Mill Hill Meadow Messenger *Edition 4

                                                                Written by Kerin
                                        Mill Hill Meadow Messenger Correspondent

* Outdoor lovers:
This is the season of the Elk rut. 
Nothing like the sound of an elk bugle bouncing off the mountains, and across the meadow.
Click the link below to hear what they sound like:

Adult elk usually stay in single-sex groups for most of the year. During the mating period known as the rut, mature bulls compete for the attentions of the cow elk and will try to defend females in their harem. Rival bulls challenge opponents by bellowing and by paralleling each other, walking back and forth. {taken from Wikipedia}

At the Elk farm next to Mill Hill Meadow, the elk now have had their antlers removed to prevent any injuries from one elk to another during the rut.

Days until Fall:  Just 6 days, until Fall officially begins.
So, if you've been waiting to decorate, break out the hot chocolate, or place pumpkins around the cottage, you shall not have to wait much longer!
Reading list: "Farm Fresh Murder" by Paige Shelton
It's a great series, and I have bought 3 of the series, and have started reading them.
I also received a great book from a blog friend : " In Perfect Time" by Sarah Sundin. 
I'm excited to have great material to read this Fall season.
Isn't it just the most perfect time of year to curl up with a book?!  I know lots of Mill Hill Meadow Messenger readers have been compiling lists, and piles of books,  just especially for Fall and into winter.
Bakers :
I've just received the newest edition of the King Arthur Flour catalog!
So, let the baking season begin!
I'm sending off for some boiled apple cider. I'm dying to make Apple Cider Caramels.
Thoughts of Fall:

"By all these lovely tokens
September days are here,
With summer’s best of weather
And autumn’s best of cheer."
-   Helen Hunt Jackson, September, 1830-1885
 "The goldenrod is yellow
The corn is turning brown
The trees in apple orchards
With fruit are bending down."
  Childrens song
A simple Fall craft.
Just wood block mod podged with scrap paper, and black letters. Add bits of ribbon, twine and small embellishments.
Easy, inexpensive, and this craft can be personalized for your home.
Get out those wood blocks!
{A special thanks to Carla for making me this "Fall" shelf sitter}


  1. I love your simple Fall décor blocks, Kerin.
    And that bull Elk rut noise was awesome and I am making a list of the books you are recommending.
    Enjoy your Fall!

  2. Hi Kerin, I love the Fall shelf sitter from Carla. That's lovely!
    So happy you are enjoying your books. I read a lot, especially on weekends. The candy looks so delicious. As you know, my cats are alarmed to hear the elk on your sound bite! lol

  3. Apple cider caramels....oh yum!!

    I would have never imagined that an elk sounds like that! See, I learned something new from the Mill Hill Meadow Messenger today. :)

  4. Hi Kerin, great post....fav part is the FALL craft project. I think I might be able to make that.

    We are having our Super Saturday next month at church. They show the crafts that are available to make. One is a big wreath for the door. It is made from beige strips of burlap. It looks great. I am planning to make it. Crossing my fingers that I will have the cash to do it. :)

    Gotta run. Take care, Janet W

  5. I love Fall and all the things that go with it - pumpkins, cider, cool air... But I hate the thought of winter!

  6. Not many people can say they have elk for neighbors! Looking forward to fall too. Mimi

  7. Wow! What a sound!! They are impressive! Fall is just around the corner!! hee hee! blessings ~ tanna

  8. Kerin! I love this entry and am going to read backwards through your blog... how wonderful! I am writing down the books, I am on my way to the library in a few minutes, and am going to look for them!

  9. Another lovely addition to your magazines! I wondered what the Elk sounded like. Is it very loud? Does it bother you?
    I love your crafts and I don't think I have ever tasted that kind of caramels.
    Lovely photos today.

  10. That is some strange sound coming out of an elk!
    Fall is a great time of year and one that I enjoy. Then again I like all the seasons. : )

  11. I guess it is time . . . you are inspiring me Kerin!
    Off I go to create FALL around our homestead . . .
    It might take me a few days!

  12. Hi Kerin, how neat to have those elk near you like that! So excited that fall is almost here! Love your sweet home and enjoy your autumn baking! Have a great day! xo Heather

  13. Hi Kerin~

    Love the look of your blog! I'm indeed ready for the change of seasons - I love Fall! We also have an elk farm right down the road from us, and we love to go look at the elk and watch them change with the seasons. My husband is an avid hunter - I prefer to hunt with my camera - but we still make a few trips every year, and I'm grateful when we are lucky enough to get an elk or deer. . . ;0)

    Cider caramels, oh.my.goodness! See why I love Fall?! I think tomorrow I will finish with my Fall decorating and dust off some good books!

    I sent you and e-mail with the music site I use on my blog. I did not put the right site in the e-mail. . . silly me . . . I'm getting old! I use Hypster. You can just search, Hypster, set up an account and get your music, it's pretty easy!

    Have a wonderful week!

    Hugs and Love,

  14. Hi Kerin! I'm going to make note of the book titles and look for them when I get time to read. I love this time of year and when we're not working on a project, I love to just take a drive through the countryside. Even the masses of goldenrod alongside the roads are wonderful to see. The trees are changing almost daily now. I love your fall blocks! They would be fun to make. Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

  15. I think it would be awesome to hear the elk bugling..you are so lucky to live close to them. I'm adding your book titles to my list to check out. I am having a hard time finding good authors.

  16. What a great post. It's like a little autumn magazine with lots of fun articles. Hope you enjoy the book!

  17. Beautiful scenery Kerin! It's wonderful to see blogging friends getting in the Autumn spirit! Enjoy your book readings....I can smell and taste the hot cider now~~~Blessings~~~Roxie

  18. Kerin, you will never know how dear to my heart this post is. Long story short, we traveled to Yellowstone along with my cousin and his wife. The tour guide was telling us about the elk and we heard one. My cousin's wife immitated him and we had such a good laugh our whole trip. I have sent the Youtube video on to her..Love those fall blocks too, hopefully I can get around to making some but probably not until next year..Maybe..Happy Wednesday..and thanks for making my day..Judy

  19. I have only heard elk bugling one time and it was fascinating!

    I love your Fall blocks. I love the colors of Fall.

  20. Hi Kerin! What a delightful blog you have! Your photos are lovely and the picture of the Elk is simply amazing! I live in the mountains, but I never tire of seeing these magnificent creatures.

    I am a happy new follower of yours and I look forward to visiting again. Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs


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