~ Country Attitude~

A nice reminder to pause in our day, and enjoy it!
I don't personally know the family that put this sign up, but I love it!
You can't help but smile when you see it.
Slowly the country is warming up, and greening up.
Farmers have the wheel lines going.....
Fields are greening up and the meadow is coming alive again.
I love this new barn.
It's in a nearby country town, and when I saw the fence, I just had to snap a picture!
The front fence is constructed with poultry fencing... aka.. chicken wire.
The back fence is constructed with recycled tin roofing.
Here in the county, so many times, options are limited.
 We don't have any big box stores in which to buy supplies.
 We have to have a "can-do" attitude and nearly every project that gets done is a DIY project.

Another look at the back fence... tin roofing & simple lumber.
Very creative.
It's a good thing when recycling, and creativity creates such a thing of beauty.

Right now, we are in the process of planning fences for Mill Hill Meadow, and helping our youngest son build fences at his place: Dunravin.
We want to build a fence that has a casual country feel, has personality, and of course with materials that are available to us.
I am inspired when I see fences, like those above.
  They are creative, cost effective, and have such great curb appeal.

The fences at Dunravin will be a mix of posts, and wire panels.
Trees had to be cut down.
Limbs hauled to the landfill.
 Fence post holes dug, and fence posts set.
I did my part by raking up branches, and loading them on the truck and trailer.
I left the heavy lifting to the guys~~cutting up the tree trunks and loading them.

We have always worked together as a family to get projects done.
No matter what the project is, we know that with hard work and team work, we can accomplish great things together.
Putting in fences this summer, is just another one of those projects that we will do as a family.

 "If enough people think of a thing and work hard enough at it, I guess it's pretty nearly bound to happen, wind and weather permitting".
Laura I. Wilder

It's been hard work clearing the yard at Dunravin.
Previous owners had tried to train various vines up and over structures and trees with rebar.
You can see what a mess it has been to clear out the debris.  Rebar, old lights, limbs.. etc..
Lots of hard work.
Above is a picture of what remained after we had already hauled off an old shed, and about 3 truck loads of debris. For some reason, the previous owner had built these wood decks all over in the yard.
Of course they were rotten, poorly built, and taking up valuable space.
 The above is a shot of the same space after it was cleared out.
The wire panels will be used for a new fence, much in the same style as the fence that is around the barn {3rd picture from the top}.

Here at Mill Hill Meadow, we want to do a mix of wire panel fencing, and I would love to do a section of fencing with the tin roofing.
Our son has about 20 panels of the corrugated tin roofing at his place that we can recycle for our fence here.
Now, we just need to draw it all out, buy the materials and get to work building the fence.
The fence at Mill Hill Meadow, will be built after the fence at Dunravin is finished.

 Keeping with the "can - do" country attitude, I found a solution to the very small windows on either side of the French doors.
In our kitchen, we have French doors leading out to the patio.
On either side of those French doors, there is a small side window.  That window is only about 8 or 10 inches wide. Too narrow for blinds, and too awkward for drapes.
 ~~The solution, was to make a paste of cornstarch and water, cook it down and apply a section of lace.
I had the lace in my fabric stash, and simply measured and cut a piece to fit. "Painted" on the paste, smoothed out the lace and once everything dried, I have the perfect window covering for an the window.  We have the advantage of light coming through the window, and yet we have privacy.
Just a little country ingenuity!

~~Attitude of gratitude:
~I am so grateful that I was privileged to be raised by loving parents that taught me the value of hard work.
~I am grateful for a husband that is so willing to work with me on my idea, and goals. I absolutely love old stuff... old metal, bottles, furniture, etc..  My sweet husband always jumps right in with me and my ideas. He's not crazy about the galvanized fencing, but is more than willing to build it for me.
That's what I call love.  I am grateful for him.


