year on little strips of paper and put those little written reminders in my teeny little bottle.
  Just a little reminder in the coming year of the things I want to work on.

 Also, I took a few minutes and downloaded some pictures off of my little camera:
* Deer in the meadow. They are still digging through the snow and munching on a few of the pumpkins left over from Halloween.
 *Pictures snapped on the way back home from Santa Fe.
In the Monument Valley area of Utah.
Gorgeous red rocks.

 * Near Moab Utah.
Love the turquoise color of these rocks.

*Hole in the rock.
Gosh... we should have stopped.
I saw a sign here advertising  ~ Camel Rides.
Oh well.... maybe next time.

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!!
Hope that this one is the best New Year yet.

~Reasons to smile today...
~The days are getting longer now, and that means more sunshine each day!  Perfect for a girl like me that is 'solar powered'!
~ Having my sweet husband home for a few weeks. Nothing better than spending time with my best friend and sweetheart!
~Buying paint and trim... getting an office and the family room re~painted and decorated. Love the fresh clean feel of a newly painted space :)


  1. Happy new Year Kerin! My list of goals for 2016 would not fit in a bottle..maybe a notebook...LOL!

  2. Hi Kerin!

    I love the idea of the bottle! I'm in YW, and I am teaching a combined lesson on Sunday. We are talking about goals, and I love your idea of eight goals!

    Your pictures are lovely, I love the, Moab area, one of my favorite places. The turquoise rock is so beautiful! Have you read the book, Undaunted, by Gerald Lund? It's wonderful, all about, Hole in the Rock!

    I would love to ride a camel . . . just sayin'!

    Happy New Year!!


  3. I love the pictures you took. Maybe next time you can go on a camel ride. How neat that you accomplished all eight of your goals. That is exciting.
    I hope you have a lovely and wonderful New Year.

  4. Fabulous photos. Love the one with the snow covered mountain top.
    Good for you for completing all your goals this year.

  5. Hi Kerin, I like your idea of the rolled up paper resolutions placed in a bottle. I cannot wait to see your new paint etc. - you are so talented and creative with your decorating. Beautiful scenery and deer you have shared this evening. May the Lord richly bless you and your family in 2016. Thank you for your friendship.

  6. Happy New Year Kerin! I really like your bottle idea. :)

  7. I can usually count on being inspired when I connect with you!
    Not disappointed . . .
    Gotta find my bottle, slips of paper . . . and start writing!
    Happy Healthy New Year Kerin . . .
    Happy painting too . . .

  8. Hi Kerin. What a great idea to put the ideas in a bottle, and especially to find that you accomplished them all. I may have to try that. Happy New Year to you and your family, my friend..Judy

  9. Happy new year! I love your pictures. We have driven this road so many times, so these scenes look so familiar. I have always wanted to stop at that "hole in the rock" place too, but I think it is just a "tourist trap." I do want to read that book about the real "hole in the rock" pioneers. I think it is called "Undaunted." I love your idea for your resolutions in a bottle! You have a great new year!

  10. Wishing you all the best in the New Year, Kerin!

  11. I've got my goals for 2016, too. More walking, more time with friends and more writing. Happy to say I've started the year with a focus on all three. Wishes for a happy and healthy year ahead!

  12. Hi Kerin. Just wanted to let you know that I let loose my "copy-catiness" and did the papers too. I took 6 pieces and I did 3 and the Captain did 3, then packed them away with the decorations for next year. We shall see!!..Judy

  13. Happy New Year...
    Congratulations on your accomplishment!

    M : )

  14. A camel ride might be out of my comfort zone but the pics would be priceless.

  15. Happy New Year! That's a great idea on your goals and congrats on fulfilling them but if I put them in a bottle I would forget them. I have to write them down and review them to stay on top of things! LOL! Of course, I'm older than you...maybe that's why! LOL! Good luck with this years!

  16. Sweet Kerin, it's always such a delight to accomplish something and I am thrilled to hear you met all 8 goals in 2015 - way to go, my friend :)

    I hope this year is extra beautiful and special. Love and hugs to you!

  17. Happy New Year, Kerin! I hope you get to ride a camel soon ;)

    hugs to you,


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