| Hello November |

 “A thankful and a contented spirit is a continual feast. We ought to be contented, and we shall be contented, if we are in the habit of seeing God in everything, and living upon Him day by day. Oh, for a spirit of true thankfulness!”
Ashton Oxenden, A Happy Old Age    

Hello November.
A time to reflect. To think about all that we are thankful for.
To appreciate and have gratitude for all of our many blessings.
May this month be filled with thankfulness.

 Views from Mill Hill Meadow, above.  Snow clouds and a dusting of snow across the mountain tops on this fine November day.


  1. What very good thought to have on this first Monday in November. I love your view. I think it would be so awesome to look out every morning at that.
    It is just perfect. Have a lovely day.

  2. Good afternoon, Kerin~

    I love when you capture the beauty of God's amazing handiwork! BREATHTAKING!


  3. Your new home certainly has gorgeous views. The beauty if a reminder of God's love for us. So much to be thankful for. Enjoy your day and stay warm.

  4. I am envious of your gorgeous view. Happy November!

  5. Kerin, love the foggy photos and the new backdrop. It is Harvest time so an updated is needed..Happy Monday..Judy Kerin, do you have a place where I can sign up for e-mails in my inbox of everytime you post. I'm trying to do that now so I don't miss the ones I love.?

  6. What a view! How cozy that must make you feel. Gorgeous!

  7. It's beautiful in all seasons!

  8. A great way to start November, Kerin.
    And continue throughout the month..

  9. Beautiful!! Wishing you a blessed month sweetest Kerin! xo Heather

  10. I'm enjoying this rainy autumn day. This is my favorite season. A perfect day for lighting a candle.


  11. What a beautiful view. I'm thankful for all the seasons! : )

  12. Thankfulness in our hearts every day . . . giving special, extras during our November Thanksgiving for one another.
    Happy days Kerin . . .

  13. Such!

    Hope your November is wonderful.

    M : )

  14. I love your corner of Utah! So peaceful. Mimi


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