~A new view ~

 Things are looking a little different here at Mill Hill Meadow.
I have a stash of old windows in the garden shed, and now that the weather is cold and blustery, and it's too cold to work outside, I've been working inside.
 I've been bringing in my old windows, one at a time, and cleaning and sealing them, and most importantly ... decorating with them.
 Many of them are really in bad condition, and very old.
We bought most of them at one yard sale this past summer. We were told that they were out of an old city building in a near~by town.
Some of them look to be from the 1930~40's, but a few of them look to be even older.
Wavy glass and all.
The above window has 9 panes. As I was cleaning it, 2 of the panes just dropped out. So, each and every pane had to be caulked in with clear caulk and stabilized. As you can see, almost no paint remained on frame.
I painted the frame a soft sage green color with chalk paint and sealed it with varnish.
 Here you can see the finished old window frame, hanging in the living room.
I love it!! And, our family loves it. My sweet husband loves it, and he loves the character and the history of the window too.
He even loves that I didn't try to replace the two cracked window panes, and instead I just stabilized the panes and left them cracked.
Oh, and that 'new' green~gold chair? It's a find too! We bought two matching chairs second hand from an estate sale. The upholstery is in new condition, and the chairs are very well built, and very comfortable.
Perhaps we will have them re~upholstered..... perhaps not.
 Another old window. This one hangs in the laundry room, and is the same window that shows the close up in the very first picture on this post. This window was scrubbed and then sealed with varnish. I like the old paint, and the old patina on this window.
 A little glimpse at the t.v stand.
I painted it a beautiful yellow color. Goes so well with our 'new' chairs and 'new' windows.
 These doors at Gardner Village were the inspiration for the color I wanted on the t.v. stand, and on the blanket chest. The blanket chest that used to be painted white {4th picture in post} is now the same yellow as the t.v. stand.
That yellow reminds me of marigolds in the summer. Loving it!!
 The early morning view from our motel room in St. George.
Brooke and I went to "Time Out for Women" in St. George at the first of the month.
It was a wonderful event, and a super fun weekend! We enjoyed the presenters, then we shopped, and went out to eat, etc..
So fun to get away to a warmer city, and have a girls weekend!
 Speaking of 'girls weekend', last weekend we had Girls Craft Weekend.
It is something that a few friends and I have begun to do every other month.
We get together, and all of us bring a craft or two plus the supplies to do the craft, and we all spend the day crafting together. One of my crafts that I shared was wood blocks painted with snowflakes on them.
I found the craft on Pinterest.
All together, we each did eight crafts, and we had a lovely lunch, and lovely gift bags provided by two of our friends.
Our next Girls Craft Day will be in January.  I'm really looking forward to it!
 A new view : Snow.
It's official.. winter has come to our area. It has snowed several times, and the temperatures have fallen.
The picture above shows the last snow storm that we had. Huge, fluffy flakes of snow fell, and covered everything in a blanket of white.
 Oh, and one day, as I let Rowdy out to go potty, I looked across the meadow and noticed that someone is building a big new home.
I just noticed it, although clearly they've been building it for some time!

 And, look who stopped by for lunch!
The view outside our windows always includes the mountains and the meadows, and once in a while the deer.
Now that there is snow on the ground, we see a great deal more of the deer.
They found the left over pumpkins from Halloween, and have been munching away.
There are still quite a few pumpkin and squash left, so I imagine that this will be my view for a few more weeks.

What ever your view is, or whom ever you share your view with, here's wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and a week filled with blessings and goodness.

~Attitude of gratitude :
* Feeling grateful that the phone call that came just after 5:00 am this morning was a phone call that wasn't from any of our kids. You know when the phone rings at that time of morning, your heart turns a bit cold... as it is usually bad news.
Thankfully, it was a co~worker of my husbands that had broke down in town and needed a ride to work. OK. That is do~able.
*Feeling so grateful that our son and his wife will be able to spend Christmas day with us! Previously, he had to work on Christmas, and wouldn't be able to come until the day after. He switched schedules, and now they will be here on Christmas... yahoo!!
* Grateful that most of our family will be here for Thanksgiving. We are a small group, but we always have such fun together, and make warm and happy memories.
*Thankful for our beautiful home. It sure makes me happy 'fluffing' our nest, especially when it's too cold to be outside. This is the time of year when I do my painting, cleaning, organizing, crafting, sewing, baking, cooking, etc.....


  1. I love what you did with the windows. Great ideas. I have some old windows and you have inspired me to do something like you did!!
    That looks like a huge house that is being built.
    A girls weekend away is always fun.
    I'm having one with some of the women from church for three days in Dec. We are going to Lancaster, Pa. : )

  2. What gorgeous pictures! A happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too! I love that yellow...my favorite color and also what you did with the windows. You're a crafting wizard! I'm still able to work outside but soon enough my windows will have to close. Enjoy!

  3. I like what you did with the old windows! So simple, yet very attractive additions to your walls! I found an old window from the barn and hung it in my kitchen (no glass in the panes) and draped some fabric over it like it would be curtains. I like those snowflake blocks, too! Looks like you had a productive and fun time with "the girls". Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Gotta love old windows, there are so many possibilities to
    do with them,

    Enjoy your holiday!!

    M : )

  5. Kerin, isn't it fun to decorate with the old windows. I have a couple but you can always think of something to do with them. Love your new, old chairs and the yellow paint looks so fresh and pretty. It will all be very unlifting during the cold winter. The snow is very pretty though. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving..xo Judy

  6. Hi Kerin, I love all the decorating you have done! Your house looks so homey and comfy. So glad you will be with your family on Thanksgiving and Christmas! You have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Blessings to you this Thanksgiving week, Kerin. You have such beautiful views around your home. I love the old windows, your tv stand, estate sale chairs. The crafting time together sounds lovely. Wishing you and yours a safe and happy holiday.

  8. Love your window tweaks and trims . . .
    And the addition of the yellow/gold to the tv stand and chest brings so much warmth . . .
    Very nice Kerin . . .
    Happy Thanksgiving for you and your family . . .
    (I really like hearing your gratitude . . .)

  9. Hi Kerin, Wow! I love what you have done with the old windows. And all your photos are just wonderful. I love your creative decorating. :)

    Seeing the snow and the deer makes me miss our time in the northern Uintas. We were there for two and a half years. Would have stayed there too if we'd had the choice. Maybe we will go back. I hope we will.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. Take care, Janet W

  10. Oh you are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place! Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Oh I am so glad I got to see how your windows look now that they are finished!!! They turned out so great. I love that yellow. I also love your blocks with the snow flakes. I bet you had such a nice time. I love your farmhouse sign. That turned out amazing too.
    So glad you shared.

  12. Hi Kerin!

    Oh my goodness, I love all those beautiful old windows! If each one could just tell us what they have seen, and who has looked out of them!

    As always, loved all the beautiful pics, but the Mule Deer stole my heart...I love those big brown eyes!

    Gratitude . . . I am so grateful for everyday, and love all your sweet reminders!


  13. Kerin, Had to delete the old blog/email. This link will give you the new info. I'd love for you to follow. Thx.


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