  1. So glad you shared those pictures today. I wouldn't have been able to see that fence in my head. I like your curtains. I have those kind of windows in front, they do have blinds very small ones but it bugs me when I am in the living room and they are open and people come to the front door, they always look in. That would be so nice I think. I like seeing the pictures of S. yard and things. I bet it will looks so nice when it is done. So glad you took pictures. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  2. Hello sweet friend! It's always a joy to visit you and see what you have been up to. I absolutely love the fence with the tin roofing! My husband made a shed out of the same material and I enjoy using it for the background of my craft photos :)

    I hope you had a blessed Easter, dear Kerin. May your week be extra beautiful! Hugs to you!

  3. Oh, I love your lace window covering. I wondered if that process would really work...
    Those fences look like a lot of work, but will be so attractive once they are finished, Kerin. I love tin roofing any ol' way you use it!

  4. I see that a lot of hard work has been put in & I'm sure there's a lot more to come. I love that it's a family affair! (We do that around here too.) Sometimes I find that being limited to what is readily available is where all the creativity lives. The fences will be amazing, I'm sure.

    Great solution for the small windows. I would have never thought of it!

  5. Such great fencing ideas Kerin. We are in the process of planning a new fence around our city house. The old one is white painted wood and it is getting near the end of its life. I don't know what scares me more; hauling away the old one or putting upr the new one. Love your window idea!

  6. Beautiful pictures here. Good luck with the fence and I love what you did to the windows.

  7. I really like those fences too and I look forward to seeing your finished fence. We too do every thing on our own. It sure gives you a sense of accomplishment.
    What a great idea with the lace on the small window. It looks lovely. : )
    I always enjoy your posts.

  8. Great post Kerin . . . I like your family project team work. An inspiration indeed. I look forward to seeing your finished fence rows at Dunravin and Mill Hill Meadow.

  9. Hard work does make us stronger.
    I think we appreciate things more if we
    have worked hard for them.

    Have fun with your fence work.

    M : )

  10. Yay for Spring, but it does bring lots of work! Looks like you are going to be very busy. I love what you did with the lace!

  11. Oh I love love the lace idea.. Would you please send me the recipe or the mixture amounts, dear.. I have a place I would love to do this to... Thanks for the inspiration.. Love your pics.. xo

  12. The lace is beautiful and what a great idea! You guy have been working really hard! I can't wait to see it when it is all done. Love the barn and its fencing too. I haven't been able to get out much as it has been raining lots.

  13. Hello Kerin, So nice to hear from you and we thank you for your kind expression of sympathy re Harriet. We really do miss her.
    Glad your weather is nice enough to get out and work in your son's yard. My family always worked as a team to help each other with projects. I know your son appreciates your help. I love the lace on the small window. We have an awkward bathroom window that faces a neighbor and I was able to apply bubble wrap cut to fit with just plain water and it has stayed in place for months.

  14. I love what you did with the lace, so pretty!

  15. Hi Kerin!

    What beautiful pictures today! The fence is very unusual, but really pretty! I like the attitude of living rural and using good old pioneer inginuity - it's nice to see people use what they have an not just fill the landfills. I can't wait to see your fence when it's finished!

    Your curtain is adorable! I really like that idea for privacy as well as cuteness.... :0)

    It's warming up here, slowly but surely, depending on the day! They filled the canals and ditches today, so that's a sure sign that Spring is officially here!

    Your, Attitude of Gratitude, always make me smile!

    Hugs and Love,

  16. I just love how your family works together to accomplish BIG things, Kerin! Boy, y'all have been busy again! I look forward to seeing those fences. And, your window covering is perfect! Light, beauty and privacy. blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  17. Hi Kerin. You are a busy girl (or family). I love it. We have alot of help from our kids too when we need it and that is a really wonderful thing. I love your ideas for the fences. They will look great and love the lace (you know me and lace) panels. I put up some stick paper panels that don't look nearly as pretty as yours. Great idea..Keep busy and happy!..Judy

  18. The fence of tin and wood was amazing, and I'm so glad you showed it to us, Kerin! Always learn something reading your blog... the lace was inspired!


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