* Mission Possible : Sunflower rescue mission 2015

 Hello friends.
How are you doing?
Summer is just speeding by, isn't it.
It's hard to believe it, but July is half over.

Here at Mill Hill Meadow, we planted sunflowers in June.
 We waited a bit longer than usual because of our really rainy spring.
 We planted sunflowers at the edge of our property and the meadow.
Not only for their beauty, but also to give us a bit of a wind break.
The sunflowers were doing great!  We planted lots of different kinds of sunflowers, and some varieties had grown about 3 feet high already.
That is, until now.
You see that big orange reel of cable?
Well... that is fiber optics cable that a local phone co. is installing in the area.
Our subdivision is getting that cable all around it, and all the way through the subdivision to each house.
Except ours.
I politely declined to have our yard and sprinklers dug up, so that someday, sometime, when the company actually offers the service, that we could subscribe.
Currently, we DO NOT subscribe to this phone company's internet service.
 Today: The trenches are dug.
We spent time last night, digging up the most mature and healthiest of sunflowers in the hopes of rescuing them from the Ditch Witch.
 Two, out of the four sides of our house, have trenches running through them for the new fiber optic line.
 We rescued 12 large totes full of sunflowers.
We dug them up as carefully as we could, and filled the totes with water.
So far, so good.
Today, the co. is done with putting the cable in around our house, and the trench is filled back in.
Tonight, and tomorrow, and maybe over the weekend, we will transplant the sunflowers back into the ground.
I sure hope that they make it!
It would be great if at least 50% of them survive.
~Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that this rescue mission will be a success.

~ Attitude of gratitude:
~ Feeling thankful for a wonderful family that is always supportive and helpful in all of my endeavors. Even something as trivial as rescuing sunflowers, they are right there doing what needs to be done.
~I'm feeling thankful for flip-flop weather. Sweet, calm mornings when I can sit on the porch and read or journal.


  1. Well at least you got the sunflowers potted. I do hope they manage survive.
    That is a big ditch!! I am so glad it is almost over.
    I hope that the guys are all gone soon.
    Everything looks pretty and green though.

  2. Oh I hope that they will live for you. Mine turned out really good. Especially the black one that I planted. Stop by my latest post and see it - it is beautiful. I started mine from seeds.
    Have a good weekend.

  3. Oh, Kerin, those darn companies. We had that done all around here a while back, luckily they didn't tear up our yards but the sidewalks were in bad shape and they even broke a water main. For what, I don't see any difference..Your sunflowers will be perfect, I have great faith in you..Happy Thursday..Judy

  4. I hope the sunflowers will be just fine. I know it was a lot of work. Glad you are enjoying some summertime weather and leisurely time to enjoy the porch early every a.m. I know summers are very busy for you but it's nice to take a few minutes just for you.

  5. I sure hope they survive! It's a bummer you had to do this... :(

  6. I've found sunflowers to be extremely hardy when transplanted. I hope yours make it! They're such a sunny, cheery addition to the yard or garden!

  7. Oh, I hope they make it, too!! It will not be for lack of effort on your part if they don't. I'm going to believe they will all thrive and provide beautiful blooms in thanks! blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  8. Sure hope the sunflowers make it. I have a few of them planted around my yard and they look like they should bloom any day now. They are about 6 feet tall.

  9. We've transplanted a few in our yard. Most of them do make it. Good luck with yours! Mimi

  10. Hi Kerin~

    I hope that they survive and thrive, I love sunflowers!

    Summer is truly slipping away, mine has just flown by! I am hoping to get some work done on my yard and garden before it gets too cold! Can you believe we are already talking about winter?!

    Family is the best!! Mine indulge me too - thank goodness.... ;0)


  11. You sound like me. I probably would not have let the phone company dig up my yard either. Hope the sunflowers make it. I am betting that they will! I loved your last post too. We just spent some time in Park City too! Love that place. The cool temps and even the rain were just great - such a nice change from AZ. I also loved what you wrote about serving and looking for opportunities to help others. You are an inspiration to me. Have a great Sunday!

  12. Talk about adding stress with little control from outside sources . . .
    Sounds like it might work though.
    I am pulling hard and fast for those replanted sunflowers!

  13. Nothing like having trenches around the house.
    Hope your sunflowers do well!

    M : )

  14. That is quite a job to save your sunflowers. I hope they appreciate the effort and bloom beautifully for you, Kerin.


  15. I hope your sunflowers make it. That is a lot of work.
    I look forward to an update. Sunflowers have to be the most beautiful flower.


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